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Welcome to my presentation The media in the Netherlands Jouke Breitsma Leeuwarden Polytechnic.

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1 Welcome to my presentation The media in the Netherlands Jouke Breitsma Leeuwarden Polytechnic

2 A Dutch presentation During the presentation I ask you to be free and ask questions or to tell me when you don’t understand. Be open and free like the Dutch people. Image of the Netherlands Liberal Open minded

3 The subjects Radio Television Newspapers (and news agencies)

4 In three parts Part 1:Radio, Television & Newspapers Part 2:History of Dutch media - pillarization Part 3:Sources of information & question time The End

5 Radio in the Netherlands Public Radio Commercial Radio

6 Public (national) Radio Radio Broadcast stations: AM 4, FM 246, shortwave 3 Radio 1 Radio 2 Radio 3 FM Radio 4 Radio 747 AM

7 Public (regional) Radio 1 Friesland:Omrop Fryslân Groningen:RTV Noord Drenthe:RTV Drenthe Noord-Holland:RTV N-H Zuid-Holland:RTV Rijnmond & RTV West Zeeland:Omroep Zeeland

8 Public (regional) Radio 2 Overijsel:RTV Oost Gelderland:Omroep Gelderland Utrecht:RTV Utrecht Flevoland:Omroep Flevoland Limburg:L1 Noord-Brabant:Omroep Brabant

9 Commercial Radio Radio 538Sky radioVeronica Q-musicYorin FMRadio 10 Gold Rtl FMRadio FantasticaFavorite FM Kink FMKink AardschokSmart FM Zeilsteen RadioParadise FMNPS Output Yam FMRadio 527Juize FM SLAM! FM Only the most important radio stations are written above

10 Television There are 4 Public broadcasters Nederland 1, 2, 3, 4 There are 3 commercial groups RTL Group Nederland, SBS Group and Talpa

11 Numbers of television channels in Europe PublicCommercial Total Netherlands 3 6 9 Germany 2 6 8 France 3 3 6 Italy3 3 6 Belgium – Flanders 2 3 5 – Wallonia 3 2 5 Great Britain 2 3 5 Spain 2 3 5 Sweden 2 3 5 Austria 2 1 3 Source: TNO, Quick Scan, 2004. Exclusive the new broadcasting group Talpa.

12 Public broadcasters (1) Non-profit broadcasting organizations AVRO secular - for the general public BNN EO Protestant Christian Evangelical broadcaster (has a strong evangelical nature). KRO Catholic-liberal broadcaster NCRV The main Protestant broadcaster (liberal) TROS VARA left-wing labour oriented background VPRO liberal protestant

13 Development membership to public televison 19922004 AVRO608.885392.933 EO499.410476.169 KRO577.310476.489 NCRV507.945364.823 TROS530.301430.918 VARA544.103419.998 VPRO523.428361.893 BNN216.446 De Nieuwe Omroep52.191 MAX65.155 Number of members3.791.3823.257.015 Total number of households (CBS) 6.266.0007.052.458 Average membership of households 60,5%46,2%

14 Public broadcasters (2) Aspirant-omroep 50.000  C-status within two years C-status 100.000-150.000 B-status omroep met 150.000-300.000 A-status +300.000

15 Public broadcasters (3) BOS: A small Buddhist broadcaster. Humanistische Omroep: A small broadcaster dedicated to secular Humanism. IKON: A small broadcaster representing a diverse set of nine Christian churches. Joodse Omroep: Dutch-Jewish broadcaster LLiNK: environment and human rights NIO: Small Islamic broadcaster NMO:Small Islamic broadcaster OHM: Small Hindu broadcaster. Omroep MAX: aimed at the over 50's. OF: Omrop Fryslân RKK: Small Roman Catholic broadcaster RVU PP TELEAC/NOT: Larger educational broadcaster. ZvK: broadcasts church services from some smaller protestant churches.

16 Public broadcasters (4) NOS: News, parliamentary reporting & sports NPS: Produces cultural, informative, youth and minority-oriented television 295

17 Newspapers (1) AD – Algemeen Dagblad Nederlandse Dagblad NRC Handelsblad Parool Telegraaf Trouw de Volkskrant Metro Sp!ts

18 Newspapers (2) Name newspaperOplagePublisher De Telegraaf 750.000Telegraaf Media Groep Algemeen Dagblad± 570.000PCM Uitgevers Sp!ts 358.000Telegraaf Media Groep Metro 340.000Metro Holland de Volkskrant 305.000Uitgevers NRC Handelsblad 225.000PCM Uitgevers Trouw 106.000PCM Uitgevers Het Parool 6.000Onverveerd Reformatorisch Dagblad 60.000Erde Media Groep Het Financieel Dagblad 54.000Nederlands Dagblad Barneveld 35.000Nederlands Dagblad Agrarisch Dagblad 14.000Reed Business Information Nederlandse Staatscourant 9.000Sdu Uitgevers

19 News agencies (1) The Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANP) is the leading news agency of the Netherlands. ANP was founded by the association of Dutch newspapers NDP. VNU – cooperation between regional and lokal newspapers.

20 News agencies (2) Persbureau ZOP/VNUinactive (2000) Geassocieerde Pers Dienst Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau PersUnie IPS Nederland

21 History of the Dutch media Pillarisation Definition: Multicultural society which has bin divided in segments or pillars which live separately from each other.

22 Pillarisation (1) 3 / 4 pillars Roman-Catholic Protestant Socialist Pillarless or Liberal

23 Pillarisation (2) PillarPolitical partyUnion CatholicRKSPNKVv ProtestantARP / CHUCNV SocialistSDAPNVV LiberalVDP / LSPANWW

24 Pillarisation (3) PillarBroadcasting organization Newspapers CatholicKROde Volkskrant ProtestantNCRVTrouw SocialistVaraHet Vrije Volk LiberalAvroNRC

25 Pillarisation (4) Schools, hospitals, sport clubs and other clubs for entertainment. 60’s - depillarisation  Television & mass media

26 Diversity in the Netherlands 83% Dutch 17% other(9% non-Western origin mainly Turks, Moroccans, Antilleans, Surinamese, and Indonesians) Roman Catholic 31% Dutch Reformed 13% Calvinist 7% Muslim 5.5% other 2.5% Atheist 41%

27 Sources - Website of the ministry of Education, Culture & Sciences

28 The End Are there any questions?

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