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Mrs. Flowers – An excerpt from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Concept: Autobiography.

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1 Mrs. Flowers – An excerpt from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Concept: Autobiography

2 Essential Question How do authors/writers construct effective narratives? An authors background brings personal experience and insight into the literature and allows the readers to develop an understanding of the writers voice, life, and personality.

3 Author Information – Maya Angelou This selection is an excerpt (small part) of the autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou, known as Marguerite in the selection, is one of the leading African-American writers in the United States. She wrote a poem and read it at President Clintons inauguration, and she is one of Oprah Winfreys closest friends. Much of her writing focuses on economic and racial oppression.

4 Autobiography Definition: the story of a persons life, written by that person A writer conveys his or her story through facts, opinions, and tone. Tone is the writers attitude toward the subject.

5 Fact vs. Opinion A fact can be proven as true. An opinion expresses an attitude or desire. As we read the selection, think about some of the authors statements and try to determine which ones are facts and which ones are her opinions.

6 Build Background This excerpt takes place in Stamps, Arkansas, in the 1930s, during segregation. Mrs. Flowers tells of Maya Angelous upbringing and her experience with a mentor. Who has had a big effect on your life? Is there someone that you consider to be your mentor? In your notes, write a brief statement telling what this person has done and what effect he/she has had on your life.

7 Dialect Remember: Dialect is a form of language used by people of specific regions or groups. Pay close attention to the differences between Mayas grandmothers speech and Mrs. Flowerss speech. Think about what their speech patterns and word choice say about their lives and education.

8 Vocabulary The following words are used in the selection. Can you match the words to their definitions? 1. Taut (adj )a) Capably 2. Benign(adj)b) Tense, tight 3. Persistently(adv)c) Introduce gradually; instill 4. Competently(adv)d) Harmless 5. Infuse(v)e) Repeatedly

9 Post-Reading Activity Draw the timeline in your notes. After reading the selection, fill in important events that happen in the narrative. Remember, events can be both physical and emotional. In your notes, also describe how Maya (Marguerite) changes from the beginning of the narrative to the end. Think about how these changes may affect her future and her writing. Mrs. Flowers stops to buy groceries at Mommas store.

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