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Adapting to a New Consumer Landscape Bill Bartlett Corporate Affairs Director McCain Foods (GB) Ltd.

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1 Adapting to a New Consumer Landscape Bill Bartlett Corporate Affairs Director McCain Foods (GB) Ltd

2 What is good? What is Bad? Mixed messages = Consumers Confused World of Confusion

3 Chip Confusion High Fat Made from Reconstituted Potato Heavily processed *ICM Research showing fact perceptions.


5 All Chips Are Bad …. ….Myth or Reality?

6 We Just Peel, Cut, Cook, Freeze McCain are keen to put the record straight

7 or to put it another way…..

8 25 Years of McCain Oven Chips In Home Revolution Changed Habits of Nation Significant Reduction in Frying

9 Fat Facts ….Not Fiction 17 Billion Chip Pans of Fat. ½ Billion Calories. (+ Chip Pan Fires)

10 5% Fat – Only 2 Ingredients High Carbohydrate Source of Fibre Rich in Potassium Good Source of Vit. C Low in Sodium Low in Sat. Fat High in Poly Unsaturated Fat

11 … And What Have We Done In Catering Where Deep Fat Frying is Necessary ? 1999 Best Fry Practice 2001 Delights

12 … Making Sure Our Products Are Fit For Purpose 2002 Reformulation Started

13 … And Now We Are Challenging The Status Quo 2003 Oven range developed 2006 Created by Kids for Kids

14 Fully engaged in the Consultation process

15 School Meals The Opportunity for Healthier Favourite Food


17 Nick: Kids snub our top grub CELEBRITY chef Nick Nairn slammed the Executive last night after it emerged pupils are snubbing a £63million school dinner revolution. Official figures reveal that only half of secondary pupils have EVER eaten school dinners and just one in TEN take them each day. Most head for chip shops and burger vans. according to a new study that reveals that half of all secondary pupils have never eaten school meals and only one in 10 does so every day A Scottish executive report reveals that initiatives aimed at turning pupils away from junk food has failed to change eating habits. THE school dinner revolution prompted by Jamie Oliver, the celebrity chef, appears to have had little impact in Scotland Pupils turned off by healthy school meals

18 OR

19 Delivering Healthier Favourite Food in Schools - NPD meets New Technology

20 Our Oven Trial Pilot scheme January – June 2006. Rational Ovens installed in 4 secondary schools McCain lower fat ovenable potato products offered on menu

21 Results 10% increase in hot meals eaten 8/10 Child Preference Significant Reductions in running costs

22 Support & Endorsement Kevin McKay – Past Chairman, Local Authority Catering Association Anything that improves the quality of meals served in schools can only be applauded and encouraged. Balancing nutritional quality with the quantities of food required in todays schools is challenging, and its great to see the nutritional and financial benefits that this project has managed to achieve.

23 Support & Endorsement Brendan Higgins – Head Teacher, Bishop Wulstan Catholic School Traditionally cooked chips were withdrawn from our school menu long before the "Jamie's Dinners" series. We have had the oven in place for over three months now and it has been very impressive. We have seen a reduction of running costs and an increase in the amount of time kitchen staff have to do other jobs. I am now of the opinion that providing oven-baked chips means they can be an acceptable option on our school menu.

24 Support & Endorsement Ruth Willcox – Head of Catering, Hertfordshire Local Education Authority The McCain/Rationale oven project in Hertfordshire has been very successful and we have been pleased with the results. Although the schools' commitment to healthy eating is strong, the concept of oven chips with reduced fat has been shown to be acceptable as part of a balanced diet over the week. We are currently looking at catering equipment for the future and will consider this oven as a modern option for the cooking of healthy foods offered in secondary schools.

25 Support & Endorsement Colin Ransom – Regional Manager, Sunderland Local Authority Catering Association Striking the balance between providing the food that children love and want to eat; and a healthy diet is always a challenge for all schools. The ovening project that has been in place in Sunderland has struck this balance perfectly. Having seen the benefits of this project first hand, I would recommend all schools to try oven-baking food, especially foods such as chips.

26 Ovens in Schools: The Conclusion Changes to Cooking Method + NPD = Favourite Food That Meets Consumers Needs

27 ….. However There Are a Couple of Issues to Address

28 Ovens in Schools: The Challenge Bill To Pay

29 Ovens in Schools: The Challenge Current Guidelines Limit The Opportunity

30 Confusion Food Based Standards Fried Food Twice A Week … Including The Manufacturing Process FSA Nutritional Guidelines Chips –No More Than 5% Total Fat –No More Than 1% Saturated Fat

31 Chip Shop Chips Did you know? FAT SAT. FAT *Versus FSA Nutritional Guidelines

32 McCain Oven Chips McCain Country Style Dice McCain Lumberjacks McCain Roast Potatoes McCain 5% Fat Wedges All Less Than 5% Total Fat / 1% Sat. Fat McCain Meets The FSA Guidelines FAT SAT. FAT

33 In Summary We have a proven track record in delivering consumer solutions Its the principle we apply across all of our markets Working with consumers and caterers is critical As is government and agencies – but its not always easy!


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