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Smith School The Middle School Experience Ramsey School District May 12, 2014 1 Stacie Poelstra Principal Kari Scimanico Assistant Principal.

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1 Smith School The Middle School Experience Ramsey School District May 12, 2014 1 Stacie Poelstra Principal Kari Scimanico Assistant Principal

2 Commitment to Quality Instruction Team Based Organization Developmentally Sound Curriculum Attention to Diverse Student Needs Outstanding Professional Coordination 2

3 Team-Based Organization Shared students among team teachers Strong communication on individual student needs Coordination of curriculum Block Schedule Positive, nurturing environment 3

4 The Middle School Curriculum Core Subjects: Language Arts Math Science Social Studies World Language Attention to development of knowledge base with emphasis on acquisition of 21 st century skills 4

5 Exploratory Cycle Program Journalism Visual Arts Technology Education Computers Life Skills Music-Grade 6 Enrichment-Grades 7 and 8 5

6 The Arts Instrumental Music Gold Band Blue Band Individual student lessons Vocal Music Chorus Lunch Chorus Select Chorus School Theater Production 6

7 Attention to diverse students needs Guidance Department Student Support Counselor Special Education Services Small Group Instruction Basic Skills Instruction Enrichment Program 7

8 Professional Coordination Director of Curriculum and Subject Area Supervisors Professional Groups Leadership Council Educational Advisory Committee K-12 Committees: Mobile Technologies, Writing Instructional Focus Faculty Meetings: District Initiatives + Department Meetings: Content-Based Goals Commendations: NJ Schools to Watch 8

9 Academic Focus Common Core Standards 21 st Century Learning Initiative Habits of Mind iPad Initiative- Grade 8 9

10 Academics: Common Core Standards English Language Arts Within English Language Arts, a focus on reading and writing for different audiences and purposes. Reading and Writing Standards in Science and Social Studies Content Skills in Focus: Grade 6 Mathematics Based on Standards for Mathematical Practice and Standards of Mathematical Content. 10

11 The Paradigm Shift 21 st Century Skills Initiative Recognition that a more complex, global society is influencing the educational landscape Professional Research and Development related to these changes are informing instructional and assessment practices

12 Academics: 21 st Century Learning Initiative Content-rich Curriculum Rigorous subject area knowledge + Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Ask good questions Analyze and process information Apply logic and evidence Make connections Reflect 12

13 13 Smith School Habits of Mind: This poster is displayed in every classroom and is an integral part of instruction in each of the subject areas.

14 Transition to Will replace the NJ Ask Computer based assessments Keeping current with ongoing changes 14

15 The Changing Educational Landscape Prevalence of mobile technologies Learning on the go Engaging in on the spot, just-in-time learning Shifting organization of knowledge: from TREES toNETWORKS 15

16 Technology Resources Two Computer Labs Laptop Carts Netbooks Videoconferencing Capability Smartboards Apple TV 16

17 8 th Grade iPad Initiative The Ramsey School Districts 21st Century Learning Initiative will prepare students for an increasingly complex, demanding and competitive global economy. It will provide the skills students will need to succeed as learners, workers, and citizens. Student Engagement Personalized Learning Two Minute Internet Flipped Classroom 17

18 18 Individual Use Collaborative Use Curriculum Integration

19 Character Education Supporting the Social Development of Young Adolescents 19

20 Establishing a Culture of Respect First day grade level meetings Student Code of Conduct Review of Student Handbook Week of Respect Pillars of Character Poster Contest Color Days Anti-Violence Week Grade level assemblies Follow-up classroom activities Special Assemblies Living Voices John Halligan 20

21 Sixth Grade Transition Programs May-Fifth Grade Visitation August-Informal Visitation Sixth Grade Lunch Bunch Sixth Grade Friendship Groups Peer Leadership Homeroom Partnerships 21

22 Other School Programs Intramural Program Student Council Peer Leadership Program Character Education Clubs Community Service Club School Musical Ski Club Teen Canteens Skate Nights Track Team 22

23 23

24 24

25 Parents as Partners In helping children navigate the complexity of adolescence, communication between parents and teachers plays an integral role in ensuring student success. 25

26 Parent Services Guidance Department Sixth Grade Parenting Seminar Eighth Grade Transition Program Parent Book Discussion Group 26

27 Education Portal 27

28 Smith School PTO We encourage your involvement Fall registration for PTO events Consult the website 28

29 29

30 "The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives." Robert Maynard Hutchins 30


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