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Michael Oldenkamp Director of Technology and Information Services.

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1 Michael Oldenkamp Director of Technology and Information Services

2 Buy-in Staffing Budget One-to-one environments Virtual Environments Topics

3 Establish Open Communication Get users to believe in technology and support upgrades Down-time Upgrades Establish A Technology Committee Be open to communication yourself Demonstrate new technologies and concepts How these technologies will improve a persons job Get students involved Buy-in

4 Students Start technology club Students are your eyes in the classroom Documentation Justification for requesting more help Makes your job easier in the long run Staffing

5 Do more with less funding Budget

6 Emergencies are going to happen Have backup plans/DR plan Spare pieces of equipment phased-out equipment guaranteed contracted services Budget

7 Planning/Documentation Approved buffer zone in budget 3-5 year plan Open-source software Budget

8 Pros: Lot of good alternatives Generally good support Cons: Lack of Industry support Some Products tied to one person Open-Source Software

9 Filezilla Firefox 7-Zip TrueCrypt FreeMind GIMP VLC Media Player OpenOffice MySQL MyPHP ANT Renamer OpenVPN Putty Notepad++ Smoothwall NCC Open-Source

10 Websites: software/index.html Open-Source Software

11 Each student has one device Anytime Anywhere learning Devices: Laptops, Netbooks, iPads, iPods, Smartphones Will the students embrace it? One-to-One

12 Budget Who is paying for it? Grant District Initiative Package Deals One-to-One

13 Infrastructure Backbone Switches Storage Managed Wireless One-to-One

14 Policies use and support clearly defined Security concerns One-to-One

15 Staffing Support people Technical Service staff Other staff cuts? Instructor use One-to-One

16 Documentation Who has what device? Special apps for programs? Linked to accounts One-to-One

17 Support concerns Ready-swap spares Warranty Damaged Equipment One-to-One

18 Virtual Desktop VMWare Citrix Microsoft Other open-source Virtual Environments

19 The report, Learning in the 21st Century: Taking it Mobile! shows that students now view the inability to use their own devices in school as the primary barrier to a successful digital education Learning in the 21 st Century: Taking it Mobile Nov 1, 2010 Virtual Environments

20 Within five years, every K-12 student in America will be using a mobile handheld device as a part of learning Will Smart Phones Eliminate the Digital Divide?, David Nagel02/01/11 Virtual Environments

21 Virtual Desktop Environments access to software access to printing controlled environments Security Virtual Environments

22 If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow -John Dewey 21 st Century Learning

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