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Integrating Marzanos Essential 9 Teaching Strategies with Technology.

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1 Integrating Marzanos Essential 9 Teaching Strategies with Technology

2 Research Robert Marzano, Debra Pickering, Jane Pollock, Classroom Instruction That Works Identified nine instructional strategies that are most likely to improve student achievement across all content areas and across all grade levels

3 1. Identifying Similarities and Differences -Comparing similarities and differences -Classifying grouping things that are alike -Metaphors comparing two unlike things -Analogies identifying relationships between pairs of concepts

4 Examples Inspiration Software –Venn Diagrams –Comparison Matrix Core Adopted Curriculum –Foss Science, Scott Foresman Houghton Mifflin Curriculum Companion –Graphic organizers, PPT and coming soon Promethean Flip Charts

5 2. Summarizing & Note-taking Note taking and summarizing are closely related. Both require students to identify what is most important about the knowledge they are learning and then state that knowledge in their own words.

6 Examples Word processing software for note- taking Blogging and sharing notes and ideas Inspiration, Kidspiration or KidPix to create outline templates Cornell note templates (AVID)

7 3. Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition Students who were taught about the relationship between effort and achievement increased their achievement more than students who were taught techniques for time management and comprehension of new material.

8 Examples Teachers can send positive notes to parents and students Teacher Webpages for posting student work Word processing software to create awards and certificates

9 4. Homework and Practice Both homework and practice give students opportunities to deepen their understanding and proficiency with the content they are learning.

10 Examples Teacher Webpages (SchoolWorld) for posting homework assignments Presentation Software (PPT, and Flipcharts) to present concepts and provide practice Online Resources: Educational links to support instruction, Online Assessment

11 5. Non-linguistic Representations Teachers typically present new information to students verbally. Engaging students in creating visual representations stimulates and increases activity in the brain.

12 Examples Graphic Organizers Kidspiration Inspiration Interactive White Boards

13 6. Cooperative LearningCooperative Learning Organizing students into cooperative groups yields a positive effect on overall learning if approach is systematic and consistent.

14 Examples Online collaboration resources: –Google Docs/Spreadsheets –GliffyGliffy –Bernie Dodges WebQuest Page –Google: type in online educational collaboration projects

15 7. Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback Students learn more efficiently when they know the goals and objectives of a specific lesson or learning activity.

16 Examples Student response tools such as ActiveVotes to provide immediate feedback Word processing software can be used to create rubrics Online resources such as Rubistar to create rubricsRubistar

17 8. Generating and Testing Hypotheses Generating and testing hypotheses involves the application of knowledge, which enhances learning

18 Examples Online Games, Video Games Inspiration/Kidspiration

19 9. Cues, Questions, & Advanced Organizers Cues: Explicit reminders about what a student is about t experience Questions: Help students analyze what they already know Advance Organizers: Help students retrieve what they know about a topic and focus on the new information

20 Examples KWL Charts Inspiration Templates Advanced Organizers Using Microsoft Office

21 Percentile Gains on Standardized Tests

22 References Robert Marzano, Debra Pickering, Jane Pollock,Classroom Instruction That Works Howard Pitler, Elizabeth Hubbell, Matt Kuhn, Kim Malenoski, Using Technology With Classroom Instruction That Works Sherri Hiller, Putting the Pieces Together,

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