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Presidents Assembly Monthly Webinar October 18, 2012.

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1 Presidents Assembly Monthly Webinar October 18, 2012

2 Webinar Recording A recorded version of this webinar will be available through October 2013 at:

3 During the Webinar – Just Ask! Please use this question area to communicate with us throughout the webinar. Have a question…type it!!

4 Raise Your Hand There will be designated times to speak your questions. You can click on the Raise Your Hand button. When we are ready for your question, we will unmute you and call on you.

5 What Chapter do you represent? Please use your GoToWebinar Question box to type in the name of your Chapter…

6 Presidents Assembly Leadership 2012-2013 Lola Kakes Greater Tucson Chair Carolynne Mather Lakeland Metro Chair-Elect Rachael Bender Southwest Florida Immediate Past Chair

7 2012-2013 Presidents Assembly Steering Committee Regional Representatives Janet South NAWBO Indianapolis Midwest Region Patsy Foxworth NAWBO San Antonio Western Region Nancy Chorpenning NAWBO Atlanta Southern Region

8 NAWBO REGIONAL BREAKDOWNS Northeast & Atlantic Region Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, W. Virginia Midwest Region Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri Southern Region North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana Western Region Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii

9 What the Presidents Assembly Does: Presidents Assembly Steering Committee is responsible for: Serving as voice of the chapters on the National Board and facilitating communications between National and the chapters Facilitating chapter collaboration/information sharing via webinars Creating a community of chapter leaders Helping chapter leaders with strategic planning, problem resolution, etc.

10 WEBINAR SCHEDULE Mark Your Calendar NOW! Webinars will be held on the third Thursday of every month at noon Eastern time. Upcoming Webinars: November 15 – Social Media and Your Chapter December 20 – Driving Membership * Schedule subject to change Suggest a webinar topic by emailing

11 PA Facebook Page Use to share news and information; exchange best practices; ask for help; etc. All chapter leaders are welcome to join. Please do not use to market your business.

12 News from National Lola Kakes PASC Chair

13 Public Affairs Update

14 Meet a National Board Member Deborah Stallings, SPHR President & CEO HR Anew Baltimore Chapter

15 Evaluation of the National Conference Your feedback on WBC2012 is important as it helps to shape future NAWBO events. If you attended the Conference, I hope you completed the survey. If you did not receive the survey link, contact Chapter Services or go to Everyone who participated in the survey is eligible for a random drawing to win a 2013 Conference registration.

16 Leadership Training Evaluation You also should have received the Leadership Training survey. Your evaluations assist us greatly in planning the program so that we can bring our chapter leaders information and best practices to help their chapter grow and thrive. If you completed the survey at the conference, thank you and you do not have to complete it again. If you have not received the evaluation survey, please contact Chapter Services.

17 Travelers Insurance - Webinar During our September webinar, Shirley Hershey introduced the NAWBO Conference mobile app (which was an outstanding success). She also told us about a webinar they are presenting on Protecting Your Competitive Advantage and Your Business Against Cyber Attack. Please save the date – November 28 th for this informative and timely webinar.

18 Get Involved and Get Connected We have been discussing the importance of our members to be more engaged in NAWBO. Here is a great opportunity to get involved and get connected We are looking for Members in good standing for the: –National Nominating Committee

19 The Presidents Assembly is responsible for filling four positions on the National Nominating Committee – the group that chooses the members of the National Board of Directors If you are interested in serving on this Committee, please email and we will send you an application If you would like to nominate someone to serve on this Committee, please send their name and email address to and we will contact them NATIONAL NOMINATING COMMITTEE

20 Best Practices from the NAWBO Conference Rachael Bender Janet South Nancy Chorpenning Patsy Foxworth Moderated by Lola Kakes

21 Corporate Partners Panel Rachael Bender Presidents Assembly Steering Committee Immediate Past Chair & NAWBO – Southwest Florida Chapter

22 Corporate Partner Insights from our National Corporate Partners Focus on the Return on Investment –When pitching a new partner find out what they need to see at the end of the year to be successful. –Are they tracking new customers, amount of business? –During the year, reach out and ask if you are meeting their needs and expectations How are you promoting your partners? –During events are they allowed to speak in front of the members? –How do you promote their logos? –Do your partners feel valued? P ANELISTS Bobby Clayton UPS, Director of Sales Clifford T. Elgin Wells Fargo, Senior Vice President

