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Managing Digital Devices 1:1. iPad Settings >General – About Name – Software Update Indicator when needs updating Students or teachers can install MUST.

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1 Managing Digital Devices 1:1

2 iPad Settings >General – About Name – Software Update Indicator when needs updating Students or teachers can install MUST agree to terms – Usage

3 iPad Settings > General >Siri – On until someone complains – Can be changed via Casper – (Casper = Colby = MDM = Mobile Device Mgt) >Accessibility >Sight and Hearing >Speak Selection >Larger Text

4 Students May Change These Settings >General > Auto-lock – 15 minutes >Sounds > Keyboard Clicks > On/Off >Passcode – Students can set passcode – At least 15 minutes if you are working on iPad – We can’t prevent students from doing this – Casper Focus and Casper can reset passcode

5 Restrictions – Currently restriction code is 0 + your school number – CANNOT TELL STUDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Camera can be set off and on with the restrictions – Teachers must learn how to turn Enable and Disable Restrictions – Installing Apps Students can install Apps – I speculate this will be changed – Deleting Apps – Students could delete Apps, too – Accounts > Don’t Allow Changes

6 Settings >Privacy – Requesting that Tech Department lock down privacy settings >Control Panel > AirDrop – Tech restricts AirDrop – Not allowed when focus is set using Casper Focus

7 Settings > iCloud 1:1 Each student will have their own iCloud account PW = FIRST INITIAL(uppercase) + last initial (lowercase) + student number Find My iPad = On iCloud Backup = Yes Set to Back up Docs, too

8 Settings Email – Google email (will pass through Gaggle filtering only) – Set up Mail on the device – Will NOT use Gaggle interface at all – Can use Google web interface Messages – Off (for students) – TEACHERS COULD UTILIZE

9 Settings FaceTime – Good when no phone reception, teacher to teacher – Off for students Safari – Pop Ups = On – Java = On Music is OK – Block Explicit

10 Printing We have capability to print from iPad to printers

11 Productivity Software Apple’s Productivity Apps – Pages, Number, Keynote MS Office for iPad – Word, Excel, PowerPoint – May be free in the future – DON’T PLAN TO USE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR!

12 Notes Notability app – Take notes and record Audio – Audio matched with text – Export/Import notes to Google drive – Sketch – Math class – Sign

13 Projection Splashtop – Can “drive” your computer from you iPad Reflector/Airplay Service – Can display what is on the iPad on your computer (projector)

14 Default Apps Casper Focus OpenClass Google Drive Pages (paid) Numbers (paid) Keynote (paid) PowerSchool iBooks iTunes U SplashTop (paid) Quizlet Socrative iMovie (paid) NO Flash-enabled browser Until we can secure Don’t use the Schoolnet App

15 General Student  Teacher Workflow OpenClass Google Drive Pages, Keynote, etc. Notability See other PowerPoint

16 Workflow Apps Showbie – Unsupported Edmodo – Unsupported

17 Classroom Management Casper Focus App Still need Guided Access Training in the fall Classes will be set up for a given time Teacher has control at that time You can lock a student into one website or app

18 Casper Focus App – Can clear passcode – Cannot see what a student is doing at any give time – Apps and websites must be in Casper – Can search list

19 Student @ Home Settings > Wifi > Enter home network password Proxy authentication – Username = first.last – Password = student ID

20 Apps/Books Teacher inputs a work order for a vetted app/book – Must include class info so that roster can be pulled from PowerSchool Books cannot be transferred Textbooks are supposed to be transferrable (future) – May wait on textbooks for a week Apps can be transferred Free books and apps can be downloaded by students No redeeming, but may have to go to Purchased items and download Eventually, two day turn around for Approved Apps

21 Needs High School Teachers need iPads – List of teachers? ASAP!!!!! Back up plan when individual iPads don’t work – Check out with Media Person/Tech Rep at your school Continuous Professional Development – New apps and ways to use iPads Continuous App support

22 Needs Power Strips – Can be purchased by school Must be limited Can be hazardous Ways to Save Battery Stylus – Put on supply list at first of year iPad Keyboards – Checked out

23 Needs Method to Project from iPad – Apple TVs ($ doubtful) – Reflector/Airplay Service – VGA – Dock Connector (stationary) Access to laptop/desktop computer at times for extensive research papers TRAINING/ORIENTATION FOR STUDENTS BASIC IPAD TRAINING FOR TEACHERS JUST RECEIVING AN IPAD VIDEO FOR STUDENTS WAS SUGGESTED

24 Student Responsibility School Policies must be made on this – Must charge iPads every night – Must bring chargers every day

25 Form Signed Form – Must go out and be signed before school is out for FHS Handbook updates Policies/Procedures for students not allowed to have an iPad – Day User

26 Tech Responsibility Barcode all new iPads this year Put cover on iPad At FHS a few days early to check out iPads Set up devices – Check mail works properly Publish iPad settings to teachers Load Splashtop Streamer on Computers Load Reflector or alternative on Computers

27 Tech Responsibility – Determine new way to manage directing students to proxy Students can delete the MDM profile and this will allow them unrestricted internet access May use Apple Configurator/Apple, etc. – Show teachers how to print – Push out default apps for all teachers – Log students into Google account and setting up their passwords

28 Media/Tech Rep Responsibility Check out iPads to students Escalate tech issue to Tech Department Forward App/Book Requests Periodic inventory/inspection - possibly

29 Teacher Responsibility Report issues to Media Coordinator/Tech Rep Look for resources “Play” with iPad

30 Digital Learning Specialist Responsibility Read Your Emails Train teachers Leads on Vetting – Set Textbook deadlines Go to for questions Leads in promoting new resources

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