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Flowers for Algernon Chapters 1-8. How is the novel written? First person.

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1 Flowers for Algernon Chapters 1-8

2 How is the novel written? First person

3 Describe the main character? Charlie Gordon 32 years old Mentally challenged Works at a bakery Has been selected to undergo an experiment to raise intelligence

4 2a. List five possible struggles he may face as a retarded adult. Discrimination Pity Lack of identity Being too trustworthy Being taken advantage of

5 2b. Describe how you would feel if your sibling were in the same position as Charlie. Sad Jealous Angry

6 2c. Infer three reasons why Charlie’s family is visibly absent. They are dead They don’t want anything to do with Charlie They don’t know where he is

7 What kind of test did Burt give Charlie? What was the result? Rorschach Test He only saw spilled ink

8 Describe Miss Kinnian. Charlie’s teacher Kind Supportive of Charlie and his surgery

9 4a. What did Miss Kinnian tell the doctors about Charlie? He is the best student to participate in the study because he is the most motivated

10 4b. What does what Miss Kinnian tell the doctors reveal about her and Charlie’s relationship? She believes in him

11 What happened when Charlie was given the Thematic Apperception Test? He thinks that he is lying when he creates stories

12 Who is Algernon? A mouse who has undergone the same operation

13 6a. Describe Charlie’s first meeting with Algernon. Charlie and Algernon race Charlie is surprised that mice are so smart He isn’t mad that Algernon beats him because he thinks he can learn from him

14 6b. Predict how Algernon and Charlie’s relationship will evolve? What might put a strain on their relationship? They might become friends because they are in similar situations Charlie might be jealous of Algernon Competitiveness might put a strain on their relationship

15 What was Professor Nemur worried about with regard to the operation? The long term effects

16 Why did Charlie want to be smart? He wanted to read and write for his mom

17 8a. What might be some of the downfalls of going from being mentally retarded to being genius? Isolation – mental and emotional

18 Who is Mr. Donner? Charlie’s boss

19 9a. What is Mr. Donner’s relationship with Charlie? He was friends with Charlie’s uncle and promised to take care of him

20 How long after the surgery was it when Charlie started to see results? What were they? A few days and he corrects his own grammatical mistakes

21 THE BIG QUESTION: How and why might Charlie’s truth change regarding Algernon as he gets smarter? He might see him as competition as opposed to a friend

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