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1National Quality Center (NQC) NYS HIVQUAL Workshop: Thinking Outside the Box: Creativity and Quality Improvement March 20, 2009 Dan Sendzik, QI Consultant,

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1 1National Quality Center (NQC) NYS HIVQUAL Workshop: Thinking Outside the Box: Creativity and Quality Improvement March 20, 2009 Dan Sendzik, QI Consultant, AIDS Institute & Meera Vohra, MPH, AIDS Institute

2 2National Quality Center (NQC) Agenda 8:30-9:00amBreakfast and Registration 9:00-9:15amWelcome, Introductions 9:15-9:30amPresentation: Finding Your Inner Innovator 9:30-10:00amGroup Game: Thinking Inside the Box 10:00-10:30am Video and Discussion: Paradigm Shifts 10:30-10:45amBreak 10:45-11:30amGroup Exercise: Creativity Game Show 11:30-11:45pm Resources to Feed Your Creative QI Process 11:45-12:00pmEvaluation and Wrap up

3 3National Quality Center (NQC) Welcome!

4 4National Quality Center (NQC) "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

5 5National Quality Center (NQC) Stuck Do you feel like your QI teams have already tried everything? Run out of ideas? Lost creative juice and excitement? Feel stuck and unmotivated???

6 6National Quality Center (NQC) Getting Unstuck.. Find your Inner Innovator! How can we see things differently and generate new ideas?

7 7National Quality Center (NQC) What do you see?

8 8National Quality Center (NQC)

9 9

10 10National Quality Center (NQC) Perceptual Blocks difficulty isolating the problem tendency to delimit the problem too closely inability to see the problem from various viewpoints seeing what you expect to see (stereotyping) saturation and failure to use all sensory inputs -Conceptual Blockbusting, James Adams

11 11National Quality Center (NQC) Emotional Blocks fear to make a mistake, to fail, to risk preference for judging ideas rather than generating them an inability to distinguish reality from fantasy - Conceptual Blockbusting, James Adams

12 12National Quality Center (NQC) Environmental Blocks lack of cooperation and trust among colleagues autocratic bosses who value only their own ideas and do not respect others distractions and lack of support to bring ideas into action -Conceptual Blockbusting, James Adams

13 13National Quality Center (NQC) Cultural Blocks when problem solving is a serious business, and humor is out of place when tradition is preferable to change the belief that any problem can be solved by scientific thinking and lots of money -Conceptual Blockbusting, James Adams

14 14National Quality Center (NQC) Tips Believe that change is not a bad word. Avoid being too narrow in the way you define a problem. Try to broaden definitions and see what insights you gain. Reconsider where new ideas will come from. From you and your team? Your customers? Experts? Or the world at large? Search beyond loyal and satisfied employees and customers, they may not give you new ideas. Ask the dissatisfied. Build a playful environment to foster creativity. Pause and rethink ideas that make you laugh when you first hear them. Use the PDSA Cycle to pilot test a few new ideas that are generated on a small scale.

15 15National Quality Center (NQC) Game: Thinking Inside the Box Its easy to get stuck in our thinking about any problem we are confronted with as our minds are programmed to think in a logical, linear fashion. Getting unstuck is not easy, but we can learn to be better at it. Working in teams is one way to get unstuck - NQC Game Guide

16 16National Quality Center (NQC) Lets Play!

17 17National Quality Center (NQC) Paradigm Shifts- Joel Barker Video Discussion Questions: 1.What we can learn from business? How can this affect your program? 2.Where can we get fresh ideas? What is now proved, was once only imagined. -William Blake Even if youre on the right track, youll get run over if you just sit there. - Will Rogers

18 18National Quality Center (NQC) Creativity Game Show: Stump the Panel with your worst QI problem!

19 19National Quality Center (NQC) Creativity Game Show: How its played The moderators will: Call two teams at a time to sit up front, as competing contestants, one team on either side with moderators in the middle. (Teams 1 and 2 first, then teams 3 and 4, etc.) Give the two teams the same QI problemgleaned from the ones submitted when you came in this morning. Teams will: Brainstorm and write down, on the easel, as many ideas as possible, in 1 minute. The moderators will time you. Each team member will be assigned a role (physician, nurse, consumer, etc.) Remember to stay in your assigned personal roles when thinking of ideas! In each round, the team with the most ideas (not necessarily the best ideas) wins the prize.

20 20National Quality Center (NQC) Resources to Feed Your Creative QI Process Creativity, Innovation, and Quality, Paul E. Plsek, 1997 Serious Creativity, Edward De Bono, Harper Business; 1992 Creativity, Inc., Jeff Mauzy and Richard Harriman, Harvard Business School Press, 2003 Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide To Better Ideas, Third Edition, James Adams (Stanford University), Perseus Publishing, 2001 The Game Guide: Interactive Exercises for Trainers to Teach Quality Improvement in HIV Care Innovation Tools (Tools, Resources and Articles) Directed Creativity

21 21National Quality Center (NQC) Tools to Feed Your Creative QI Process Creative Brainstorming Visual Brainstorming Games Ground Rules

22 22National Quality Center (NQC) Dont Reinvent the Wheel!

23 23National Quality Center (NQC) Get ideas from your peers: Quality Link Launch of Quality Link – Dec 2008 Opportunity to network and for peer learning Online database to provide contact information of matched peers

24 24National Quality Center (NQC) 2008 NYS HIVQUAL Workshops 9:00am-12:00pm, 3rd Friday of Each Month April 17th – Writing and Updating a QM Plan Presenters: Nanette Brey Magnani + Susan Weigl Location: Hispanic Federation, 55 Exchange Place, 5th Floor, NYC May 15th – Staff ownership and Consumer Involvement Presenters: Dan Belanger+ Daniel Teitz Location: NYSDOH AI, 90 Church Street, 4th Floor Room A/B, NYC June 19th – Effective Quality Improvement Meetings and Teams Presenters: Kevin Garrett + Dan Belanger Location: TBD (WORKSHOPS)

25 25National Quality Center (NQC) I cant understand why people are frightened of new ideas. Im frightened of old ones. - John Cage THANK YOU

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