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Academic Computing Services 2010 Office 2010 Jolanta Soltis ACS.

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1 Academic Computing Services 2010 Office 2010 Jolanta Soltis ACS

2 Academic Computing Services 2010 Office 2010 features and benefits Boost your productivity with easy-to-use tools Express your ideas and create visual impact Bring new insights to your information and make better decisions Break down location and communication barriers Get the information you need when, where, and how you want

3 Academic Computing Services 2010 Boost your productivity with easy-to-use tools Microsoft Office Backstage view - replaces the traditional File menu to give you centralized and easy access to operations such as save, share, print, and publish. Improved Ribbon - you can access more commands quickly and customize it to fit your work style. Paste with Live Preview feature - to preview your Paste Options before you paste. Improved Navigation Pane in Word 2010. Quickly browse by headings or use the integrated Find tools to instantly search your document with all of your results highlighted.

4 Academic Computing Services 2010 Introducing Backstage The Ribbon contains the set of commands for working in a document, while the Microsoft Office Backstage view is the set of commands you use to do things to a document. Open a document, and click the File tab to see the Backstage view. The Backstage view is where you manage your documents and related data about them create, save, and send documents, inspect documents for hidden metadata or personal information, set options such as turning on or off AutoComplete suggestions, and more. The File tab replaces the Microsoft Office Button and the File menu used in earlier releases of Microsoft Office.

5 Academic Computing Services 2010 New to the Office ribbon? The ribbon replaces traditional menus that had become increasingly cluttered as more features and commands were added. The ribbon commands are organized into tabs that group related commands together.

6 Academic Computing Services 2010 Migration to Ribbon guide Inside the guide: –A quick, visual introduction to the ribbon and other parts of the Outlook 2010 interface. –Where to find menu-to-ribbon reference guides, training, and other useful resources. –Where to find things you might be looking for, such as the Tools | Options dialog box or the Out of Office Assistant. –How to create and work with e-mail signatures in Outlook 2010. –How to customize the Outlook 2010 program window.

7 Academic Computing Services 2010 Search Commands You know theres a button for it, but you dont know or remember where it is. If this ever happens to you, check out Search Commands tool that can be easy downloaded from Microsoft Website. You can use this tool to quickly find the commands you need in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Just search with your own words and click on the command you need.

8 Academic Computing Services 2010 Paste with Live Preview Do you often find yourself frustrated that content you just copied and pasted didnt turn out the way you expected? With the new Live Preview in Office 2010, you can preview how copied content will look when its pasted even between Office applications

9 Academic Computing Services 2010 Improved Navigation Pane Click on View tab Select Navigation Pane Navigate through the document

10 Academic Computing Services 2010 Express your ideas and create visual impact Office 2010 empowers you to be your own graphic designer. –Edit your pictures right within select Office 2010 programs. –Try an array of eye-catching artistic effects and new background removal tool to add polish to your images. –New and improved picture formatting tools, such as color saturation and artistic effects, let you transform your visuals into works of art. –Easily edit your embedded videos right in PowerPoint 2010, with no additional software needed. –Trim, add fades and effects, or even include bookmarks in your video to trigger animations.

11 Academic Computing Services 2010 Demo with Power Point

12 Academic Computing Services 2010 Bring new insights to your information and make better decisions Add a visual summary of your analysis alongside your values with tiny charts called Sparklines. Use a Slicer to dynamically filter data in a PivotTable or PivotChart and display only the relevant details. Click the Insert tab, and click the type of sparkline youd like to create: Line, Column, or Win/Loss. Click anywhere in the PivotTable report for which you want to create a slicer. This displays the PivotTable Tools, adding an Options and a Design tab. On the Options tab, in the Sort & Filter group, click Insert Slicer.

13 Academic Computing Services 2010 Break down location and communication barriers The improved Conversation View and new conversation management tools enable you to clean up redundant messages or ignore an e-mail discussion. The Ignore feature moves current and all future messages to your Deleted Items folder. With the new Quick Steps, you can perform multi-step tasks, such as reply and delete, all within a single click.

14 Academic Computing Services 2010 Broadcast your PowerPoint presentation to a remote audience You can broadcast your presentation over the Internet to a remote audience. You can send the URL for your slide show to attendees by e-mail. During the broadcast, you can pause the slide show at any time, re-send the URL to attendees, or switch to another application without interrupting the broadcast or displaying your desktop to attendees. The Broadcast Slide Show feature requires a network service to host the slide show. PowerPoint Broadcast Service - This service is available to anyone with a Windows Live ID and is a good solution for those not using a corporate network, or for presenting to an audience that is outside your organization. Anyone on the Internet will be able to access the URL for a slide show hosted on this service. For instructions how to setup broadcast please click on the link below: presentation-to-a-remote-audience-HA010382418.aspx

15 Academic Computing Services 2010 Get the information you need when, where, and how you want Office Web Apps are online companions to your Microsoft Office 2010 applications. Post your files to a SharePoint site or your Windows Live SkyDrive folder, then access and edit them from virtually any computer with an Internet connection. 4 SharePoint Workspace 2010, formerly known as Microsoft Office Groove, expands the boundaries of your SharePoint 2010 content. Easily update on your documents and lists offline. When youre back online your revisions will synchronize to the server automatically.

16 Academic Computing Services 2010 Resources First Look: Microsoft Office 2010: microsoft-office-2010- HA101822265.aspx?CTT=1#_Toc251333279 microsoft-office-2010- HA101822265.aspx?CTT=1#_Toc251333279

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