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Enterprise E911 Presentation for: Martin Hickey Regional Sales Director RedSky Technologies, Inc. 415-298-3479.

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1 Enterprise E911 Presentation for: Martin Hickey Regional Sales Director RedSky Technologies, Inc

2 Company Background – Who is RedSky E911 – The Problems We Address –Day to day business issues –Legislation Other Business Issues to Consider –Political Landscape –Regulatory –Risk Management E911 Technical Requirements –What is E911 –Call process –Network, PBX, ALI Management Options for location management (why you need E911 Manager) –Traditional vs. IP –E911 Manager options –Product Features Global Capabilities E911 – Final Points Q & A // Comments // Next Steps Todays Agenda


4 Enterprise software company (Chicago IL HQs) specializing in a Patented E911 solution that provides accurate location information for all phones for emergency services. –Software & services for traditional and IP telephony –Over 200 customers, including 50 Fortune 500 companies and multiple federal, state and local government agencies E911 Manager is the leading solution for large, distributed organizations –Single server automatically interfaces to the enterprise phone system real-time –Location identification for IP phones and traditional end-points –Emergency On-site Notification improves emergency response Partnerships –Avaya Partner –Industry Partners – NRIC, NENA, E911 Institute, APCO The Leader in Automated E911 Solutions

5 The Best Solution for Government & Large Enterprises Cook County in Chicago – one of the largest governmental entities in the nation –24,000 users; 68 PBXs –Avaya, Nortel and Centrex Chase Bank – Facilities across multiple states –25,000 users; 7 Avaya PBXs –Implemented in 45 days across all locations including audit services

6 The Company We Keep

7 The Business Issues & Problems RedSky Addresses

8 The Problem Over 60 million office workers do not have the 911 protection that they have at home If you call 911 from a high-rise or a campus, nobody knows where you are High profile incidents continue to highlight the importance of E-911

9 Why E911? Real-Life Stories Man Found Dead After Phone Glitch Confuses 911 UPDATED - Monday April 24, :07am eVideo: 911 Error Blamed on Computer Glitch Gaithersburg (AP) - An immigrant from Bangladesh was found dead at his Gaithersburg office this week, hours after he called 911 saying he needed medical help. The Washington Post reports X phoned for help 40 minutes after he started work at a medical company in Gaithersburg on Tuesday - but almost 10 hours passed before somebody found him lying on the floor of his office. Police said an apparent phone glitch sent medical personnel to the wrong address - and, finding nothing amiss, they believed the call was unfounded.

10 Effective and Timely 911 Emergency Response is Critical on several fronts: Business Imperative Protection for valued corporate assets and people Moral Imperative Ethical responsibility to your people Legal Imperative Protecting the organization from liability caused by poor response to an emergency Technology enables it Workplace safety issues Health Workplace/school violence Fire or environmental Regulatory Requirement Federal & State Government Legislation mandates it

11 Challenge: E911 Legislation Passed & Pending – What are you Doing? Arkansas Colorado Connecticut Florida Illinois Kentucky Louisiana Maine Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Nebraska Ohio Pennsylvania Texas Vermont Washington

12 Senators Clinton (D-NY) and Burns (D- MT), Congresswoman Eshoo (D-CA) and Congressman Shimkas (R-IL) have launched the E Congressional Caucus FCC is taking comments for National E-911 Regulations Department of Homeland Security is providing resources to frontline emergency responders Corporate leaders are responding to Americas call to action E A National Issue

13 Scoping the Risks for Non-Compliance Regulatory Penalties and Liability Red Sky White Paper Statutory fines may be levied against an organization for non- compliance Fines vary based on state OSHA may consider non-compliance a direct violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, a.k.a. The General Duty Clause Penalties can run from $7,000 - $70,000 per day E-911 could be considered part of an organizations Emergency Action Plan Common law liability is the real risk Intentional disregard of a statutory requirement is the driver Exceptions to workers compensation provide the vehicle

14 What is E911?

15 Enhanced 911 Defined Pinpoints the exact location of a 911 call for dispatchers –FLR 10 STE 1000 RM 1004 –FLR 3 6 th AVE WALL Essential for multi-floor building and campuses Puts location information directly in the hands of emergency responders Saves lives!

