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Imparfait et passé composé

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1 Imparfait et passé composé
Une histoire Imparfait et passé composé

2 You will demonstrate your knowledge of the past tense by writing a short story using both the passé composé and the imperfect tenses. It can be written in the first person or third person. Include illustrations and narrate the story with fluency and accurate pronunciation

3 Setting the stage Begin by setting the stage. This portion will be written in the imperfect tense. What time was it? Where was the main character? Describe the surroundings and what was happening. What was the weather like?

4 Setting the stage What were other characters in the middle of doing?
What actions and activities were in progress? How was the main character feeling physically and emotionally?

5 What happened? Continue your story by telling what happened? This portion will be written in the passé composé. What was or were the main event(s)? What specific events happened? Use sequence words to move the story along:

6 The main event(s) Ensuite, puis, après ça, finalement Donc: therefore
Alors: so A ce moment-là: At that point Bref: anyway Heureusement: fortunately Malheureusement: unfortunately

7 Verbs to use: Vandertrampp verbs are good for moving the story forward. Tomber, mourir, descendre, entrer, sortir, partir, rentrer, aller, venir, monter, arriver See your list of common irregular verbs and stems Regular –er, -ir and –re verbs

8 se casser se dépêcher se brosser se raser s’habiller se reposer conduire écrire tomber

9 mourir voir heurter: to run into traverser: to cross s’écraser: to crash into Sauter: to jump Renverser: to spill Tourner: to turn

10 Se couper Se fouler Déchirer Perdre Rencontrer entendre

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