23 Corporate Partner Insights from our National Corporate Partners Key Pieces of Information for Your Proposal –What types of opportunities are available –Demographics – details about the types of business, size of business –Can the sponsor be involved with the chapter? I.e. Sit on a committee, have one of their employees sit as an advisor to your board. Timing Matters: Are you asking at the right time? –Many large corporations are finalizing the 2013 budget now (during Q4 of 2012). After the budget is spent there is little left for new partnerships. Do National Partners want local Sponsorship? –Yes, if you meet their target demographic – geographic area is a heavy factor. –Local CP budgets are usually made at the regional offices, not through their national office. P ANELISTS Bobby Clayton UPS, Director of Sales Clifford T. Elgin Wells Fargo, Senior Vice President

24 Corporate Partner Insights from our local Chapters Tiered CP levels –Tiers enable CPs to come in at multiple levels –Orange County has 7 levels - $2,500 -$50,000 –Phoenix has 24 partners 7 levels from $750 - $50,000 and meeting and event sponsorships –In-kind sponsors provide double the amount in products or services Have a CP committee –Committee members have monthly follow-up with partners –Assign committee members to each CP and track engagement –Make finding new CP prospects the responsibility of ALL board and CP committee members not just one or two people P ANELISTS Lydia Bishop NAWBO Phoenix Loreen Gilbert NAWBO Orange County

25 Corporate Partner Insights from our local Chapters Regular engagement –Regular discussions about if chapter is meeting their expectations –Call CP before each meeting –Special CP only events with board members –Allow CPs to engage as committee members –Ask your CPs if they know other companies that would be interested in NAWBO –If a CP doesnt renew meet with them to find out why Highlight your unique value –NAWBO members are the decision-makers in their company not salespeople or representatives –Highlight any chapter awards –CP package should include stats on women-owned businesses in your area (use total women-business owners for your area not just your membership total) –Use CP testimonials P ANELISTS Lydia Bishop NAWBO Phoenix Loreen Gilbert NAWBO Orange County

26 Best Practice Roundtables Membership Recruitment & Retention Janet South Presidents Assembly Steering Committee Mid-Western Region Representative & NAWBO - Indianapolis

27 Membership Recruiting and Retention Engage Your Members Assess their talent and passion Match talent and passion with appropriate committee Utilize Task Force for specific short term project

28 Membership Recruiting and Retention Renewal Begin 60 – 90 days prior to renewal Ask Re-engage

29 Membership Recruiting and Retention Know Your Members Greet and welcome every attendee Track attendance This is the people business

30 Membership Recruitment and Retention Team Work Assign teams or pairs for job tasks

31 Membership Recruitment and Retention Mentoring Program Informal process Volunteer opportunities

32 Membership Recruitment and Retention Community Exposure Award events Community involvement/support Subject matter experts

33 Session #2 Strategic Planning Nancy Chorpenning Presidents Assembly Steering Committee Southern Region Representative & NAWBO - Atlanta Chapter

34 Blueprint for operating over time (3 - 5 years) Consistency & continuity Focus Confirming messages about organization Steering leadership Specific, clear metrics Management tool Expectation management Growth Order Control Planning Outcomes

35 Vision Mission Strategy Objectives Action plans SMAARTER Goals Plan Components

36 Specific Measurable Attainable Accountability Relevant Time-bound Evaluate Re-evaluate Plan Components: SMAARTER Goals


38 Strategic Planning The 1-Page Business Plan Practically Painless 1-Page Business Plan –Vision Statement – What are you Building? –Mission – Why do you exist? –Strategies – How will you build and manage? –Objectives – What results are you looking to achieve? –Plans – What are 3-5 capacity /projects /programs that must be completed this year?

39 Best Practices Roundtable Engaging Chapter Members & Public Policy Patsy Foxworth Presidents Assembly Steering Committee Western Region Representative & NAWBO - San Antonio Chapter

40 Engaging Chapter Members From the Cleveland Chapter: They hold three small Membership Rallies per year – Wine Tasting Parties; well attended with good follow-up NAWBO Day – Several Chapters mentioned they have a NAWBO Day where they invite women business owners to specifically learn more about NAWBO Invite members to share their favorite NAWBO memory at the monthly meeting. Coffee with the President – Quarterly or every other month; all new and renewing members are invited to coffee with the President.

