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Higher Education Overview Higher Education Policy

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1 Higher Education in Thailand Aporn Kanvong Deputy Secretary General for Higher Education Commission

2 Higher Education Overview Higher Education Policy
Presentation Outline Higher Education Overview Higher Education Policy Quality Policy & Research Promotion

3 Thai Education System

4 General Administration of MOE
Ministry of Education Office of the Permanent Secretary Office of the National Education Council Office of the Basic Education Commission Schools Office of the Vocational Education Commission Vocational Colleges Office of the Higher Education Commission Private/Public HEIS & Community Colleges

5 OHEC Organization Chart
Ministry of Education Autonomous Universities Higher Education Commission Office of the Higher Education Commission Secretary General Public Higher Education Institutions Private Higher Education Institutions Public Organizations Internal Auditor Public Sector Development Group Bureau of General Administration Bureau of International Cooperation Strategy Bureau of Community College Administration Bureau of Student Development Bureau of Policy and Planning Bureau of Standards and Evaluation Bureau of Cooperation and Promotion Bureau of Personnel Admin. & Development

6 Office of the Higher Education Commission
Office of the Higher Education Commission has the authority to manage and to promote higher education on the basis of academic freedom and excellence . Mandates: 1. Formulate policy recommendations, higher education standards, higher education development plans and handle international cooperation in higher education; 2. Devise criteria and guidelines for resources allocation;

7 Office of the Higher Education Commission
3. Coordinate and promote human resources development and student capabilities, including handicapped, disadvantaged, and talented students in higher education institutions; 4. Coordinate and promote research activities to support the national development; 5. Provide recommendation on the establishment, dissolution, amalgamation, upgrading and closing down of higher education institutions and community colleges;

8 Office of Higher Education Commission
6. Monitor, inspect, and evaluate outcomes of higher education management as assigned by the Higher Education Commission, and compile data and information on higher education; 7. Serve as the secretariat to the Higher Education Commission; 8. Perform other functions as prescribed by the Minister of Education.

9 Office of the Higher Education Commission Public Universities (80)
Higher Education System Office of the Higher Education Commission Public Universities (80) Private HEIs (71) Community Colleges (21) Autonomous Universities (15) Universities (65) Universities (41) Institutions (9) Colleges (22)

10 Public organizations under OHEC’s supervision
Inter University Network (UniNet) Thailand Cyber University Chulabhorn Research Institute 10 Centres of Excellence IT network for education & research ThaiLIS Link with Internet2, TIEN3 Expand to National Education Network (NEDNET) Develop online courses & deliver through UniNet Provide virtual library Innovation in Chemistry Environmental Health, Toxicology and Management of Chemicals Environment and Hazardous Waste Management Petroleum, Petrochemicals & Advanced Materials Energy Technology and Environment Agricultural Biotechnology Mathematics Physics Biodiversity Postharvest Technology Innovation Conduct research in - Chemistry - Biomedical - Environmental Toxicology - Biotechnological Operate a hospital

11 The Relationship of Policy Formulating Bodies and Higher Education
Policy Statement of the Council of Ministers delivered to the National Assembly National Plans National Economic and Social Development Plan National Education Plan National Administrative Plan H E Development Plan 15-Year Long Range Plan 5-Year Plan Ministerial Operational Plan (4- year plan) Contract of Ministry/ Department Ministerial Yearly Operational Plan Request for fiscal budget expenditure for each agency Fiscal Budget

12 New Higher Education System
Quality of Research Quality of Teaching Contributions to Social and Economic Development Employability of Graduates Internationalisation Quality of Higher Education Source: Dr. Sumate Yamnoon, former Secretary-General for Higher Education Commission - Dialogue on “Quality of Higher Education in Thailand”

13 Thai Education Policy Framework
Investing in raising quality of entire education system Providing no fewer than 12 years of free basic education Upgrading teacher training and development Using ICT to enhance learning efficiency Developing quality and standards of HEIs The 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan Articulating higher education system with basic and vocational education Solving existing problems in higher education Enhancing HE and country’s competitiveness Investing in staff development Financing , governance, and management Networking universities The 2nd 15-Year Long Range Plan for Higher Education Improve the quality of education by undertaking reform of Thailand’s knowledge system Create and ensure equal educational opportunities for all groups of the population Teacher reform - Upgrade the teaching profession to be a truly high-skilled occupation Design university and vocational education to meet with the need of the labor market Ensure that the use of information technology for education meets international standards Promote research and development to enhance national intellectual capital Prepare for liberalization due to the formation of ASEAN Community Government Policy Accelerate quality development of education and learners Increase access to education Reinstate peace in the Three Southern Border Provinces Alleviate drug-related problems Develop tablet content for the One Tablet per Child Project Focus on research and development Promote the New Business Fund Project Push forward the People’s constitution Accelerate the disbursement of government budget Develop administration and management systems  Work closely with other ministries and agencies to move forward government policies Ministry of Education’s Policy

