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Overview Enrollment for Education Solutions Distis and AERs.

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1 Overview Enrollment for Education Solutions Distis and AERs

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3 Microsoft Solutions for Academic Institutions Microsofts commitment is to help students and educators throughout the world realize their full potential Academic Volume Licensing puts Microsoft software and services in the hands of educators and students so they can interact, collaborate, and learn through: Supporting the needs of all types of students, educators and schools with dependable, secure and flexible products and technologies that are affordable, easy to use, and work with what you use today and tomorrow. Enabling vibrant learning communities with programs and services that help bring people together to communicate and collaborate. 3

4 The Enrollment For Education Solutions is available to the following Qualified Educational Users Who qualifies for EES? 4 An organization may be defined across the spectrum, from the entire institution to a school district to a specific school site or department, and in cases where such definitions are not possible, an organization could simply be a logical group within the institution. The Qualified Educational User Definition (QEU) varies by region. View the QEU at Educational Institutions Administrative Offices Boards of Education

5 Cloud on Your Terms Free* access to Office 365 Education A2, plus the ability to subscribe to additional Microsoft Online Services through your EES *No license fee; doesnt include deployment or support costs associated with the service. Easy Compliance Count your employees once per year and youre fully covered for all on-premises platform products licensed. Customized Solutions Add additional products, either institution-wide, departmental-wide, or for individual devices at any time Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Maximize the value of your investment with access to current technology, Work at Home (WAH) rights, student licensing, evaluation rights, Software Assurance, and more Simplified Asset Management Easily track and manage your software assets with self- service online tools such as Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) EES Customers Benefits Low Administration Subscription licensing eliminates the need to track your licenses for the selected desktop platform products on every PC. 5

6 Student Advantage For Volume Licensing Customers – EES or OVS-ES Office 365 ProPlus for students at no extra cost Purchase Office for 100% of organization's faculty & staff

7 Competitive Advantage of the Offering Program features (e.g. FTE counting) present new opportunities to combat competitive threats Licensing options cover spectrum of customers, enabling Partners to go after new accounts Deepen the Customer Relationship Full integration of Office 365 within the offering Simplified Sales Motion One set of program rules, versus multiple guidelines makes it easier for Partners to sell One enrollment for both K-12 and higher ed, leaving fewer contracts to manage Device count of School enrollment is outdated, FTE count better fits the academic market today Simplified contract reduces the complexity for both customers and partners EES Partner Benefits 7

8 New ProductsDeploymentTrainingSpecialized New Product Versions Step-Up Licensing Availability Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) Windows 8 Enterprise Edition License Mobility Through Software Assurance Windows Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) Rights Windows Companion Subscription License Windows RT Companion VDA Rights Windows To Go Use Rights Windows Roaming Use Rights Windows Thin PC Office Roaming Use Rights TechNet Benefits Microsoft Office Multi- Language Pack E-Learning Home Use Program Cold Backups for Disaster Recovery Spread Payments EES Includes Software Assurance Note: Software Assurance benefits are subject to change. Please refer to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Product List at to verify current benefits. Our Microsoft volume licensing agreement is a key component of our strategy to provide consolidated, low cost, high value services to the faculty, staff, and students…. It simplifies administration, lowers costs, and improves security and compliance. Mike Conlon, Ph.D, Associate CIO, IT Architecture, University of Florida 8

9 Work at Home Rights Permit your faculty and staff to use application, system, and CAL products on a personally owned computer for work-related purposes. Cloud Services Free* access to Office 365 Education A2 * No license fee; doesnt include deployment or support costs associated with the service. Stretch your budget with valuable benefits Additional Benefits Included with EES eLearning Self-paced trainings help you faculty, staff, and students learn to use the latest software and improve productivity and classroom learning while reducing your support costs. Roaming Use Rights Allow your users to remotely access software on their virtual desktops from third- party devices such as home PCs and internet kiosks. Roaming rights + VDA reduce the need for WAH deployment. 9


