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Technology Update Grande Park Elementary School March 11, 2013.

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1 Technology Update Grande Park Elementary School March 11, 2013

2 Grande Park Technology Committee Beth Wulff, Sean Smith, Erin Raleigh, Tiffany Francis, Nate Brown, Jay Peterson, Jeff Rainaldi, Ashley Miller, Jayne Pagoria, Kerry Collins

3 Decision Making Process - November Formed a voluntary technology committee November 14 - Technology Committee Meeting Team decided to put out a staff survey of needs/wants: SmartBoards, tablets, professional development trainings, digital cameras/videos, creating/updating webpages Look at height of SmartBoards and how they could be mounted - K & 1st grade students struggle to reach LCD projectors and alignment concerns with SmartBoards

4 Decision Making Process - December December 11 - Tech Meeting Reviewed staff survey results - overwhelming response for SmartBoards and tablets, as well as professional development Teacher Assistants would be provided to sub teachers that would like to team teach or observe other teachers using current technology. Teacher Initiative Days would provide opportunities to work on webpage development Concerns: too many sites blocked by district, not able to write on PowerPoints due to SmartBoard software updates, infrastructure issues Discussion on new technology and collection of research on SmartBoard versus iPads/tablets, as well as the possibility of using Apple Tv in the classroom Allen Clausen, Director of Technology, will be invited to next Technology Committee Meeting

5 Decision Making Process - January 15 January 15th - Technology Committee Meeting Allen Clausen, Director of Technology, attended the meeting. He was given an overview of what we have accomplished this year as well as our goals. Professional Development update was provided. We are now close to 100% of certified staff with active classroom websites. Team discussed concerns of density and coverage concerns. Allen added there is a possibility of the addition of 5 wireless access points, which should help. Teaching & Learning Department will work to provide needs. Allen discussed importance of asset tagging so district can insure products. Specific blocked sites can be removed if we ask through School Dude IT. PTA has offered to pay for wireless microphone. Allen shared a teacher at Traughber is using the Apple Tv with iPads and is having success. Meeting with John Sturk, Network Coordinator took place later that day. His hope was to add 5 additional access points, including the gym.

6 Decision Making Process - January 23 January 23 PTA comfortable issuing an $18,000 check for technology iPad pricing Marie Vickers (Apple Rep.) will allow us to trial two iPads with Apple TVs Mr. Smith, Mr. Peterson and Mrs. Raleigh will visit Traughber classrooms using iPads and Apple TVs and have some discussions with the teachers. One SmartBoard will be mounted in kindergarten to see the effectiveness, one Apple Tv will be installed in Mrs. Fitzgeralds room. Apple is willing to guide us through the management side of iPads if that is the direction we go. John Sturk shared that 5 additional access points would be added within the next two weeks.

7 Decision Making Process - February 8th February 8th Sharing of classroom observation at Traughber Access Points have been added - Mr. Rainaldi shared his room was much better Mrs. Fitzgerald had been using an Apple Tv for a while now with her donated iPad from PTA last year - it has been a success! Students are very engaged and teacher can be mobile. Team decided it was in the best interest of students and teachers to install Apple TVs with iPads in as many classrooms as possible. This allows teachers to become comfortable with the tool and be able to teach the children and use it effectively as a teaching and learning tool. Every student will benefit!

8 February 8th - Present What was purchased? iPad 2s for 25 homerooms (2 had them already), 2 reading specialist rooms, 1 academically talented room, 2 special education room, 1 art room, 1 music room and 1 for speech. 30 Apple TVs - all homerooms, special education resource room, academically talented room, one art room and one music room.

9 February 8th - Present Cases, screen protectors and stylus pens for each iPad Cables needed to hook up Apple Tv to projector (VGA received for free) $500 VPP iPad app voucher

10 iPad Use Guidelines All were asked to sign and date a Grande Park iPad Acceptable Use Guidelines

11 How will iPads be managed? An account was set up for each iPad. In education, any app must be paid for. You cannot share amongst Apple IDs and the cloud. All receipts will feed into one manager account. Volume Purchase Program (VPP) was set up to purchase apps. Teachers will submit a request form that must be approved by principal or assistant principal. If approved, Erin Raleigh (LRC Director) will purchase the app and distribute the coupon code to the teacher. This code will be entered upon the download of the app. iTunes gift cards will be acceptable as long as teachers use the Apple ID issued to them to download.

12 Professional Development March 19th - Apple will do a two-hour training for teachers Teacher Initiative Days - Support will be provided for teachers (Our Technology Committee are our go-to people) Summer 2013 - Apple will do a 6-hour training customized to fit our building needs and wants

13 How will these products enhance teaching & learning? Endless Possibilities!! The classroom now becomes an instant interactive whiteboard with many more opportunities. Students have grown up immersed in technology. These tools grab their attention and increase their motivation. Students are now producers! The use of the Apple TV in combination with an iPad in the instructors hand provides a mobile platform from which classroom activities can be initiated. Through the use of several apps, teachers can provide notes, display steps and processes to problems, initiate the display of media, and allow students to participate from their own seats in a variety of interactive activities. Using the iPad, students can journal, creatively write and publish materials, practice skills (letters/sounds, math, grammar, vocabulary, sight words, etc.), use the Internet to complete research, create educational movies based on specific objectives, demonstrate how to do something (such as a math problem), play/listen to audio books, share presentations from other sources, etc. Apple continues to develop products to meet educational needs. Software updates are done so everything syncs up appropriately and easily.

14 How will these products enhance teaching & learning? Blooms Taxonomy & Common Core - apps to help teach higher level thinking skills and appealing to multiple intelligences.


16 As we look to the future...... Grande Park hopes to add additional iPads in future. The district, as well as other buildings, are looking at us as now an elite building within the district and is intrigued by the 21st Century Learning taking place at here! Apple Rental Program?? District BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)???

17 Technology Committee Sharing Committee shares how they are incorporating iPads into the daily learning.

18 ISAT Staff Video

19 Questions?

20 Thank You PTA! Our Grande Park Staff and students want to thank you for all your support. The Technology Committee feels we are moving in the right direction to meet the needs of our staff and students as we continue to move through the 21st Century!

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