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Called by faith to act with generous hearts The Lent Appeal 2012.

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1 Called by faith to act with generous hearts The Lent Appeal 2012

2 Lent Appeal 2012 All Catholics, and indeed all men and women, are called to act with … generous hearts … Pope Benedict XVI: Blessing of Caritas Internationalis General Assembly, 2011

3 Lent is... Traditionally a time of: Prayer Fasting Almsgiving

4 The New Zealand Bishops’ Lent Appeal Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand International Support: Aid & Development New Zealand: Advocacy for Social Justice Catholic Schools: Human & Material Resources

5 The Lent Poster Acting with generous hearts: Members of the ACT/Caritas Darfur Programme work in refugee camps in Darfur. This photo shows one of these workers demonstrating how chlorine is used to keep the water that is supplied clean and healthy for the community. Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand works in partnership with ACT/Caritas to provide clean water, food, health and hygiene programmes, peacebuilding and emergency response.

6 The Lent Appeal Envelopes How to give...

7 First Sunday of Lent The Temptation of Christ ‘He was in the wilderness forty days’ Christchurch: Sacred Heart School Responding to those who are suffering… A New Zealand emergency New Zealand: Stormbirds programme

8 Second Sunday of Lent The Transfiguration ‘He was transfigured before them’ Kenya: Chiga Parish Supporting families through livelihood projects... Families affected by HIV/AIDS Kenya: Livelihoods Support Project, Chiga Parish

9 Third Sunday of Lent The Cleansing of the Temple ‘He poured out the coins of the money changers’ Fiji: Ecumenical Centre for Research, Education and Advocacy Justice in the marketplace… - Advocating for fair public policies - Empowering communities Fiji: Economic justice for people in informal (squatter) settlements

10 Fourth Sunday of Lent Jesus is the Light of the World ‘the light has come into the world’ West Bank: Aboud Medical Centre A mission of health and hope... Extending medical services into the community for people in the occupied Palestinian territories The Holy Land: Working in partnership with Caritas Jerusalem

11 Fifth Sunday of Lent Preparation for Christ ‘Whoever serves me must follow me’ Aotearoa New Zealand: Caritas education work in schools Preparing for a life of service to others... School resources that bring justice and compassion into the classroom Aotearoa New Zealand: Caritas education programmes for primary and secondary schools

12 Sixth Sunday of Lent The Passion of Christ Almighty God – e te Matua kaha rawa – you call us in faith to act with generous hearts, to work for justice and peace in our world, and to share what we have with others. Through the example of your Son and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, grant us the strength and love to contribute to the common good of all. The remains of the Port-au-Prince Cathedral, Haiti 2010.

13 Caritas Lenten Reflection Programme Gospels for 6 Sundays in Lent: Group sharing and reflection Context of the Lenten theme Available in English, Samoan, Tongan and Tokelauan versions.

14 ....from everyone at Caritas and the communities we work with, because together – we can make a difference.

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