11 Open Value Subscription – Education Solutions (OVS-ES) Campus and School Agreement + Enrollment for Education Solutions (CASA+EES) 2 ways to buy through the EES program, depending upon the size of the organization How to Buy 5+ FTE employees or students Buy through an Authorized Education Reseller (AER) Complete the Complete Open Value Subscription for Education Solutions (OVS-ES) eAgreement FTE employees or students Buy through a Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) Complete the Campus and School Agreement (CASA)* *Unless already in place Complete the Enrollment for Education Solutions (ESS) 11 Focus of this presentation

12 The Open Volume Subscription for Education Solutions (OVS-ES) is a single eAgreement for enrolling in EES OVS-ES Contract Options OVS-ES includes: An overview of the program and general terms and conditions Details on topics such as distributing software to licensed users and Work at Home rights Desktop platform product selections Subscription term (one or three years) 12

13 Customers choose a one-year or three-year subscription term OVS-ES Subscription Term Choice of 12 or 36 months of subscription licenses Optional one-time 36-month extension at end of term Updated FTE count and product selections To continue subscription after the 36-month extension (or to subscribe for one year at a time) submit a new OVS-ES 13

14 Customers receive up to a 50% discount on the first year price of the eligible quantity of platform products the first time they start a new 3-year OVS-ES Up-To-Date (UTD) Discount for OVS- ES* Available for existing licenses of the latest (N) or previous version (N-1) Sav e 50% 14


16 EES offers the convenience of licensing products based on the number of faculty/staff (FTE) employees in the organization Counting Faculty/Staff FTE Employees For example, the customer has 200 full-time faculty, 300 part-time faculty, 100 full-time staff, and 100 part-time staff. The FTE employee count is calculated as follows: (300 3) + 1,000 + (100 2) = 450 FTE employees The formula below outlines how to determine the number of faculty/staff FTE employees in the organization: Note: In EMEA, FTE Employees = faculty and staff who work more than 200 hours per year. Total FTE employees Part-time faculty 3 Full-time facultyFull-time staff Part-time staff 2 16

17 Qualifying for OVS-ES with On-Premises Software Entire institution with or without affiliates department, school site or other defined user grouping Calculations factor in full- time/part- time Minimum of 5 FTE to qualify Tiered pricing on Desktop Platform Products Available org-wide or in specific quantities Extend solution to the cloud and students Count FTE Employees and/or Students Define the Org License at Least One DPP Org- Wide Choose Additional Products Add Office 365 and/or Student Option 17

18 Desktop Platform Product Options Windows Pro Upgrade Microsoft Office Professional Plus Core CAL Suite Windows Pro Upgrade Microsoft Office Professional Plus Enterprise CAL Suite Above desktop platform products (DPPs) must be licensed organization-wide based on FTE employee count and may be licensed individually or in the Desktop suite. Office 365 ProPlus Subscription is also a DPP, however, unlike other DDPs which are licensed based on the FTE, it requires a User Subscription License (USL) for each individual user organization-wide for a minimum of 1000 users. Individual CAL Suite components are not desktop platform products, but must be licensed organization-wide. Add the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) for Software Assurance as part of your Professional Desktop Platform Suite or Enterprise Desktop Platform Suite. Enterprise Desktop Platform Suite: Professional Desktop Platform Suite: 18

19 A broad selection of software and services are available as additional products and may be licensed by individual licenses in any quantity. Additional Software Products Exceptions may apply. Find a complete list of additional products on the Microsoft Product List at: Qualifying Products Include: 19


21 Office 365 At a Glance Online meeting with desktop sharing IM & Presence across firewalls GAL search with contact card Windows Live federation Access documents offline Document-level permissions My Sites to manage and share documents Share documents securely with Extranet Sites Free/busy coexistence Integrated personal archiving Retention policies and legal hold 25Gb mailbox with voic & unified messaging Familiar and full Office user experience Fast deployment and broad management controls Works with your on premises and storage Per-user licensing

