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Blooms Taxonomy Bloominize Your Lesson Plans. Remembering Applying Analyzing Creating Understanding Evaluating Select a Level Exit.

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1 Blooms Taxonomy Bloominize Your Lesson Plans

2 Remembering Applying Analyzing Creating Understanding Evaluating Select a Level Exit

3 Level V: Evaluating Level V Questions Return to Levels AgreeCriteriaDisputeJudgeProve AppraiseCriticizeEstimateJustifyRate AssessDecideEvaluateMarkRecommend AwardDeductExplainMeasureSelect ChooseDefendImportanceOpinionSupport CompareDetermineInfluencePerceiveValue ConcludeDisproveInterpretPrioritize

4 Return to Levels Do you agree with the actions…? With the outcome…? What choice would you have made…? What is your opinion of…?How would you prioritize…? How would your prove…?disprove…?What judgment would you make about…? Can you assess the value or importance of…?Based on what you know, how would you explain…? Would it be better if…?What information would you use to support the view…? Why did they choose…?How would you justify…? What would you recommend…?What data was used to make the conclusion…? How would you rate the…?Why was it better that…? What would you cite to defend the actions…?How would you compare the ideas…? How could you determine…? Return to Key Words

5 Level II: Understanding Level II Questions Return to Levels ClassifyDemonstrateInterpretRephraseTranslate CompareExplainOutlineShow ContrastExtendRelateSummarize

6 Return to Levels How would you classify the type of …? Which statements support…? How would you compare…?contrast…? Can you explain what is happening…? What is meant…? How would you state or interpret in your own words…? What can you say about…? How would you rephrase the meaning…? Which is the best answer…? What facts or ideas show…?How would you summarize…? What is the main idea of…? Return to Key Words

7 Level VI: Creating Level VI Questions Return to Levels AdaptConstructEstimateMaximizePropose BuildCreateFormulateMinimizeSolution ChangeDeleteHappenModifySolve ChooseDesignImagineOriginalSuppose CombineDevelopImproveOriginateTest CompileDiscussInventPlanTheory ComposeElaborateMake UpPredict

8 Return to Levels What changes would you make to solve…?What could be combined to improve (change)…? How would you improve…?Suppose you could _____what would you do…? What would happen if...?How would you test…? Can you elaborate on the reason…?Can you formulate a theory for…? Can you propose an alternative…?Can you predict the outcome if …? Can you invent…?How would you estimate the results for…? How would you adapt___to create a different…?What facts can you compile…? How could you change (modify) the plot (plan)…? Can you construct a model that would change…? What could be done to minimize or maximize…?What changes would you make to solve…? What way would you design…? Return to Key Words

9 Level IV: Analyzing Level IV Questions Return to Levels AnalyzeConclusionDivideListTake Part In AssumeContrastExamineMotiveTest For CategorizeDiscoverFunctionRelationshipsTheme ClassifyDissectInferenceSimplify CompareDistinguishInspectSurvey

10 Return to Levels What are the parts or features of…?How would you classify…? How is ____related to…?How would you categorize…? Why do you think…?Can you identify the different parts…? What is the theme…?What evidence can you find…? What motive is there…?What is the relationship between…? Can you list the parts…?Can you distinguish between…? What inference can you make…?What is the function of…? What conclusions can you draw…?What ideas justify…? Return to Key Words

11 Level III Questions Return to Levels ApplyConstructIdentifyModelSelect BuildDevelopInterviewOrganizeSolve ChooseExperiment With Make Use OfPlanUtilize

12 Return to Levels How would you use…?What other way would you plan to…? What examples can you find to…?What would result if…? How would you solve___using what you have been learning…? Can you make use of the facts to…? How would you organize ___ to show…? What elements would you choose to change…? How would you show your understanding of …? What facts would you select to show…? What approach would you use to…?What questions would you ask in an interview with…? How would you apply what you have learned to develop…? Return to Key Words

13 Level I: Remembering Level I Questions Return to Levels choose define find how label list match name omit recall relate select show spell tell what when where which who why ChooseListRelateWhat DefineMatchSelectWhen FindNameShowWhere HowOmitSpellWhich LabelRecallTellWho Why

14 Return to Levels What is…?How is…? Where is…?When did ___ happen? How did ____ happen…?How would you explain…? Why did…?Who would you describe…? When did…?Can you recall…? How would you show…?Can you select…? Who were the main…?Can you list the three…? Which one…?Who was…? Return to Key Words

15 How to use this Template This template is set up using hyperlinks which jump from slide to slide. Each panel is linked to a corresponding Question slide which has a panel where you can edit the text and type in your own Question. Under each Question Slide is an Answer Slide which you can type the answer to your Question. Click the Answer button to jump to that Questions Answer Slide which is the slide directly below. You can also click the Return to Main Board button if you choose not to reveal the answer. On the Answer Slide click the Return to Main Board button to return to the main Category Board. Here is the Question Slide that contains an area to type your question. Here is the Answer Slide that is directly below the Question Slide. *note* You can access Slide Show Mode by hitting the F5 key on your keyboard or going to the Slide Show tab in your top menu and selecting From Current Slide.

16 Making Panels Inactive You can make panels inactive simply by selecting the TEXT and hitting delete which will leave the panel blank. Once you have deleted the Panels you want you will want to go delete the corresponding Question and Answer Slides. Example: If were deleted the text on these panels. We would then need to go delete the corresponding Question and Answer Slides for Category4 $500, Category5 $500, Category6 $500. *note*You can multiple slide at once by holding Shift while selecting slides. Say if you wanted to delete all of Category6 Question & Answer slides you click the top slide you want to delete and hold shift and click the bottom slide and all the slides in between will be selected.

17 Making Panels Inactive Alternative If you do not want to delete any of your slides Question and Answer Slides and just want to make those panels on the main board inactive, you can right click on the panel and select Remove Hyperlink. For 2003 users you will need to double right click to find this option. This will remove the link to the Corresponding Question Slide.

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