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Information and Educational Technologies (IET) As of 5/19/2011.

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1 Information and Educational Technologies (IET) As of 5/19/2011

2  What’s New in: ◦ All Office 2010 applications ◦ Word 2010 ◦ Excel 2010 ◦ PowerPoint 2010 ◦ Outlook 2010 ◦ Other Office 2010 Programs

3  Microsoft Office Backstage  Save as PDF now built-in rather than an add-in  Ribbon Changes  Paste with Live Preview  Edit pictures within an Office application.  Create Screenshots within an Office Application  Added new SmartArt graphics capabilities  Mini Translator  Co-Authoring  Updated Office 2010 Security  Document Inspector  Accessibility Checker  Mark as Final

4  Web versions of Office programs ◦ Edit files within the browser ◦ Multiple people can work on the same document at the same time ◦ Files are stored on the web  Mobile versions of Office programs ◦ Mobile device needs to be running a Windows OS ◦ Mobile Sharepoint allows you to save files on a Sharepoint server  Office Starter Edition replaces Microsoft Works ◦ Ad-supported ◦ Missing some tabs

5 ◦ Microsoft Office Button replaced by a File tab ◦ “Do everything to a file that you do not do in the file”

6  Powerpoint - File, Info screen

7  Ribbon Maximize/Minimize Control next to Help icon  Capability to personalize the ribbon ◦ File, Options, Customize Ribbon or right-click on ribbon and choose Customize Ribbon ◦ Create custom tabs and groups ◦ Rename or reorder existing tabs and groups

8  When doing a paste, you can view small thumbnails showing what’s on the clipboard and/or what the results will be using various paste options.

9  Remove Background

10  Change brightness and color

11  Artistic effects

12  Format text and images together Penguins

13 1.From the Insert Tab, select Screenshot. 2.Select the window that you want to get the screenshot from (which will take a screenshot of the whole window) or select screen clipping which will allow you to select the area that you want captured.

14 1.Find and insert the SmartArt graphic 2.Add photographs 3.Write descriptive text

15 The Mini Translator can be activated by selecting Review, Translate, Mini Translator. With the Mini Translator you can point to a word or selected phrase and see the translation in a small window. With the Play button you can hear an audio pronunciation of the word or phrase and the Copy button allows you to paste the translation into another document.

16  Multiple people can edit the same document at the same time and stay in sync with each others’ changes.  You can see who else is working with you and where they are editing.  When you open a shared document, the Office application automatically caches it, so that you can make changes to the document offline and then sync the changes when you come back online.  Authors can block access to document regions while they are working on them.

17  If AutoRecover is set, you can open the last AutoRecover position if you close the Office application without saving your file.  Under File, Info, Manage Files, you can also choose to open an AutoRecover file that has been saved while you are working on the document.  By default AutoRecover and saving the last AutoRecover file if the program is closed without saving are set. These options are found under File, Options, Save.

18  Files opened in Protected View are opened with editing functions disabled.  Files from a potentially unsafe location, such as the Internet or an e-mail attachment, or that contain active content, such as macros, data connections, or ActiveX controls, are validated and opened in Protected View.  Files from Trusted Sources can be enabled by clicking Enable Editing.

19  The trusted documents feature makes it easier to open documents that normally would open in Protected View.  Once you confirm that the active content in a document is safe to enable, you don’t have to do it again the next time you open that document.

20  The Document Inspector allows you to find and remove hidden metadata, personal information, or content stored in a document that you might not want to share with another organization.  To use Document Inspector: 1.First save your document using Save As. 2.Select File, Info, Check for Issues. 3.Select Inspect Document.

21  The Accessibility Checker helps identify and resolve accessibility issues in your documents, so that you can fix any potential problems that might keep someone with a disability from accessing your content.  To use the Accessibility Checker: 1.Select File, Info, Check for Issues. 2.Select Check Accessibility.

22  By setting Mark as Final on a document, it makes the document read-only and all editing commands and proofing marks are disabled.  This is not considered a security feature, because anyone who accesses the document can turn Mark as Final back off and begin editing the document.  Mark as Final is set by going to File, Info, Protect Document, Mark as Final.

23  Ribbon Changes  Navigation Pane

24 Word 2007 Word 2010 Change Case ButtonText Effects Button

25 Word 2007 Word 2010 Navigation Pane (See next slide)

26 Move between headings View thumbnails of pages Reorganize a document by moving headers around in the navigation pane instead of copying and pasting sections of the document

27 Word 2007 Word 2010 Translate Button Block Authors & Restrict Editing Button Linked Notes OneNote

28 Word 2007 Word 2010 Screenshot Button

29 Word 2007 Word 2010 Shape Effects ButtonWordArt Styles

30 Word 2007 Word 2010 Remove BackgroundSelection PanePicture Editing

31  Improved capabilities  Performance enhancements  Ribbon Changes  Sparklines  Added the Equation Editor  More themes

32  Improved PivotTables  Improved conditional formatting  Improved function accuracy  Improved filter capabilities  Improved charting  64-bit version allows larger worksheets if memory is available

