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MASS THE SAME BUT DIFFERENT Adolfa gets ready for Mass.

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1 MASS THE SAME BUT DIFFERENT Adolfa gets ready for Mass

2 On our island we have a lot of families. We live close together. We have a nice church. You can see where we sit on low wooden planks of wood.

3 We gather for Mass every week. Some of us dress in the traditional way. Here is Rose with decorations made with shells and flowers.

4 Here are Joe and his baby going to Mass.

5 The priest is getting ready to say the Mass. The group wait outside until it is time.

6 Here are families in our village standing ready to begin the Mass.

7 The people are singing and dancing and playing drums as they bring in The Word.

8 We listen to Gods Word

9 Next the people bring up the gifts to the altar.

10 Our dance celebrates the goodness of God.

11 The people are carrying gifts to the altar. They give thanks to God.

12 Now think about Aotearoa New Zealand as also part of the Pacific. Many different people have made this place their home.

13 When we go to Mass in our country some things are the same. Can you identify what things are the same as on the island in Papua New Guinea?

14 What do we see around the altar? Whats the same or different between your church and PNG?

15 How do we bring in The Word?

16 We listen to The Word-Te Kupu We sing our songs-waiata

17 How do we bring in the Gifts?

18 The altar table is important. Do you know why?

19 This is My Body which will be given up for you. Ko tōku Tinana tēnei ka tukua nei mō koutou.

20 The Body of Christ. Ko te Tinana o Karaiti.

21 May Almighty God bless you, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Kia whakapaingia koutou e te Atua kaha rawa, e te Matua, e te Tamaiti, e te Wairua Tapu.

22 At Mass in Nukualofa, Tonga

23 Mass where you live What have you noticed about things that are the same and things that are different from Mass where you live?

24 Talk about the things in the Mass you know that are the same and things that are different. Words you could use in this discussion: BiblecustomsCatholic processionsingingprayers forgivenesssign of peace altar table communionblessing

25 Acknowledgements Pictures show the village on Kapo Island in Kimbe diocese of West New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Photos from New Zealand show Mass in different settings in Wellington, Lower Hutt and Hamilton. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this presentation.

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