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Aaron Martin Aaron Kidd Hunter Dailey Nick Carter.

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1 Aaron Martin Aaron Kidd Hunter Dailey Nick Carter

2 Botany(Plant Life) Plants Rosemary Shrubs Acicia Chamise Cork Oak Thyme Flowers Orange Flowers on the Tulip Tree Red Flowers On the Redbud Tree

3 Q. What type of plants are in this biome? A. Rosemary, Shrubs, Acicia, Chamise Q. What type of Flowers A. Tulips, Red Bud.

4 Vegetation Grass Tall to Short. Prairie, Pampas, Steppe. Sod Farming Grass, Sprases, Bushes Occasional Trees in Some areas.

5 Animals Black Bear Brown Bear Mallard Duck Muskrat Red Fox Red Tailed Hawk Turkey White Tailed Deer Fact: The Majority of animals in this biome are major herbivores

6 Q. What type of Animals? A. Bears, Mallard Duck, Turkey, Muskrat. Q. Are most animals Herbivores? A. Yes.

7 Climate The average Temperature in The Temperate Woodland/Shrubland is 75 degrees (24 Degrees Celsius) It can get up to 86 Degrees (30 Degrees Celsius) depending on Altitude Woodland/Shrubland get up to 2-5 Feet of Precipitation (Both rain and snow) Humidity 60 to 80 Percent

8 Q. What is the average Temperature in Shrublands A. 75 Degrees(24 Degrees Celsius) Q. What human activities have changed the Temperate Woodland the most A. Logging, Hunting, fire Suppression.

9 Geography Region/Distribution-Central North America, Parts of Africa, Australia, South America. Other: Most North America grasslands have been converted to agriculture fields. Wild Grazers replaced by: Cattle, Sheep. The habitat covers 20 Percent of the 48 States and is Degraded in quantity

10 Q. What Continents have Temperate woodland? A. North America, South America, Africa, Asia. Q. How much Percent Does it Cover of the 48 States A. 20 Percent

11 < /08+temperate woodland+%26+shrubland < < <

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