33 Excel 2007 Excel 2010 Screenshot ButtonSparklines & Slicer Equation Editor like the one that was in Word 2007.

34 Sparklines are tiny charts that fit within a cell to visually summarize trends alongside data.

35 The Equation Editor that was added to Word 2007 has now been added to Excel 2010.

36  PowerPoint Ribbon Changes  Organize slides into sections  Additional transitions and animations  Run multiple PowerPoint presentations side by side  Embed, edit, and play a video within your presentation  Link a video from a website such as Youtube  Animation Painter  Turn your mouse into a laser pointer  Turn your presentation into a video


38 PowerPoint 2007 PowerPoint 2010 Section

39  Create sections for large groups of slides ◦ More manageable ◦ Easier to navigate  You could actually have different people working on each section

40 PowerPoint 2007 PowerPoint 2010 Screenshot

41 PowerPoint 2007 PowerPoint 2010

42 PowerPoint 2007 PowerPoint 2010 Broadcast a presentation on the web Additional Setup options

43 PowerPoint 2007 PowerPoint 2010 Compare two PowerPoint presentations to find the differences Make notes in OneNote to link to the PowerPoint presentation.

44 PowerPoint 2007 PowerPoint 2010 The Reading View allows a presentation to run in a window. Guides help you align objects on a slide.

45  You can now run multiple presentations side by side.  Select View, Reading View or select the Reading View icon from the bottom of the window. This will allow you to view a presentation within a window.  You can then resize the window and open another one.

46  Now when you insert a video, it’s inserted directly into the presentation instead of just inserting a link.  Additionally you can: ◦ Trim audio clips or videos to remove parts that are not pertinent to the message of your presentation ◦ Add synchronized overlay text ◦ Add poster frames ◦ Add bookmarks ◦ Add fades ◦ Perform most of the other editing features that you can do to still pictures

47  Most video websites, such as Youtube, provide an embed code that allows you to embed the video in your presentation. Just copy this code and paste it under Insert, Video, Video from Web Site.

48  The Animation Painter allows you to copy animations from one point on a slide to another point on the same slide or another slide.  The Animation Painter is found on the Animations tab and works the same way as the Format Painter works for copying formats.

49  When running a slide presentation, if you press the CTRL key +left mouse button while moving your mouse, the mouse will work like a laser pointer.  To change the color of the laser pointer, go to the Slide Show tab, click on Set up Slide Show and select the color you want under Laser pointer color.

50  When you select “Save As” you have the option to save your file as a Windows Media Video (.wmv) file.  The video can contain voice narration, laser point movements, animations and embedded videos.  Depending on the length and content of your presentation, it may take awhile to create the video, but you can still continue to work in PowerPoint while it’s being created.

51  Added the ribbon to the main Outlook window.  Behind-the-Scene options  Conversation view  Meeting Reply  Forgotten Subjects  Reduce the size of a picture attachment  View zoom control  Access OWA from Outlook client  Folder order changed

52  The following items are also new in Outlook 2010, but either require add-ins or changes to the Exchange server: ◦ MailTips ◦ Speech to text translation of voice mail ◦ Quota Thermometer

53  Outlook 2007 had the ribbon for messages, but Outlook 2010 replaces the menus in the main Outlook window with the ribbon.

54  Many Outlook settings that are not related to creating or managing Outlook items were moved to the File, Info tab.

55  Conversation view groups emails by title and date.  When you receive a new email, the entire conversation is moved to the top.  To turn conversation view on or off, on the View tab, select Show as Conversations.

56  Conversations can include messages from multiple folders. Messages that you send are saved in the Sent Items folder, but if they are part of a conversation, they will also appear within the conversation.  If you choose Ignore from the Home tab, all new messages for a given conversation will go directly to the Deleted Items folder.  You can Clean Up a conversation by selecting Clean Up, Clean Up Conversation from the Home tab. This will delete all messages in the conversation that are not unread, flagged, categorized or the newest message in the conversation.

57  Instead of just replying to an email, you can choose Meeting from the Home tab and it will create a meeting that is sent to everyone that was included on the original email.

58  When you click Send on a message that doesn’t have a subject, a message popups up to confirm that no subject was intentional.

59  An option is available to resize large attached pictures.  This will not affect the original picture, only the attachment.

60  Outlook now has a Zoom control like that found in the other Outlook programs.

61  You can now access OWA directly from Outlook.

62  The folder order used to be strictly alphabetical.  Now Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items and Deleted Items are at the top and all other folders are in alphabetical order below them.

63  MailTips help you avoid common, but potentially embarrassing mistakes. MailTips alerts can be triggered to clicking Reply All to a large recipient list, sending sensitive information to someone outside your organization or sending a message to someone who is out of the office.

64  Voice Mail Preview provides a speech to text transcript of the message left on your voice mail.

65  On the File menu, your account information includes a visual representation of how much space is left in your mailbox.

66  Microsoft Access has changes to make it easier to create databases and reports.  Microsoft Publisher is back in the Office Professional suite and has been updated to include the ribbon and other Office enhancements.  Microsoft Infopath Designer allows you to create forms and Microsoft Infopath Filler allows you to fill forms created with the Designer.  Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace allows you to sync Sharepoint sites with your computer.

67 Questions? Office 2010 Training slides, companion guides, and videos can be found at Instructions on how to purchase Office 2010 for home use can be found at:

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