14 11th Higher Education Development Plan
THAILAND IN THE YEAR 2016 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan National Education Plan: Revised ( ) Second Decade of National Education Reform ( ) 8th National Research Strategy ( ) Government Policy in Education and Technology Development National Science Technology and Innovation Master Plan ( ) 11th Higher Education Development Plan ( ) L (Leader) E (Education) G (Graduate) S (Satang) Leader of Change Management for Quality Education (All for Quality Education and Quality Education for all) Educator Professional Graduates with Quality and Social Responsibility Satang Utilization L I F E O N G Leader of Change Management for Quality Education Information Based Freedom of Learners’ Choice Learner Quality Improvement Outcome of Creative Research National Sustainable Development Generate Quality Trust Public and Private HEIs

15 Thai Education Policy Framework
Thai Education Policy’s Equation 11th Higher Education Development Plan 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan 2nd 15-Yr. Long Range Plan for Higher Education Government Policy Ministry of Education’s Policy Reform of Education System Teacher and education personnel development Enhancement of education quality Accessibility to education and life - long learning Employability of graduates, role of real sector & enhancement of national competitiveness Articulation of all levels of education Governance and financing

16 2nd Long Range Plan for H E Addressing Special Issues
Policies and Planning 2nd Long Range Plan for H E (2008 – 2022) Addressing Special Issues Preparation for ASEAN Community Education Hub Entrepreneurship Fund Professional Teachers Project Income Contingent Loan Academics Services with Social Impact 5 -year H E Development Plan 4 groups of HEIs Research University/ Postgraduate University Science and Technology University/ Specialized University/ Comprehensive University Four-Year University/ Liberal Arts University Community College

17 From Policy to Practice
Quality 11 Centres of Excellence and 9 National Research Universities Grouping of Higher Education Institutions University Staff Development Strategic Fellowship for Frontier Research Networks Student and Staff Mobility Articulation of all levels of education Professional Teachers Project Accessibility to Education Student Loan Fund Income Contingent Loan Thailand Cyber University 15-Year Free Education Project Information Technology Infrastructure: Expansion of UniNet to NEDNET Content: Thailand Cyber University University - Industry Linkage University Business Incubator (UBI) Technology Licensing Office (TLO) Commercialization of research: technology transfer and body of knowledge development

18 Role of Higher Education in the Regional Grouping
Support the role of the ASEAN University Network (AUN) Support the role of the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Higher Education and Development (SEAMEO RIHED) Support the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) Development towards the Integration of ASEAN Community in 2015 Learning experience from the Bologna Process of the EU

19 Quality Policy Credit transfer & qualifications recognition nationally & internationally Provide mechanisms for quality audit & assessment Develop QA system and mechanisms Encourage HEIs to develop internal QA National Qualifications Framework

20 Thai Qualifications Framework (TQF) for HE
5 domains of learning outcomes Knowledge Numerical analysis & communication & IT skills Interpersonal skills & responsibility Cognitive skills Ethics and moral

21 Thai Qualifications Framework (TQF) for HE
Completed In progress 23 fields of study Computer Nursing Logistics Hotel and Tourism management Engineering Accounting Education (5 yrs.) Applied Thai Traditional Medicine Sciences and Mathematics Thai Language Agro Industry Nursing (Master) Veterinary Science Thai Language Physical Therapy (Graduate) Liberal Arts Educational Administration (Graduate) Business Administration Dentistry Home Economics Architecture Environment History Public Administration Economics Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries Communication Arts and Mass Communication Medical Science Pharmaceutical Science Public Health English Language Industrial Technology Industrial Education

22 Research Promotion Strategic Fellowship for Frontier Research Networks
National Research Universities Centres of Excellence Research and Innovation for Technology Transfer to the Rural Communities Project University Business Incubators Technology Licensing Offices

23 9 National Research Universities
Chiang Mai University Chulalongkorn University Kasetsart University Khon Kaen University King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Prince of Songkla University Suranaree University of Technology Mahidol University Thammasat University

24 Number of Students in HEIs
Level of Study 2010 2011 2012 Certificate 62,343 64,183 66,513 Bachelor’s degree 1,808,062 1,867,081 1,917,013 Master’s degree 193,259 204,706 213,891 Doctorate 20,143 22,347 24,370 Total 2,083,807 2,158,317 2,221,787

25 Number of Filipino Students (2011)

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