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Flowers For Algernon Part One

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1 Flowers For Algernon Part One
Kenneth Vazquez

2 Voice Analysis Of Charlie
Charlie's voice in Flowers For Algernon is described as a mentally challenged person who is very enthusiastic towards becoming smart.

3 Voice: Tone Charlie's tone is that of a kid who is discovering and figuring things out for the first time. He sounds excited towards learning things. For example, when he is told that he will learn from the tv in his sleep.

4 Voice: Diction Charlie uses phonetic spelling in the way he writes. Writes things such as "gess" instead of "guess". He has a average vocabulary but he uses it to a minimum.

5 Voice: Syntax Charlie mispells many words, and he asks questions when he is lost. He asks the doctors how is he supposed to learn in his sleep.

6 Community Relationships
Ms. Kinnian: Ms. Kinnian is Charlie’s teacher and mentor, the person he looks up to, and who recommended him for the operation. She is his helper, and Charlie trusts her.

7 Community Relationships
Drs. Nemur and Strauss: These are the researchers who are working Charlie. Charlie doesn’t understand most of what they say or do, but he tries really hard to please them, because he wants them to pick him. They start out in disagreement whether or not to use Charlie.

8 Community Relationships
Charlie’s Co-workers: Charlie trusts his co-workers and thinks they are his friends (especially Joe and Frank). However, they make fun of Charlie, calling any kind of stupid behavior pulling a “Charlie Gordon.” Charlie doesn’t realize this…

9 Conflicts The main Conflict in this Section is whether or not Charlie will be selected for the operation. He desperately tries to pass the “tests” so that he can be smart.

10 Theme Charlie learns the hard lesson that change takes time; he is impatient with the changes that are happening to him.

11 Summary We meet Charlie who gets tested to see if he is a good candidate for a surgery to make him a genius. He gets a Rorschach test and races Algernon the mouse (and loses) but he still gets picked. We learn how he gets made fun of for being stupid, and we see how frustrated Charlie is with the slow progress. He takes out his anger on Algernon (the mouse)

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