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Technology Strategic Planning

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1 Technology Strategic Planning

2 History Networld Solutions has been providing IT consulting and engineering services in Southern California since 1994. Networld Solutions specializes in Education and Information Technology assessment, strategic planning, budgeting, and managing large-scale information technology projects for school districts. Networld Solutions is a Services Only consulting and engineering firm. We do not sell hardware. Our consulting methodology is based on PMI, ITIL and Industry Best Practices. Clients include: Big – Los Angeles Unified, San Diego Unified, Riverside Unified Small – Santa Monica Unified, Del Mar Unified, Cypress Unified

3 Technology in Education
Digital Classrooms Wireless Campuses IP Telephony Video Security Cloud Computing/Virtual Desktop Data Center Virtualization

4 Technology Modernization
Ed Tech and IT Strategic Planning Technology Implementation Planning Division 27 Communications Standards Implementation Oversight Technology Program Management

5 The Process IT Needs Analysis and Plan Development process modeled after the PMBOK and ITIL.

6 Site Networking Standards LAN (Local Area Network)
Connects locations within a site at high speed Backbone Cabling Horizontal Cabling Core & Edge Switches Definitions MDF – Main Distribution Frame IDF – Intermediate Distribution Frame IDF MDF IDF 2

7 WAN Connectivity Wide Area Network
Connects distant sites via telecommunications links Every school in the district is connected to the WAN The WAN is connected to the Internet Internet 100 Mbps School Sites 1Gbps

8 Wireless Networking Current standard g provides 54Mbps wireless access to the LAN Emerging standard n will provide up to 248Mbs wireless access to the LAN A full class of approximately 32 wireless computers can connect via one access point. Laptop Cart

9 Technology Classroom LCD Projector & Screen Sound Reinforcement
DVD/VHS/Tuner Mixer/Amplifier Document Camera Wireless Network Wireless Slate Student Interactive Systems

10 Communications Standards VoIP Applications
Emergency Outbound Messaging Enhanced 911 Zonal/Smart Paging Directory Services Unified Messaging Soft Phone PC/Video Conferencing Call Center Management

11 Security Access Control Intrusion Detection
Video Security (Surveillance)                                                                  

12 Data Center Campus facility for core infrastructure for computing, telecommunications, voice communications Environmentally controlled Secure Power Protection Virtualization Strategy Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Strategy Economies of Scale

13 Technology Sustainability
IT – Information Technology Support Operations and Maintenance of Networks, Computing Infrastructure and Administrative Information Systems Ed Tech – Educational Technology Support Support for instructional applications of technology and technology professional development.

14 Planning Process Iterative process focused on Business Needs, and Feasibility in support of IT Vision and Objectives


16 Project & Task Management
Core Processes support Project and Task sequencing, Resources and Delivery

17 Support Processes Support processes address Change Management, Risk Management, Communications and Quality Assurance

18 IT Governance IT governance elevates technology decision-making to its business fundamentals. It provides a methodology to define technology needs and therefore, impact business effectiveness. Tech Advisory Committee Other Tech Stakeholders Technology Standards Committee Technology Standards Board Technology Standards Title Description Baselines Metrics Remedy

19 Strategic Plan Development
Development of the IT Vision, happens through an interactive process with Murray City’s leadership and Stakeholders. Networld Solution’s Technology Consultant will work with Murray City through the following process: Define Murray City’s Strategic Objectives as related to Information Technology, and technology-based systems using SWOT analysis. From the Objectives, the team will identify Business Needs. A formal review of the Business Needs are presented to the Project committee for confirmation. From Business Needs, technology-based Systems are identified to support these needs. The feasibility study is performed and systems are prioritized. The feasibility study will seek to understand the Murray City’s near- and long-term fiscal environment. The final deliverable of this phase is the IT Vision document which will state the Murray City’s technology objectives, needs and long-range plan.

20 Questions

21 IP-Based Access Control
Proximity Card Access Perimeter Ingress/Egress Integrated Intrusion Detection Scheduling

22 Video Security Static Video PTZ Analytics

23 Tactical Planning Supports Strategic Plan

24 Future Implementation Enterprise & Portal
Enterprise Systems Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Enterprise Management Call Center Extranet Intranet

25 Communications Standards IP Telephony – aka Voice-Over IP (VoIP)
Telephone is a network device (just like a computer, printer or server) Plugs into classroom network drops Connects to network switches One logical PBX for the whole district Can be programmed for specialized functions

26 Strategic Vision – IT Systems
Integrated Student Information Systems Classroom Administration Reporting Data Warehouse Data Driven Decision Making

27 Future Implementation Classroom & Curriculum Technologies
Content Development & Management Collaboration & Virtual Classroom Video Conferencing

28 San Diego Unified San Diego Unified School District Long-Range Technology Strategic Planning – Networld Solutions Technology Consultant Darryl Vidal has provided technology strategic planning services to SDUSD for almost 20 years. Darryl has been intimately involved in technology components for the district’s $2.1 billion Proposition “S” Bond Program approved by voters November 2008. Virtual Classroom – Darryl has been involved in planning and development of standardized digital classroom environments as well as the district’s strategic initiative for Virtual Classrooms. VoIP Cost Analysis and Justification – IP Telephony implementation planning and pilot programs. Darryl was involved in the development of district-wide IP Telephony implementation planning including hardware redundancy architecture, voic , and unified messaging. Wireless LANs – Darryl has been involved in campus-wide wireless network planning and implementation including standards for authentication and encryption. Data Center & Server Virtualization – Darryl has developed the district’s long-range plan for data center consolidation and server virtualization.

29 Santa Monica – Malibu Unified
Darryl has been designated Ed Technology Consultant for SMMUSD’s Measure BB Bond Program. Darryl has successfully developed technology standards and implemented: Secondary and Elementary level SMART CLASSROOMS Systematically upgraded Campus-wide networks to 1Gbps Implemented District-Wide Fiber MAN connectivity throughout Santa Monica and Malibu schools sites Designed and Implemented standards for Campus-Wide Wireless schools Worked with Architects to develop standards for Libraries and Virtual Classrooms Designed and (currently in implementation) Data Center, Disaster Recovery, and Virtualization Strategies Provide recommended IT and Instructional Support models.

30 Beverly Hills Unified Darryl is the Acting IT Manager working directly for the Asst. Superintendent of Business. Darryl has managed the district in LAN/WAN integration, VoIP implementation and Wireless Campuses. Darryl has developed BHUSD’s technology standards for Digital Classrooms.


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