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NEWTON EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM NECP May 9, 2011 Michael Thurm, M.Ed CAES Director, Newton Early Childhood Programs.

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1 NEWTON EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM NECP May 9, 2011 Michael Thurm, M.Ed CAES Director, Newton Early Childhood Programs

2 PHILOSOPHY We believe that an inclusive education provides all children with the opportunity to learn with and from each other. All children gain valuable experiences in an environment where children are different in their abilities. Our curriculum is based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks with play as an important vehicle for learning both early academics and social skills. We believe our inclusive program builds a lifelong foundation for respecting human differences.

3 WHAT IS AN INTEGRATED PRESCHOOL? Provides educational services for preschool students ages three to five years old Classrooms include students with special needs and typically developing peers Students with special needs receive specialized instruction while learning incidentally from typically developing peers Special education teachers differentiate instruction to a diverse group of student learners

4 WHO IS SERVED? Students with special needs are Newton residents eligible to receive special education services on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) Typically developing peers are primarily Newton residents, though some reside in neighboring districts, who attend NECP via tuition

5 WHO IS SERVED? Students with special needs are referred to NECP by: Parents, often times in conjunction with: Community Preschool Programs Pediatricians Early Intervention Programs Transition process to ensure services begin, if eligible, by age three. NECP follows the same process to determine eligibility for special education services used throughout the Newton Public Schools as mandated by the DESE

6 ENROLLMENT As of May 1st, 2011 Total Enrollment: 269 Students with special needs enrolled in preschool classrooms: 77 Typically developing students enrolled in preschool classrooms: 77 Students with special needs receiving related services only: 115

7 CLASSROOMS & HOURS 8 Morning Integrated Classrooms-Ed Center/LE 9:00-12:00 Monday-Friday 2 Extended Day Integrated Classrooms-Ed Center 8:30-1:30 four days/week 8:30-12:00 one day/week 1 Self-Contained Classroom-Ed Center 8:30-2:30 three days/week 8:30-2:00 one day/week 8:30-12:00 one day/week

8 CLASSROOM STAFF Each classroom is taught by a Masters level special education teacher Each classroom is supported by paraprofessionals, including teaching assistants and behavior therapists Each classroom is supported by a variety of related service staff (e.g. speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, etc.) as part of a transdisciplinary team

9 PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Curriculum: Curriculum in the Newton Early Childhood Program is child-centered and offers developmentally appropriate activity based learning for preschool children. Special programming: The range of services varies widely depending on a students individualized needs. The type, frequency, and location of service are decided at the childs IEP Team meeting.

10 PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Related services NECP students may receive include: Speech and Language Therapy Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Emotional/Behavioral Support Orientation and Mobility Training Vision Services Specialized Curriculum Social Pragmatics Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services Applied Behavior Analysis Services

11 PROGRAM TUITION Students with special needs attend free of charge as part of Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for children requiring special education services. Enrollment for Typical Peers is Tuition Based School Year: 9: :00 Program $3, :30 - 1:30 Program $5,720.00


13 PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS/INITIATIVES CORE VALUE: COMMUNITY Organizing PTO Special Events Publishing Classroom Websites Consulting to Over 75 Community Preschool Programs Collaborating with Community Partnerships for Children and Families (CPCF) Coordinating Citywide Screening Day

14 PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS/INITIATIVES CORE VALUE: LIFE-LONG LEARNING Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Curriculum Design Entry Points to Kindergarten Benchmarks Assessment Progress Reports Social Pragmatics Social Skills Curriculum

15 PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS/INITIATIVES CORE VALUE: RESPONSIBILITY NECP/Newton Partnership Lecture Series Professional Development Workshops led by NECP Staff for Early Childhood Educators, including: Embedding Music As Part of Curriculum Early Childhood Speech and Language Development Effective Use of Visuals in the Preschool Classroom Having Difficult Conversations Fresh Perspective on Sensory Integration for Young Children

16 PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS/INITIATIVES CORE VALUE: RESPECT Second Step Curriculum Violence Prevention Program for Preschool Students Empathy Training Emotion Management Inclusive Schools Week

17 NECP: LOOKING AHEAD Social Thinking Curriculum Training Developing systematic approach to social/emotional development English Language Arts Curriculum Grant Designing language-based curriculum maps Instructional Rounds Embedding district-wide initiatives into building-based issues of practice Transition to Kindergarten Process

18 TRANSITION FROM PRESCHOOL TO KINDERGARTEN TIMELINE September- November November- December January- February March- June July- September -Team reviews time line and completes Transition Planning Document Team sets Transition Team meeting date Kindergarten observations for parents and preschool staff as appropriate Parents attend NECP PK-K Transition Session Parents attend neighborhood elementary school Orientation and Registration Transition Team Meetings Observation of students by elementary staff Develop Transition Plan as needed for individual students Transfer student records and materials NECP staff available for consultation

19 RESOURCES/CONTACT Michael Thurm, M.Ed CAES Director, Newton Early Childhood Programs Newton Early Childhood Program 100 Walnut Street Newtonville, MA

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