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“Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes

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1 “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes
Layered Project Pick One slide from Layer B and One from Layer A (note: you may add pictures, images, and colors to any of these slide to enhance your project)

2 Layer B: Point of View Chart – Select four events from the story
Layer B: Point of View Chart – Select four events from the story. In the left column, share how they were described from Charlie Gordon’s point of view. In the right column, identify how the same events would have been seen from another character’s point of view (you may use different characters). Charlie Other Character Ex. Charlie doesn’t understand the purpose of the inkblot test; he is confused. Charlie doesn’t “see” any images in the ink and cannot comprehend the purpose of the Rorschach test. Ex. Dr. Strauss would have known right away that Charlie’s intelligence was very low. Furthermore, Dr. Strauss would have also understood this proved that Charlie lacked an imagination, making Charlie a perfect candidate for this surgery.

3 Other Character: ________________________________
Layer B: Journal Rewritten – select two journal entries and rewrite them from a different character’s point of view. You must use the same character for both journal rewrites. Type Charlie’s original journal (with the date & page number) as it appeared; next, examine how it would be written from the other character’s point of view. Charlie Gordon Other Character: ________________________________ Date:_________ | Page: __________

4 Layer B: Magazine Interview – Write an interview with a character(s) other than Charlie Gordon. You, the journalist, must ask the character(s) ten questions (or more) and share their (most likely) responses. Ex. Mr. Kittner: Miss Kinnian, how did you feel when you read Charlie’s journal? Miss Kinnian: You know, it was heartbreaking. I couldn’t believe Joe and Frank would jeer at him like that. However, I’m glad they terminated that behavior and admonished that new boy at the factory when Charlie returned. **************

5 Layer A: Create a graph (line or bar) that represents/ranks Charlie’s attitude toward or ranking of the following categories: intelligence, friendship, love, employment. Next, you must DEFEND your rankings with evidence from the text and personal judgment.

6 Layer A: Design an alternate cover for “Flowers for Algernon
Layer A: Design an alternate cover for “Flowers for Algernon.” Your cover must include depictions for intelligence, friendship, love, employment, as well as three other representations from the story. (You may use a combination of Clip Art, attached images, text, and Paint if you wish.) Next, you will present your cover to the class, explaining your design.



9 “The Algernon-Gordon Effect”
"Now I know what it means to 'pull a Charlie Gordon I'm ashamed.'"

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