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Promoting Healthy Hearts in the Work Place Shân Biesman-Simons RD(SA)

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1 Promoting Healthy Hearts in the Work Place Shân Biesman-Simons RD(SA)

2 World Heart Day Why Work with heart? CVD kills 17.2 million/yr 80% preventable ½ waking hours working Healthy workplace can - increase productivity - reduce absenteeism - lower medical costs - improve morale

3 HSFSA Programmes Corporate Wellness Screening (established) Healthy Hearts @ Work Canteen (pilot)

4 Corporate Wellness Screening Blood pressure Cholesterol level (TC) Finger prick Blood glucose Finger prick Body Mass Index (BMI) Height and weight

5 Pre-testing questionnaire & consent Nurses do tests Dietitians will counsel based on findings & present a health talk Brochures & eating plans made available Each person screened receives a copy of their results Corporate Wellness Screening

6 Company receives a corporate health profile & report

7 Follow-up High risk encouraged to visit clinic/doctor Heart Mark Diet Line Intranet articles Retesting annually encouraged 0860 223 222

8 Healthy Hearts @ Work Canteen Programme

9 Why canteen programme? More and more South Africans are eating food that is prepared outside of the home.…in restaurants, take-away establishments and canteens

10 Foods served at workplace are often….. LARGE or super-sized portions which are energy dense HIGH in fat (especially saturated & trans fats) HIGH in refined carbohydrates LOW in fibre and micronutrients (poor in fruit, vegetables, legumes & grains) HIGH in salt & added sugars

11 Role of companies? Unique & vital role in improving health, wellness and physical fitness of employees Healthy eating programme can be initial step in increasing accessibility of healthy foods In staff restaurants, canteens, tuck shops and/or vending machines

12 Goals of Healthy Hearts @ Work Canteen Programme Make staff aware of healthier food choices at work Encourage employees to eat a variety of foods in line with HSFSA healthy eating guidelines: –reduced total and saturated fat –increased fibre, fruit and vegetables –reduced salt and sugar Aim is not to change entire canteen menu, but to provide simple recommendations on how to make it heart healthier

13 Benefits Improve health and wellness of employees Reduce risk of CVD Decrease healthcare costs Reduce absenteeism of staff Improve productivity Build a sustainable business by helping companies attract and retain healthy employees

14 Accreditation process for certification Catering audit Monitoring audit Certification Re-certification spot check

15 Discussions between dietitian and catering & personnel managers. Input from staff via short surveys with dietitian during lunch breaks Assessments of: - overall food choices available - food preparation methods - menu cycle - use of fats, vegetables and fruit, fibre-rich foods, sugar and salt Catering audit includes…

16 Monitoring audit Follow-up monitoring visit is done 8 – 10 weeks after initial audit This gives time to make necessary changes recommended by the dietitian Monitoring visit provides a useful target-date by when HSFSA healthy eating goals need to be implemented

17 Certification After successful implementation of HSFSA recommendations, company is awarded with certificate This means that restaurant/canteen provides healthy options meeting HSFSA standards Certification is awarded for one year, which can be renewed annually

18 Re-certification spot check To help ensure that healthy catering principles are incorporated successfully in companys restaurant/canteen over the long term….. Follow-up re-certification audits may be conducted by dietitian every year Offer ongoing dietary advice to catering managers if required Workplaces that qualify for re-certification, will be presented with new certificates

19 Questions?

20 Shân Biesman-Simons RD(SA) Tel: +27 21 447 4222 For more information

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