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Ruud Luijkx Tilburg University The Netherlands

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1 Ruud Luijkx Tilburg University The Netherlands
The European Values Study and its metadata: stock taking and the future Ruud Luijkx Tilburg University The Netherlands

2 European Values Study A longitudinal and international comparative survey research project on basic human values

3 Short history First wave: 1981
European Countries: France, Great Britain, West Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Iceland Non-European Countries: Canada, USA

4 Original Research Questions
Do Europeans share common values? Are values changing? Do Christian values continue to permeate European life and culture? Is a coherent alternative meaning system replacing that of Christianity? What are the implications for European unity?

5 EVS questionnaire subjects
religion morality politics society family & marriage sexuality education work leisure time





10 Second/Third wave 1990/199 In 1999 also new issues:
Modified replication of 1981 More countries from Western and Eastern Europe In 1999 also new issues: solidarity social capital democracy work ethics

11 Fourth wave 2008 Largely a replication of 1999
All countries of Europe (with more than 100,000 inhabitants) Progress of the fieldwork More emphasis on high quality socio-demographic (background) variables High quality translation of the questionnaires

12 Our colleagues: the World Values Survey
“third wave” ( ) “fourth wave” ( ) “fifth wave”( ) Overlap in the questionnaire is about 60%

13 Data dissemmination Through data archives
GESIS is the primary data archive for EVS 1981 originally at UKDA 1990 at DANS For/in 1981/1990 only data and questionnaires (later in pdf-format)

14 (Meta) data 1999 GESIS Codebook explorer GESIS ZACAT Study description
Bibliographic citation Study scope Methodology and processing Data-access Data Files Description

15 (Meta) data 1999—GESIS ZACAT
Comparative questions (master questionnaire) with 1981 and 1990 Original question wordings for all languages: question texts, answer categories, and show cards of the questionnaires Explanatory notes concerning differences between national and master questionnaire, difficulties arising from translation, and additional questions used in the national questionnaires were added.

16 Harmonising different waves
In 2006 a harmonised data set was released after (post hoc) harmonisation of all Value Surveys since 1981 (ASEP/JDS, EVS-Tilburg, GESIS) Goals: Make all Value Surveys available on line Facilitate simple analyses Disseminate all documentation Web sites where data are available: EVS ASEP/JDS WVS (Enter from WVS ) ALSO HARMONISING META DATA

17 Meta data 2008 Improved presentation on ZACAT
Including more notes from the translation process DatapluS: Repositories for Enhanced Survey Publications

18 DatapluS Funded by Surf Foundation
Create 2 subject repositories with enriched publications Besides European Values Study (EVS), also Dutch Parliamentary Election Study Enriched with: Syntax codes of constructs, concepts Links to (meta) data (at the variable level)—persistent identifier issue

19 Work Packages 1,2: INPUT: Enhanced Publications (EVS, DPES)
3: A Sustainable Library Infrastructure for Enhanced Publications: LIS (Tilburg University) Library Twente (presentation Thomas Place) 4: DDI 3.0 Enhanced Publication Editor: CentERdata (Tilburg University); presentation Bart van Nieuwburg 5: Linking to (Meta) Data Stored in Data Archives (GESIS, DANS)

20 Deliverables 2 subject repositories with enriched publications
Enhanced Publication Editor Infrastructure compatible with existing repository systems

21 Future issues Make more meta data available in a more coordinated way
Use version control of (meta)data—also cross linking data releases Further integration of publications and data Integration of data from different sources (macro indicators)

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