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LabAutomation 2005 Welcome To LabAutomation 2005.

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1 LabAutomation Welcome To LabAutomation 2005

2 LabAutomation What Is True Non-contact Technology? Quite simply... It is a means for transferring fluids directly from a source pool to a target location without any device contacting the fluid.

3 LabAutomation Acoustic Emitter Acoustic Energy Coupled to Bottom of Wellplate Source Well Plate Droplets Pass from Source to Target Target Well Plate Simplified Technology View

4 LabAutomation Advanced Capabilities... Surface Stimulation Response Fluid Property Measurements Decay Rate - Viscosity Frequency Content – Surface Tension Concentration Determination Dispensed Volume Compensation Liquid Level Measurement

5 LabAutomation Compelling Advantages... EnRoute HTS-01 HTS pL to 50 nL Dispenses No Pins, Tips, or Pipettes Custom Target Formatting Cherry Picking Non-destructive Transfer No Wash Steps or Cross- Contamination 384, 1536 & 3456 Source Wellplates Use with Your Unique Target Substrate

6 LabAutomation Custom Assay Development... 5 nL transfer into 3456 wells Environmental Controls Internal Plate Management Intuitive Software Transfer Verification Complete Data Output

7 LabAutomation Complete Screening Solutions... Large-scale Plate Storage Systems Compound Management Hotel Integration via Robotics Unique Solutions to Broaden Discovery

8 LabAutomation Unique OEM Configurations... Acoustic Dispensing No Cleaning Steps Non-clogging Tip Easy Integration with Your Automation 40 micron Spots (5 pL)

9 LabAutomation Your Demanding Requirements... Reduce Your Costs... Miniaturize Assays with 500 pL to 50 nL Transfers No Pins, Tips, or Pipettes Increase Your Laboratory Throughput... Eliminate Wash Steps Reformat Libraries to High-density Wellplates in One Step Expand Your Knowledge... Customize Target Formatting - Cherry Picking Non-destructive Transfer Use Your Unique Target Substrate

10 LabAutomation Solutions at the Speed of Life

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