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Essential Verbs French. vouloir To want To want couvrir To cover.

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1 Essential Verbs French

2 vouloir To want To want

3 couvrir To cover

4 commencer To begin To begin

5 Samuser To have fun To have fun

6 Sasseoir To sit down To sit down

7 Sappeler To call oneself To call oneself name name

8 Shabiller To get dressed To get dressed

9 Se coucher To go to bed To go to bed

10 Se laver To wash oneself

11 Se lever To get up To get up

12 Se trouver To happen to be To happen to be To be To be

13 Se blesser To get hurt To get hurt

14 Se brosser To brush To brush

15 Se dépêcher To hurry To hurry

16 Sendormir To go to sleep To go to sleep

17 Sennuyer To get bored To get bored

18 Se promener To take a walk To take a walk

19 Se reposer To rest To rest

20 Se tromper To be mistaken To be mistaken

21 Se porter To feel (health) To feel (health)

22 attendre To wait To wait

23 défendre To defend To defend

24 descendre To go (come) down

25 entendre To hear To hear

26 interrompre To interrupt To interrupt

27 perdre To lose

28 rendre To give back To give back To return To return

29 vendre To sell To sell

30 rompre To break To break

31 agir To act To act

32 bâtir To build To build

33 choisir To choose To choose

34 désobéir To disobey To disobey

35 finir To finish To finish

36 guérir To cure To cure

37 Obéir a To obey To obey

38 punir To punish To punish

39 réfléchir To think To think To reflect To reflect

40 remplir To fill To fill

41 réussir To succeed To succeed

42 passer To pass To pass To spend time To spend time

43 patiner To skate To skate

44 penser To think To think

45 pleurer To cry To cry

46 porter To carry To carry To wear To wear

47 poser To put To put To place To place

48 prêter To lend To lend

49 prier To beg To beg To pray To pray

50 prouver To prove To prove

51 quitter To leave To leave A person A person or or place place

52 raconter To relate To tell

53 ramasser To pick up To pick up To collect To collect

54 regarder To look at To look at

55 regretter To be sorry To be sorry

56 remercier To thank To thank

57 rencontrer To meet To meet

58 rester To remain To remain To stay To stay

59 Ressembler à To look like To look like

60 réveiller To wake To wake

61 saluer To greet To greet

62 sauver To save To save

63 sembler To seem To seem

64 signifier To mean To mean meaning meaning

65 sonner To ring To ring

66 souhaiter To wish To wish

67 souligner To underline To underline

68 terminer To finish To finish

69 tirer To pull To pull

70 tourner To turn To turn

71 tomber To fall To fall

72 travailler To work To work

73 traverser To cross To cross

74 tromper To deceive To deceive

75 trouver To find To find

76 tuer To kill To kill

77 voler To fly To fly To steal To steal

78 voyager To travel To travel

79 aller To go To go

80 gronder To scold To scold

81 glisser To slide To slide

82 garder To keep To keep

83 gagner To earn To earn To win To win

84 frapper To hit To hit To strike To strike To knock To knock

85 fumer To smoke To smoke

86 fermer To close To close

87 exprimer To express To express

88 éviter To avoid To avoid

89 étonner To astonish To astonish To surprise To surprise

90 entourer To surround To surround

91 épouser To marry To marry

92 enseigner To teach To teach

93 essayer To try To try

94 enchanter To delight To delight

95 emprunter To borrow To borrow

96 empêcher To prevent To prevent To stop To stop

97 écouter To listen (to) To listen (to)

98 durer To last To last duration duration

99 donner To give To give

100 désirer To desire To desire To want To want To wish To wish

101 déranger To disturb To disturb

102 dépenser To spend $ To spend $

103 demeurer To live To live

104 demander To ask for To ask for

105 déjeuner To have lunch To have lunch

106 crier To shout To shout

107 coûter To cost To cost

108 couper To cut To cut

109 compter To count To count To intend To intend

110 commander To order To order

111 chercher To look for To look for

112 chasser To hunt To hunt To chase To chase

113 chanter To sing To sing

114 cesser To stop To stop

115 causer To chat To chat

116 casser To break

117 cacher To hide

118 brûler To burn

119 briller To shine

120 arriver To arrive

121 arrêter To stop To arrest

122 aimer To like To like To love To love

123 aider To help

124 rougir To blush

125 saisir To seize

126 barvarder To chatter

127 apporter To bring To bring

128 ajouter To add To add

129 accompagner To accompany

130 oublier To forget To forget

131 montrer To show

132 monter To go up To come up To get on (horse)

133 mértier To deserve To deserve

134 marcher To walkTo walk

135 manquer To miss To miss To lack To lack Tu me manques! Tu me manques!

136 louer To rent To rent To praise To praise

137 laisser To leave things

138 oser To dare To dare

139 ôter To remove To remove

140 connaître To know (person, place, thing) To be acquainted with

141 traduire To translate

142 construire To construct To build

143 conduire To drive To lead

144 boire To drink

145 avoir To have

146 paraître To appear

147 reconnâitre To recognize

148 courir To run

149 croire To believe

150 devoir To owe To owe To have to To have to Supposed to Supposed to

151 partir To go away To go away To leave To leave

152 dire To say To say To tell To tell

153 servir To serve To serve

154 sortir To go out To go out To leave To leave

155 écrire To write To write

156 décrire To describe

157 envoyer To send To send

158 être To be To be

159 faire To make To make To do To do

160 falloir To be necessary To be necessary Il faut… Il faut…

161 rire To laugh

162 offrir To offer To offer

163 pleuvoir To rain Il pleut

164 pouvoir To be able can

165 prendre To take

166 apprendre To learn

167 comprendre To understand

168 surprendre To surprise

169 recevoir To receive

170 voir To see

171 venir To come

172 revenir To come back To come back

173 devenir To become

174 tenir To hold To hold

175 savoir To know facts To know facts

176 habiter To live in a place, thing To live in a place, thing To live with a person To live with a person

177 dormir To sleep To sleep

178 lire To read

179 mettre To putTo put To put onTo put on

180 permettre To permit To permit

181 ouvrir To open

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