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IPA in Croatia Ministry of Science, Education and Sports Nataša Maršić, PhD.

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1 IPA in Croatia Ministry of Science, Education and Sports Nataša Maršić, PhD

2 Central State Office for Development Strategy and Coordination of EU funds preparing the Development Strategy Monitoring implementation Overall coordination of EU funds coordinates the development of the Strategic Coherence Framework

3 1.Transition Assistance and Institution Building, 2Regional and Cross-Border Cooperation, 3.Regional Development, 4.Human Resources Development, 5.Rural Development IPA components

4 Managing Authority: MELE (Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship) Line Ministry: MSES (Ministry of Science, Education and Sports), MRD (Ministry of Regional Development), MELE Implementing Body: CFCA (Central Financing and Contracting Agency) Component IIIc -structure

5 Component IIIcRegional Competitiveness Priority Axis 2: Enhancing the competitivenes of the Croatian Economy Measure 2.2. Technology transfer and support services for knowledge-based start-ups

6 6 Measure 2.2. Specific objectives to build technology transfer and commercialization capacities of HEI and PRO in order to contribute to sustainable regional development and industry competitiveness of high value added sectors of the economy and knowledge-based SMEs. Operation 1 to build entrepreneurial and intellectual property management skills in public institutions Operation 2 to support the creation and growth of technology- and knowledge- based spin-offs (mostly from universities and research organizations) and SMEs by enabling infrastructure and access to technology and business development services, particularly for high value added sectors (biosciences, biotechnology)

7 7 Measure 2.2. Operation 1 Science and Innovation Investment Fund procurement contract -1,5 mil EUR grant scheme – 4,5 mil EUR Operation 2 BioCenter preselected investment of national importance

8 8 Science and Innovation Investment Fund Service contract (1,5 mil EUR): Training workshops for beneficiaries: developing business plan project preparation and implementation technology transfer activities in general –Technology assessment and evaluation –Commercialization strategies –Intellectual property protection –Licencing –Spin-out programmes

9 9 Science and Innovation Investment Fund Grant scheme (4,5 mil EUR): Activites: 1.Development of infrustuctural capacities in HEI and PRO to interact with business (establishing new and supporting existing TTO and KTO) 2.Commercialization activities (patenting and maintaining of patents; technology screening, proof of concept development) 3.Enhancing science-industry cooperation 4.Effective networking

10 10 Science and Innovation Investment Fund Grant scheme (4,5 mil EUR): Selection criteria: Ready for implementation (extent required by the Guidelines for applicants) Preference to the institutions with proven commitment in terms of human capital, high level management support, with strong institutional plans for strategic development Current level of engagement with industry and SMEs Address regional priorities, regional needs and economic strategies

11 11 Science and Innovation Investment Fund Grant scheme (4,5 mil EUR): Selection criteria: Activites for which funding is already available from other sources will not be supported, but proposals may be made for activities to complement and build upon work funded from other sources. Provided that value added is demonstrated Preferential weighting of project creating and stengthening strategic networks and partnerships (key partners: representative of the business community, regional development agencies etc.)

12 12 BIOcentre To provide an entrepreneurial environment that supports and encourages R&D and technology transfer into marketable products in biosciences by providing: BIOFacility: Infrastructure (office and laboratory space, central laboratory equipment) BIOIncubator: Programs for awareness, mentorship, business development, specified services and financial support for academic entrepreneurship and incubation BIOTransfer: Programs to force and support cooperating R&D projects between national and international companies and research institutions with the focus of technology transfer and the up scaling process of new products BIOEducation: Trainings for specific know-how, methods and new technologies in the field of biosciences as well as business trainings BIONetwork: Programs for regional networking and international marketing of biotechnology and life sciences in Croatia

13 13 Phone: +385-1-5494-736 Fax: +385-1-5494-720 e-mail:

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