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Planmeca ProX.

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1 Planmeca ProX

2 Planmeca ProX New intraoral X-ray device
Optimal images for all diagnostic needs: variable kV and mA Easy and fast to use: pre-programmed quick settings, practical design Digital ready with Planmeca ProSensor. Peferct wokflow with Planmeca Romexis Versatile installation options

3 Optimal images for all diagnostic needs
Small focal spot 0.4mm small unsharpness Optional long cone Geometric requirements for good images are met

4 Optimal images for all diagnostic needs
50 kV Lower anode voltage: higher contrast, more suitable for endodontic, apex and bone structure diagnosis 60 kV Medium anode voltages: broader grey scale, suitable for caries detection 70 kV Higher anode voltages: longest grey scale spectrum for periodontal disease diagnosis

5 Optimal images for all diagnostic needs
Variable milliamperes (2 - 7 mA) enable to use all the advantages of the modern digital imaging systems and new high-speed films.

6 Reduced radiation Advantages of the constant potential (DC) X-ray generator Reduced radiation dose by up to 25% when compared to conventional AC generators Extremely good and uniform image contrast Absolute reproducibility of images Improved reliability and prolonged life span of the X-ray tube The X-ray unit output is not affected by line voltage fluctuations.

7 Easy and fast to use Non-symmetric shape
Tube head and cone have a common smooth plane easy targeting along the smooth surface close to the patient’s chest in occlusal images

8 Easy and fast to use Smooth movements Drift-free positioning
Robust design No vibrations easy, quick and accurate positioning

9 Easy and fast to use 66 pre-programmed quick settings
modality selection to choose film, imaging plate or sensor density setting adult/child selection periapicals for different teeth occlusal bite-wing / endo Quick setting allow ALWAYS to have right exposure values for individual cases

10 Easy and fast to use hand held control panel remote exposure station

11 Digital ready with Planmeca ProSensor
Integrated magnetic connector for digital Planmeca ProSensor intraoral sensors The Planmeca ProSensor interconnection cable is routed inside the X-ray unit arm, which results in a clear and clean working area with no interfering cables. The imaging parameters (kV, mA, exposure time) are transferred to the imaging software to be recorded with the patient's images.

12 Mounting alternatives
Standard wall mount Floor column mount Single stud mount, coming 2012 Pass-through mount, coming 2012 Dental unit mount, coming 2012 Ceiling mount (also with operating light), coming 2012

13 The End More information: Erkki Hiltunen Product Manager, X-rays tel: Mark Niemi tel: 12/2011

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