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Office of Workforce Development (OWD)

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1 Office of Workforce Development (OWD)

2 NCI Office of Workforce Development
Assists NCI leadership identify strategic approach to human capital issues Provides NCI managers (scientific and administrative) with information, resources, and tools to: Recruit and retain talent Manage for results Optimize performance in support of the Institute’s mission

3 Supporting the NCI mission
Discovery Development Delivery Dr. von Eschenbach Human capital/workforce development President’s Management Agenda (PMA) OPM “getting to green” Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) Performance contracts

4 Human Capital Planning
Workforce Management Recruitment Thinking Strategically Pipeline Programs Quality of Work/life Employee Development

5 Human Capital Planning
Thinking Strategically

6 Human Capital Planning
NCI Human Capital Strategic Planning Roadmap for aligning NCI’s workforce with its mission and goals Incorporates all elements of the federal model Links FTEs and competencies to mission-critical activities

7 Human Capital Planning
Recruitment Thinking Strategically

8 Recruitment Outreach Examples of where OWD has recruited in the past:
American Chemical Society Rice University PhD Consortium American Society for Microbiology University of North Carolina PhD Consortium Student National Medical Association Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities Federation of Association & Societies in Experimental Biology American Association for the Advancement of Science

9 Recruitment StarCatcher/StarGazer
StarCatcher - Public website advertising NCI training opportunities to worldwide science community Candidates post resumes, apply for current openings, and communicate directly with NCI principal investigators StarGazer - Automated process, electronically transfers resumes from StarCatcher, inputs resumes from job fairs, professional science organization meetings, university consortiums, and science journal advertisements Combined with community outreach, StarCatcher and StarGazer systems have significantly raised quantity and quality of science candidate pool

10 Human Capital Planning
Recruitment Thinking Strategically Pipeline Programs

11 Pipeline Intro to Cancer Research Careers
Program identifies, trains, and mentors talented students from populations underrepresented in science and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds Sponsors highly-qualified students with research experience Arranges 2-day visit to NCI Arranges interviews for placement in intramural labs Highly competitive selection process by a panel of NCI scientists During visit: campus and lab tours; scientific lectures; student panel Provide summer housing to those accepting internships

12 Pipeline Administrative Intern Programs
Oversee NCI Programs NCI Administrative Career Development (ACD) Program NCI Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program NCI Liaison for NIH & DHHS Intern Programs NIH At-Large PMF Program Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) Help NCI recruit and retain the best and the brightest Invaluable tool in building human capital and succession planning

13 Human Capital Planning
Recruitment Thinking Strategically Pipeline Programs Employee Development

14 Employee Development Knowledge Management: A Mentoring Program
Formal mentoring program for employees with administrative duties or interests Facilitate institutional knowledge sharing Promote employee retention Develop talent 81% of respondents in 2002 NCI Needs Assessment Survey indicated a Mentoring program would be “extremely beneficial” Formal Mentoring programs increase Mentees’ productivity and Mentors’ motivation leading to superior performance and higher level of productivity

15 Employee Development Training Resources for Supervisors
Provide resources and tools tailored for new and existing supervisors to assist them in managing and developing their workforce Establish guidelines for training Identify training curriculum/courses

16 Employee Development NCI Training Warehouse
Desktop resource to identify training options and identify Institute-specific training as needed HHS University NIH Training Center NCI-specific programs Outside vendors

17 Human Capital Planning
Recruitment Thinking Strategically Pipeline Programs Quality of Work/life Employee Development

18 Quality of Work Life Programs
Initiatives to create a more flexible, supportive work environment, enabling and identifying ways to assist employees in fulfilling NCI’s mission. Oversee Telework and Voluntary Leave Transfer Program Liaison with NIH Worklife Center, NIH Child Care Board, Employee Assistance Program, Div. of Employee Services, and the R& W Association “When work is effective, life benefits; and when life works, work benefits.” Karol Rose, LifeCare Inc.

19 Human Capital Planning
Workforce Management Recruitment Thinking Strategically Pipeline Programs Quality of Work/life Employee Development

20 Workforce Management Workforce Development Services
Develop new and creative solutions to increase the organization’s capacity for self-renewal. Work collaboratively with managers to build a customized plan to implement and manage changes to optimize workgroup performance Team building and coaching Process facilitation Work re-design Organizational communication Goal setting and planning Services empower managers and positively impact workgroup effectiveness by developing the workforce to meet its mission

21 Workforce Management Managers’ Toolkit
Reasonable Accommodation Guidelines, which is an on-line posting of step-by-step instructions for supervisors on how to respond to request for reasonable accommodations and other related matters. These NCI reasonable accommodation procedures cover all NCI staff, training awardees, and applicants for both FTE and non-FTE positions, which is understood to include training applicants. Monthly Management Article Guidelines for Designation of Emergency and Non-Emergency Employees For Periods of Inclement Weather or Other Temporary Closings

22 Workforce Management Coaching for Conflict Management
Coach managers in dealing with workplace conflict Facilitate difficult conversations and/or situations with employees Refer managers to existing NIH services and help them understand and navigate those systems Conflict management resources for new supervisors and senior staff CCM provides quick access to conflict management resources leading to quicker resolutions and better outcomes

23 Workforce Management Diversity
Diversabilities Monthly diversity management newsletter for managers and supervisors designed to provide tangible tools, useful information, tips, and resources to lead, manage and develop a diverse workforce

24 Human Capital Planning
Workforce Management Recruitment Thinking Strategically Pipeline Programs Quality of Work/life Employee Development

25 OWD Website

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