41 Engaging Chapter Members CEO Circles (Indianapolis Chapter) – Small CEO Groups meet around the city once per month to collaborate on their businesses (mastermind groups). NAWBO Member of the Month Profiles – Each month a NAWBO member is profiled in the Chapter News Brief; NAWBO Chapter Face Book Page and on the NAWBO Chapter Website. The Member of the Month is introduced at the monthly meeting and allowed to speak on the benefits of being a NAWBO member. New Member Bag – NAWBO members and sponsors are invited to put items in a bag which is given to new members (gift certificates, promo items, must be item that does not require purchase – not a discount, etc.).

42 Public Policy Encourage NAWBO Board Members to participate on other boards; particularly city councils; economic development; chambers of commerce; etc. within your community Allow the Public Policy Chair to do a two minute update each month at the membership meeting or a Trivia minute – use recent headlines to see who knows what its all about. Post updates on Chapter Website about local issues that affect business. Post updates on Chapter Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts

43 Public Policy Create buzz that is centered around NAWBO and local issues – how the laws will affect business thus emphasizing the importance of being informed. Have Public Policy Days where you invite your local representatives, senators and congressmen in to update your membership on issues. Encourage meet and greets with public officials. Invite a local judge (woman preferably) to install the NAWBO Chapter Board each year.

44 Conference Highlights Great Receptions – –Wednesday Night – UPS Operations –Thursday Evening – Kentucky Derby Museum UPS Wordport Tour (at midnight!) PNC Wine Tasting Great Keynotes – Dr. Nat Irvin II, author, innovator, futurist, teacher Honorable Jerry Abramson, Lt. Governor Katrina Markoff, Vosges Haut Chocolat Kathy Ireland, Kathy Ireland Worldwide

45 Conference Highlights Great Sessions - –Work-Life Integration –Reaching Higher –Health & Wellness –Shameless Self- Promotion –The One Page Business Plan –Grow Your Business with Facebook –Using Mentors –Speed Networking –Using Social Media –Furthering Women Entrepreneurs –Making Public Policy Work for You –Global Business –Great Company Culture –The Wine List –Work ON not In your Business

46 Leadership Training Evaluation and Take- Aways Of the evaluations we did receive (please remember to evaluate if you havent already done so) here are some of the Take Aways listed: –Specific ideas from other chapters to strengthen ours –Networking –Best practices/CPs –Membership retention –Massive amount of valuable information, amazing –Corporate sponsors & membership development activities –New ideas for CP expectations –Sponsorship panel-great! –Chapter sharing opportunities –Sharing ideas from each chapter –Ideas from sponsor panel & sessions –Great ideas from other chapters

47 Additional Topics for the Future Dialogue about Natl & chapter relations-Natl can meet our chapter needs, what we can do to support Natl? What kind of events chapters have Help in how we can develop our organization to the point where we can pay for an Executive Director Chapter issues, how to resolve How to be an effective ambassador Chapter organization Real deal-problems we encounter w/ leadership & how to deal with them

48 How can we improve the Leadership Training? An actual session on leadership skills How to use social media & PR effectively for our chapter Time management We need more time Show organization chart (not just names) of how Natl board relates to Presidents Assembly/regional/chapters More time would have been great to hear from other chapters at table Little more time for discussion! More time for topics/sections It was great

49 What other support should National provide Chapters? Education for members that mirrors the process of webinars-topics: leadership, communications, pricing, technology, etc. Online resources (forms, policies, etc.) Email presidents call summaries for those who cant attend the call Clear financials from Natl to our chapter so we know where our $ is going Hear what specifically is Natl doing for WBOs NAWBO reps visiting chapters to check up on us Natl & local marketing & branding Connections to other regional chapters More hard documentation of public policy efforts and successes. What is actively being worked? Processes/procedures/structure, scripts Message to be shared at chapter meetings

50 Additional Comments Overall very well done, good content, nice network Leadership training should be the day before so we can participate in the entire conference I have a lot of work ahead of me but I have some amazing mentors whom I have met at this event Please spread Natl board members throughout rather than having their own table. That would give us an opportunity to network with them Need more restroom breaks

51 Conference Highlights You can also check out a collage of pictures taken at the Conference at:

52 Questions?

53 Thank you for participating in NAWBO Presidents Assembly Webinar! We look forward to talking to you next month. The webinar will be on November 15, 2012 at noon Eastern on Social Media and Your Chapter. To share this information with your chapters leadership, visit NAWBO Presidents Assembly Community for the slides or the Facebook Presidents Assembly Page for the link to the recording.

54 CONTACT NAWBO Member Services: Chapter Services: Presidents Assembly: News/Article Submissions: Website/Technical Support:

55 Your Feedback is Welcome! Please send feedback to

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