22 Value of Microsoft Office 365 Education Meet student and educator needs Enable learning from anywhere Enterprise-grade cloud services Comprehensive tools to do your best work

23 Voice Office 365 ProPlus Voic & Compliance Archiving Access, Excel, Forms, Visio Services Office Web Apps IM & Presence Collaboration Portal Conference , calendar, AV/VS, Personal Archive Office 365 Education Plans *No license fee; doesnt include deployment or support costs associated with the service. Note: Available plans are subject to change. Refer to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Product List for currently-available plans. 23

24 Partner Services Opportunities 24 Data migration ( , contacts, 3 rd party apps) Mobile devices integration Monitoring and Management services Post-deployment support and training Custom Solution Development Deployment planning and evaluation Infrastructure integration, synchronization IdentityReporting Enterprise Social Help Partners broaden their service offerings, grow margins, cement advisor role

25 Recommended sales approach Lead with the Education Desktop on-premises Position free Office 365 Education A2 through as means to extend capabilities into the cloud and as a complement to on-premises Lead with Education Desktop Upsell to Office 365 Education A3 Fall back to free Office 365 Education A2 for faculty/staff Incorporate service offerings to boost revenue and margins. Sell in packaged services, application customization, cloud migration, etc. Upsell to Office 365 Education A3 Deploy Student Option as a benefit of Education Desktop Move students to the cloud with free Office 365 Education A2 Attach Exchange Online integration and other services to your sales offering Offer free* A2 for Students *No license fee; doesnt include deployment or support costs associated with the service.

26 Selling with Free Office 365 Education A2 Education Desktop Minimal savings of $.72 GBP, NET per FTE, but lose: Desktop bundle discount Core CAL bundle discount On-premises org-wide coverage of Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync CALs and any incremental on-premises functionality Guidance: Position A2 as a way to extend features/functionality into the cloud rather than unbundling and removing on-premises deployment. Drop: Exchange CAL SharePoint CAL Lync CAL $17.04 $16.32 Remaining Components Unbundled Add free A2 to Education Desktop on-premises deployments Show customers the value of keeping the Desktop intact vs. unbundling Sell in archiving and extra storage along with free A2 Add free A2 for students Education Desktop vs. Unbundled Remaining Components 26

27 Qualify for OVS-ES, then add Office 365 Office 365 Education in OVS-ES Meet Minimum Requirements: Organization-wide Commitment At least one Desktop Platform Product 5 FTE or more Add Office 365 Services for Faculty/Staff or Students: A3 full USL A3 Add-On Office 365 ProPlus Per user, in any quantity as Additional Products In OVS-ES, Office 365 Plans are not platform online services and do not count toward the org-wide commitment. Sold as 1 year subscription Up-front payment No minimum threshold once program minimums are met 27

28 Ordering Office 365 via OVS-ES ORDER Place the order with your reseller ACTIVATE & PROVISION Input 5x5 product keys on to activate service and provision user accounts RETRIEVE PRODUCT KEYS 5x5 Product Keys appear in VLSC CONFRIMATION You will receive an confirmation once order is processed If your organization already has Online Services, sign in to your existing tenant account to input the product keys and provision the new user accounts. 28

29 All Office 365 licenses are assigned per user and may be ordered in any quantity needed. The user count may exceed the FTE count for on premises ordering. Adding Free and Paid Office 365 Plans to OVS- ES 200 FTE Org-wide Count 260 Users in Organization Education Desktop Plan A2 – Free through MOSP License for all 260 Users No on-premise license for related products Education Desktop Org-Wide License for 200 FTE All users and on-premises devices are covered Plan A2 (Free) Defined Organization = 200 FTE / 260 Users OVS-ES MOSP 75 Users Order in any quantity Plan A3 Add-on OVS-ES Plan A3 Add-on – through OVS-ES License per user in any quantity needed after qualifying for OVS-ES Add the free Office 365 Education A2 through MOSP and Plan A3 or Office 365 ProPlus through OVS-ES 29

