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One day at our school English project of pupils from the Czech Republic and Poland.

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1 One day at our school English project of pupils from the Czech Republic and Poland

2 Introducing We are students from one Czech town Kralupy nad Vltavou. Name of our school is School of Generála Klapálka. There are 500 pupils at our school. We are in new form now – 6.A.

3 This is how we look

4 Our school This is our school

5 Our school Name of our school is Generála Klapálka and it has got about five hundred children and thirty teachers. Name of our headteacher is Dagmar Knöpfelmacherová. We have two deputies of headteacher. Their names are Jitka Hinterholzingerová and Jana Šafránková. Our school has got two levels, the first and the second.

6 Our school The first level is for children from the first class to the fifth class. It means for pupils from 6 - 7 years old to 10 – 11 years old. The second level is for children from sixth class to ninth class. It means for pupils from 11 to 14 – 15 years old. Children on the second level finish lessons from 13:30 to 15: 30 pm and children on the first level from 11:40 to 13:35 pm. It was built in nineteen seventy - eight.

7 Our school There are two gymnasiums, cloakroom, laboratory, PC room, multimedia room, canteen, youth center and garden at our school. We have got good food every day in our canteen. First lesson starts at 8 o´clock.

8 This is our headteacher Her name is Dagmar Knöpfelmacherová

9 This is our deputy of headteacher Her name is Jana Šafránková

10 This is our deputy of headteacher too Her name is Jitka Hinterholzingerová

11 Our town This is our town

12 Our town The town of Kralupy nad Vltavou spreads on both banks of the Vltava river. The first written mention of it comes from 1253. In the mid-19th century Kralupy started to quickly develop as a railway junction attracted to the town many businessman and their workers. In 1902 Kralupy was granted town status.

13 Our town The town was heavily damaged in an air raid by the allies on the local mineral oils refinery on March22, 1945. In the 1960 a big chemical plant producing plastics and Caotchouc,which was later extended to include an oil refinery, was built in Kralupy.

14 Our town New housing estates and various public serving facilities, such as an open-air swimming pool, a winter stadium and a sports arena complete with a swimming pool, were built. Later new buildings have been added. These include an elderly people´s home,a footbridge spanning the Vltava river and several apartment houses.

15 Our form 6.A

16 Our classroom Our classroom is nice. There are noticeboards, funny pictures, flowers, blackboard and yellow desks and chairs. There are twenty children in our class. Eight girls and twelve boys. Seventeen pupils learn English.

17 Our classroom 6.A

18 The timetable Our lessons last 45 minutes. Most of us like subjects as History, PE, Music, English, and Art. Some pupils like Czech, French, Maths. We have a new subject this year. It is Physics. It is too difficult for us. Some of us are afraid of it. Our school starts at 8 o´clock. Our breaks are ten minutes.

19 The timetable The main break is from 9:40 to 10:00 o´clock. The school finishes for us on Monday at 13:30 pm, on Tuesday at 14:30 pm, on Wednesday at 13:30 pm, onThursday at 13:30 pm, on Friday at 12:30 pm.

20 One day at our school For example Wednesday. The school is opened at 7:40 am. Untill this time we must wait in front of the school. At 7:40 we can go to the cloakroom and take off our clothes. We wait to 7:45 am when we can go to our classroom. We start at eight o´clock.

21 One day at our school The first subject is Geography. We learn about vulcanos. The second subject is Physics. It is a new subject. After the second lesson we can go to the canteen and buy something. We have a main break. We can walk around the corridor.

22 One day at our school The third lesson is Music. We like Music, because we like singing. After Music is Biology. The last subject is PE. Once a fourteen days we have two lessons of manual activity.

23 Our feelings Geography is good and interesting. We can draw pictures in our exercise books. Physics is a new subject for us. It´s boring and difficult, but when we do experimentations it´s better. During Music we listen modern and classic music. Sometimes we must write a test. It is good. In Biology in this time we learn about protozoa. We look at them in the microscope

24 Our feelings Our next lesson is PE. There are two groups, boys and girls. Girls often play handball and dance. Boys play handball and basketball. Between PE and next lesson we have a lunch. Once a fourteen days we have a lesson with our form teacher. We solve all our problems at school. And once a fourteen days we have manual activity. We work in the school garden.

25 Conclusion Sometimes we are tired, sometimes we feel good, BUT…………….. ……….WE LIKE OUR SCHOOL !

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