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Women Stars This project is a Grundtvig Learnership project which has 4 partners: Turkey, Germany ve 2 Romania. We will develop Women Stars.

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1 Women Stars This project is a Grundtvig Learnership project which has 4 partners: Turkey, Germany ve 2 Romania. We will develop Women Stars

2 Partners  Hendek Halk Eğitim Merkezi-SAÜ Eğitim Fakültesi  (MPW) Museumspädagogische Werkstatt Schloß Obernzenn –Nünberg-Almanya Non-profit  E.F.E.C.T. Non-profit  ŞCOALA CU CLASELE I-VIII NR. 28, BUCUREŞTI   HENDEK HEM

3 This project’s aim is active participant of women in society. For this purpose, we are trying to develop women’s leadership skills. How can women’s can be aleader in society? With this project, also we would like to develop equal opputunities for women when that attend economic, politic and other social decision!

4 IN THE PROJECT OF * We organized a leadership training course in Sakarya University Education Faculty (20 weeks) *Project Coordinator Dr. Osman TİTREK * Peer Coordinator Dr. Mustafa Bayrakçı

5 Proje Coordinators of Turkey

6 Education *Education training program (20 weeks-2 phase) *5 academicians from Educational Science Dept. *We did exams after each phase and after the first phase we selected 7 learners for Germany programme. *Also the end of this education program we selected for Romania programs’ learners (11 learners) *We organized with UFUK Language Center an English Course *After education programs, learners had a certificate

7  Eğitimler:  *İlk geziye (Almanya) başarılı 8 aday seçilmiştir.  *Diğer 8 aday diğer sınavlarla seçilecektir.  *Ayrıca Nisan ayı sonrası UFUK DİL MERKEZİ nde 1 aylık yoğun dil kursu eğitimi alacaklardır.  *Ayrıca katılımcılar grup olarak çeşitli organizasyonlar yapacaklardır (gezi vb.).

8 Ders Fotografları

9 Eğitim Fotoğrafları

10 Initial Meeting  20-21 November 2010 in Hendek  3 partners ve 13 participants atended.  We had a small meeting in Hendek Halk Eğitim Merkezi  After we visited Government of Hendek and Municipality of Hendek.  The end of the meeting, we visited an historical town from ottoman time.!

11 Hendek Public Education Center

12 Hendek Municipality

13 Governer of Hendek

14 Social connections at lunch!

15 VISITINGS *20-24 July 2010 Germany *9-12 November 2010 Romania 1 *2-5 February 2011 Romania 2

16 ACTIVITIES  We prepared a broschure for dissemination  We organized a web site  Leadership and English Speking Courses  Sosyo -cultural tours around Hendek

17  WOMEN LEADERSHIP EDUCATION PROGRAM (Sample lessons)  Management?  Dr. Osman TİTREK  Leadership  Dr. Aynur B. BOSTANCI  Leadership Theories  Dr. Mustafa BAYRAKÇI  Stress and solving problem because of stress  Dr. Mustafa KOÇ  Protocol Manner Rules in Society  Prof. Vahdettin SEVİNÇ

18 Thanks

19 LEADERSHIP  Leadership is skill of appliying your dreams!  Leadership is a process that can practice your aims to life!  A leader is somebody who motivates the group members fort he goal, impress and lead in accordance with group goals; on the other hand leadership, under specific circumstances, is a process of effecting and leading somebody or others’ activities

20 LEADERSHIP “If a person think that I am a leader but there is nobody behind him/her, she/ he is just only walking” John MAXWELL

21 Effective Leadership  The organizations’ being up to grow and changing, unpredictable and complex structure that human factor in organizations have, bring about organizations’ need for efficient leadership (Arıkan, 2001).


23 Leadership Features

24 NEW APPROACH  For Hersey (1996), in recent years, a lot of academics writer and administrators point out the importance of powerful organizational life and transformation leaders for a required powerful leader. Non profit making orgaizations are more apt to transformation leaders

25 TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP  For Bass (1997) transformation leader, change and motivate their successors by enabling them to understand the importance of carrying out their duty with a good performance and by making them believe that they can only meet their much more higher level of needs by achieving organizational goals. Successors of transformation leaders; trust, believe and respect leaders.

26 TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER  According to Dessler (2004), transformation leader changes the assumptions, main attitudes of organization members and goals, strategies and mission of the organization. At the root of the transformation leadership, change, revolution and enterprise lies. They light the way fr transformation, realize the need for required regeneration determine a new vision and instutionalize it.

27 Bass categorized transformation leadership in four groups as;  Idealized effect: In this dimension, the effect of leader qualificationsand actions are idealized by successors.  Motivating with inspiration: mativating with inspiration dimension canbe explained like “meeting high expectation, benefiting from symbols leading efforts, explaining important goals in a simple way.

28  Intellectual stimulus: The dimension intellectual stimulus can be defined as the process of which transformation leaders influence their followers’ being more aware of organizational problems, feeling, seeing and providing a new point of perception for problem solving.  Individual support: Individualized support points out the level of personal interest shown by leaders in th followers’ needs, especially developmental needs.

29 Transformational Leadership





34 WOMEN LEADERSHIP IN TURKEY  Women rights are basic of Atatürk’ revoluation!

35 ATATÜRK’S REVOLUATION  Changede Civil Law of Turkey and women’s became equal with men-1926  Compulsary civil marriage with one men one women  Divorcing by women  For guardianship men and women became equal! For guardianship

36  For marriage competent authority and voluntaritily for men and women! For marriage competent authority  Having acquire property women will. Not necessary having a permisison from a menacquire property  Equal deceased's estate and witnessing Equal deceased's estatewitnessing  right to elect and be elected -1934 right to elect and be elected

37 According to 2010 World Economic Forum  just ¼ of women were an employee.  1/9 of women represantative but the last election 16/100.  %97 of girls rate for primary schools -2009  The highest fertility rate in Europe The highest fertility rate  In academic life Highest women rate in the world %45

38 Women represantative rates according to region of Turkey (7)

39 Represantative Rates According to Years

40 Represantative Rate of EU based on Gender

41 Local Administor rates of EU 2008

42 EDUCATION LEVEL in Turkey 2007-2008 Female Male Total  Pre- school edu. 15,3 15,3 15,3 (48-72 month)  Primary education 104,54 106,41 104,54  Secondary edu. 80,70 94,04 87,55  Higher education 33,6 42,6 38,6 (2006/07) Cited: KSGM(2009),s.12

43 Spreading rate of women in High Capacity Organizations  >10 % Slovakya, Polonya, Çek Cumhuriyeti, Bulgaristan,İzlanda, Norveç,  5-10 % İtalya, Estonya, Malta, Romanya, Türkiye  < 5 % Letonya, Litvanya, Finlandiya, Macaristan, İrlanda  0 Belçika, Danimarka, Almanya, Yunanistan, İspanya, Fransa,  Güney Kıbrıs, Lüksemburg, Macaristan, Hollanda, Avusturya,  Portekiz, Slovenya, İsveç, İngiltere, Makedonya, Sırbistan  Cited:European Commission (2008),Women In European Politics –Time For Action,s.49

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