30 A2No related on-premises license On-premises Rights with Office 365 Plans Office 365 License On-premises License A3/A4 less than org-wide Users with assigned A3/A4 USL have on-premises rights to: Exchange CAL SharePoint CAL Lync CAL A3/A4 for all users org-wide Organization-wide rights to related on-premises CALs and Office Professional Plus including in open access labs 30

31 31

32 The EES Student Option provides a convenient and cost-effective way to license selected products for use by students on a personally owned computer or an institution-owned computer designated for the students exclusive use. The Student Option Choose the Student Option to Students in the Cloud Give students the power of the cloud with the free Office 365 Plan A2 *Office 365 ProPlus is also a DPP, however, unlike other DDPs which are licensed based on the FTE students, it requires a User Subscription License (USL) for each individual student organization-wide. Free Electronic Delivery Eliminate the cost of delivering physical media, remove the burden of inventory management & program administration. License 100% of students in your organization for at least one Desktop Platform Product based on FTE student count* License students to use software on their home/personal computer or an institution-owned computer checked out to them Standardize software for students Provide smarter tools for learning Requirements 32

33 Student Advantage Benefit Two Ways to License Office for Students When you license Office 365 ProPlus or Office Professional Plus organization-wide for all of your faculty and staff employees, you qualify for no-cost Office 365 ProPlus subscription licenses for your students through the EES Student Option. 1 Paid Online Services If you do not license Office 365 ProPlus or Office Professional Plus for all of your faculty/staff FTE employees organization-wide, or you are not ready to move to the cloud, the paid offerings remain available through the Student Option. 2 To take advantage of this offer, your reseller orders the Office 365 ProPlus A for Students $0 SKU. If the organization-wide faculty/staff coverage includes only a specific school or department, then only the students enrolled in that school or department are eligible.


35 MSDNAA Designer is now Microsoft DreamSpark 35 Free online DreamSpark subscription available to academic subscription customers for instructional purposes only. Outfit your labs with the latest Microsoft developer, design, and server tools to support personal or in-class learning for students and educators Excludes Windows Operating System & Office. Updated EULA clarifies use rights. DreamSpark Premium subscription is also available for qualifying Higher Education STEM departments for instructional use only.

36 Microsoft IT Academy Program Saves Educators Time Keeps Current Builds Partnerships Validates Skills The Microsoft IT Academy Program resources are flexible, and easy to integrate into new or existing curricula, empowering academic institutions to help students realize their skills and career potential through access to the latest technology and high-quality training resources. 36

37 Office 365 ProPlus provides the same application experiences as Office Professional Plus installed locally on the device. Whats included with Office 365 ProPlus 37

38 EES At-a-Glance Feature Area Enrollment for Education Solutions Target CustomersAvailable for both primary/secondary and higher education customers Counting for Desktop Platform Products Full time equivalent (FTE) faculty and staff employees Subscription Term1 or 3 year term Desktop Platform ProductsWindows Pro OS Upgrade, Office Professional Plus, Core CAL & ECAL Suite; individually or in desktop bundle Additional ProductsMay be licensed institution-wide, department-wide or for individual license Student Licensing Student Option, free Office 365 ProPlus for students when all faculty/staff covered for Office Professional Plus or Office 365 ProPlus, free Electronic Software Distribution Cloud Services Free Office 365 Education A2, Office 365 Education A3 and Office 365 ProPlus available through OVS-ES, Office 365 Education A3 and A4, Office 365 ProPlus and other Cloud Services available through CASA+EES Work At Home RightsOrganizations may offer limited Work at Home (WAH) rights to their faculty and staff members only with no additional license charge Software AssuranceIncluded DreamSparkFree DreamSpark membership – free design and development software for instructional use only Office Web AppsFree to students and their parents when an institution licenses Office 2013 and SharePoint CAL 2013 org-wide. 38

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