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© by Anja Eichhorn, Jennifer Machts, Franziska Mundt, Andreas Günther.

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1 © by Anja Eichhorn, Jennifer Machts, Franziska Mundt, Andreas Günther

2 Structure Health Insurance in Germany Survey in Derry National Health Service in the UK Job interview Conclusion References

3 Health Insurance in Germany one of the 5 classes of the social insurance system in Germany was introduced in 1883 refunds the costs of the treatments of diseases, maternity or accidents

4 The ambition is the redistribution between high- income-households and low-income-households solidarity principle benefits are similar for everybody contribution rate depends on the income of each person

5 two different types: statutory health insurance with about 87% members private health insurance with ca. 13% members

6 contribution rate: 15,5 % Employers and employees share the contribution Employee: 8,2% (feature of 0,9% to reduce the ancillary labour costs) Employer: 7,3%

7 Survey in Derry

8 National Health Service in the UK in the UK consists of four publicly funded healthcare systems: National Health Service (NHS) in England NHS in Scotland NHS in Wales Health and Social Care (HSC) in Northern Ireland was founded in 1948

9 The NHS is responsible to supply: hospitals doctors dentists chemists opticians ambulances

10 persons are the medical treatments in the NHS for free: British citizens who live in the UK Each person, who has been based in the UK the last years EU-Citizens Students, who are enroled in courses, which last more than 6 months Each person with a permission to work in the UK

11 the health care reform improved in many fields, which is shown in the following examples: Investment of the NHS-Equipment (more beds, improvements of the hygiene) Increase the number of the physicians More university places for medicine students Improvements in cancercheck-up Practice Nurses

12 additional insurance: People think it is efficient, reliable and professional are three different private health insurance companies: Voluntary Health Insurance Board (VHI), Quinn Direct and Hibernian Aviva The most important advantages in the private health insurance are: private or semiprivate hospitalstay ambulant, consultation additional insurance, e.g. maternity benefit, additional ambulant treatments, travel insurance

13 Job interview

14 References Gerry Gillespie gesetzliche-krankenversicherung/gesetzliche-krankenversicherung- information/ care

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