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December 10, 2013 Place: Concordia University By: Brie Hirsch.

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1 December 10, 2013 Place: Concordia University By: Brie Hirsch

2 The goals for this session include the following: To determine whether a teacher should include technology into an Early Childhood classroom or not. To educate teachers on the benefits and concerns of integrating technology at such a young age. To identify a few educational apps available and learn how to utilize them.

3 (3 Questions for the group) My experiences with technology Starting out Practice! Practice! Practice!

4 Should Early Childhood teachers include technology into their classrooms?? What do you think? Finding EDUCATION in Educational Technology article: (McManis & Gunnewig, 2012) 3 things to remember when using technology in your classroom: (McManis & Gunnewig, 2012) 1. Developmentally Appropriate 2. Teacher Tools 3. Integrate, Dont replace.

5 Importance of Play (Armstrong, 2006) Play is…multisensory, interactive, creative, & imaginative (Armstrong, 2006) Play facilitates a childs physical and sensorimotor development… (Armstrong, 2006) Play promotes social learning (Armstrong, 2006) Play supports emotional growth (Armstrong, 2006)

6 Technology: …can extend and enrich the curriculum (Blagojevic & Thomes, 2013) Provide opportunities to …learn about people, information, and experiences that might otherwise be inaccessible (Blagojevic & Thomes, 2013) Children can learn to use new tools to observe more closely, reflect on their work, share ideas with others, and learn about other perspectives (Blagojevic & Thomes, 2013) Provides another form of learning

7 Educational websites for Early Childhood:

8 Common Early Childhood iPad Apps: ABC for Kids All Alphabet Free Montessori Numbers - Math Activities for Kids Kids Shapes (Preschool) Music Sparkles - All In One Musical Instruments Collection HD Funbrain Jr.


10 Armstrong, T. (2006). The best schools: How human development research should inform educational practice. (p. Chapter 3). Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Retrieved from Early-Childhood-Education-Programs@-Play.aspx Early-Childhood-Education-Programs@-Play.aspx Blagojevic, B., & Thomes, K. (2013). Preschoolers take tech outdoors. Teaching Young Children, 7(2), 30-31. doi: McManis, L. D., & Gunnewig, S. B. (2012). Finding the education in educational technology with early learners. Young Children, 2(3), 14-24. doi:

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