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School life in the UK.

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1 School life in the UK

2 Subjects

3 English Maths Science PE CARE Geography French ICT DTA ART History

4 How long do lessons last for?
Lessons last for approximately no more than an hour

5 School uniform? At our school we have a school uniform, many schools don’t. Schools thinks its important to wear uniform because ‘it helps our learning improve’… Black/grey-Trousers/skirt/shorts School jumper with the correct school logo on white/blue/-shirt/blouse/polo shirt/ t-shirt Black sensible shoes

6 Start and finishing times(:
Starting time: 8:40 -but our first lesson starts at 9:05. Finish time: 3:10 (this may vary for different schools)

7 Break and lunch… Break Break time starts at 11:05 and finishes at 11:25. -duration: 20 minutes Lunch Lunch time starts at 12:25-1:10 -duration: 45 minutes

8 Break and lunch activities
There are many activities at Stonehill to take part in at break, lunch and after school. Such as:- Sports, Arts, Library, buy food from the cantine!

9 Boys and girls(: Most of our lessons involve boys and girls, but some lessons like PE we have separate lessons. One just for boys and one just for girls(:

10 We have different teachers for different subjects..

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