16 Display Screen Without E911 C1-110 ESN= (469) :33 05/29/ E JOHN W CARPENTER FRWY (469) PBXb IRVING TX ANYTOWN; COMMUNICATIONS ALT#= TELCO=SWBT X= Y= IRVING POLICE IRVING FIRE IRVING EMS Source: Richard Atkins, Tarrant County, TX Director of Regulatory Affairs for Tarrant county 911

17 E Display Screen With E911 C1-110 ESN= (469) :33 10/17/ E JOHN W CARPENTER FRWY (469) PBXb IRVING TX FLOOR 7SUITE 709 BUSINESS NAME ALT#= TELCO=SWBT X= Y= IRVING POLICE IRVING FIRE IRVING EMS Source: Richard Atkins, Tarrant County, TX Director of Regulatory Affairs for Tarrant county 911

18 E911 ALI and ANI Components What is ALI? –Automatic Location Identification (ALI) –ALI provides the Public Safety Answering Point with the location information for emergency personnel What is ALI data? –A format that includes Phone number Location, 20 characters Business name Street directional Street name Community and state

19 911 Call Processing

20 How did the location information for phone number (312) get into the Public Safety Answering Points Server? AND Who is responsible for getting it there? Well, its quite the Challenge to an organization as youll see….

21 E911: The Key Requirements Implement ISDN PRI or CAMA –Passes ANI or unique telephone number of 911 caller –Ensures proper call routing through the PSTN –911 center must be able to call back the 911 caller –Identifies appropriate ALI association Establish and Maintain ALI at regional databases –Define location information for every phone –Send data to regional E911 databases in NENA format –Establish process for ongoing ALI updates –Monitor acceptance and verification to ensure accuracy Track and store historical and transaction detail –Record of risk management and compliance –Evidence in the event of litigation Engage the time and resources to complete the task

22 E911 Manager ALI Update Process Where RedSky Comes In and Makes it Easier…

23 Three Ways to Manage Location Information 1)Use the station screens in the call server software 2)Establish network regions 3)Use network discovery

24 Defining Locations using the Station Screen

25 E911 Manager – Steps for Ongoing ALI Management Telecom Administrator performs MACs on the PBX Step 1 E911 Manager interfaces to each Call Server/PBX to import updated station location information Step 2 E911 Manager interfaces to the regional E911 gateways to perform ALI updates in NENA format Step 3 PSAP servers around the country receive ALI updates Step 4

26 Challenges of E911 in VoIP Networks Mobility – –Users can move around on the network Location Definition – –Real Time location control –How precise do you describe your location? –Using Network Regions and Network Discovery

27 Network Region Architecture

28 Network Discovery Architecture Ext 1111 S E RTR/LDAP

29 E911 – Emergency On-Site Notification (EON)

30 Emergency On-site Notification

31 EON Notification

32 E911 – RedSkys Ability to Handle Mobility / Road Warriors

33 New business issues present opportunity for you… Issue #1: The existing 911 network does not support mobility, work at home or remote offices without local 911 trunks Issue #2: Local trunks are not always cost effective or even an option depending on the type of user The solution: RedSkys integration with Avaya and partnership with Intrado & TCS offers a solution for home office, remote office and nomadic IP phone users without local trunks: E911 Manager with Location Information Services (LIS)

34 Location Tracking – Remote office, home office and nomadic workers are tracked when they register –E911 Manager captures phone registrations and updates the call server and VoIP Positioning Center with new location information E911 Manager Location Information Services (LIS)

35 Remote users are prompted to designate new location upon login to their Avaya softphone User must select from one of four options Pre-defined locations are easily recalled and selected by the user New locations are validated through RedSky Location Information Services User can opt-out of 911 service by agreeing to a legal waiver

36 E911 – RedSkys Ability to Provide a Global E911 Solution

37 E911 Globally – Factors to Understand 1)E911 is not a Global Standard. 2)Each country has its own Unique Challenges. 3)RedSky does have a Solution today, a way of addressing a Global issue.

38 E911 Globally – RedSkys Solution EON is a corporate wide emergency response system that can alert Prospects own Security personnel worldwide to 911 calls. There are no geographic limitations to deploying EON. Roadmap ahead: Canada, UK & Australia have similar E911 Infrastructures to the US. CAVEAT: Japan & Netherlands have different Systems in place to handle 911; still, RedSkys EON with SMS can handle these Markets.

39 E911 – Final Points

40 The ideal solution for Enterprises, Governments and Campuses –Automatically detects moves, adds and changes in the call server and updates regional E911 databases –Scalable to over 100,000 stations and hundreds of PBX and call servers –Supports hybrid environments of mixed major PBXs –Emergency On-site Notification improves local emergency response Saves lives, Manages risk and Minimizes liability. E911 Manager: Americas Most Complete E911 Solution

41 More Information –E-911 Requirements and Solutions –Industry websites National Emergency Number Association: Association of Public Safety Communications Officials: Thank You! Martin Hickey – Regional Sales Director RedSky Technologies (415)

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