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CYBER CAFÉ VISITOR TRACKING SYSTEM A Comprehensive Portal for Tracking Cyber Café Visitors.

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1 CYBER CAFÉ VISITOR TRACKING SYSTEM A Comprehensive Portal for Tracking Cyber Café Visitors

2 Cyber Café Tracking : What is it ? First of its kind initiative to tackle cyber crime police can keep an electronic eye on the users across city. A real time photo record of users. This can be an owned solution by Police Department Managed by KEONICS, a Government of Karnataka Enterprise Data will be stored in the data center of Police Department

3 Our Proposal Portal for Tracking Cyber Café Visitors Unify system - cyber cafe users find peace of mind. Cyber Crime Incident Handling Reports and management

4 Our Solution Current Security Threats & Cases Cyber Crime Incident Handling Working With Law Enforcement

5 Features Centralized Cyber Café Registration with Unique ID Database for Visitor Information with visitor photo Unique ID for Cyber-User Simple and cost effective solution for Cyber café Centralized vigilance for Investigation Authorities

6 Architecture Cyber Cafes Portal Police Access Internet Cloud

7 Solution Flow

8 Steps to be taken for implementing Steps to be taken by public Steps to be taken by cyber café owners Steps to be taken by police department

9 Steps to be taken by public visit a cyber Register First time log in to the central database and get going. Saves the cyber cafe owners on hassles concerning high costs of installation and the hassles of maintaining records!

10 Cyber Café Registration Centralized cyber café registration will be done by the cyber café owners. After saving the details of the cyber café, every cyber café gets its unique id for using the application.

11 Application Download Click on Download link, to download the application. The user is expected to enter the license number and password.

12 Login by Cyber Cafe Once the application has been successfully saved, run the application and the login screen is displayed to the cyber café owner, prompting him to enter the valid login credentials.

13 After entering the valid login credentials, the authenticated user is displayed with the below menu screen.

14 User Information Entry by Cyber Cafe User Entry Start Create Visitor Record Select Offered Identification ID Enter Identification Data Capture Photo of Visitor Update Record to Portal & Print (optional)

15 PC Names The user is expected to click on the menu, PC Names, and is expected to enter the MAC address and the PC Names of all the systems in his café.

16 Visitor Entries Clicking on Visitor Entries menu, the user can enter the details of all the visitors visiting his cyber café. The user is given an option to select between the type the users, New Visitor or Revisit. If the visitor is visiting the café for the first time, then select the option as New Visitor and enter all the required details capturing the photo of the person. If the visitor has previously visited the café, then the visitor is expected to tell the ID proof that he had submitted during the previous visit, so that his details can be retrieved and displayed.

17 Screenshot : New Visitor

18 Screenshot: Revisit

19 Report Search option given to the cyber café owners to get the list of people visited on a particular date

20 Check Out If the visitor is checking out, then the user is expected to click on Check Out, select the PC Name that the visitor was using and enter the amount collected.

21 Steps to be taken by Police Department The Police Department people can create users by entering the details of every police station. A centralized database placed shall retrieve all the details based on the search options provided.

22 Search Options Browse by Cyber Café Name Browse by Area Browse by State & City Browse by Police Station

23 Search Search based on the values selected and search by date & time

24 Search by Time Result list screenshot

25 Current Security Threats and Cases Malicious Hackers Threats to Personal Privacy Industrial Espionage Fraud and Theft Errors and Omissions Employee Sabotage Fraud and Theft : Computer systems can be exploited for both fraud and theft both by "automating" traditional methods of fraud and by using new methods.

26 Benefits Benefits to society Cyber Café tracking portal helps in reducing the ever increasing threat mails being sent. Benefits to police Cyber Café tracking portal helps police by providing options to keep track of every cyber café which has been registered to police department Benefits to cyber café owners Free cyber Café management software and hardware for visitor tracking system

27 Cost of project OPTION - 1 Police Department - FREE For each Cybercafé - Rs. 1,500 Initial Set up Fee from Cybercafé - Rs. 2 per Visitor Amount Distribution Rs. 0.25:Police Department Rs. 0.25:KEONICS Rs. 1.50:TCSIPL

28 Cost of project OPTION - 2 Police Department - 15,00,000/- per zone Each Zone should not exceed 300 Cybercafés

29 THANKS KEONICS Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation Limited # 29/1, Race Course Road, Bangalore - 560 001 Ph: 91-80-2257201, 2262203 and TOTAL COMPUTER SOFTWARE (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED # 122, 1 st Main, Kengeri Upanagar, Bangalore – 560 060 Phone : 91-80-28486764, Mobile : 94495 99944,

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