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Karen Kerns 97 Sr. Assistant Director of Alumnae Groups/Shared Interest Groups Jessica Johnston 09 Assistant Director of Clubs W ELLESLEY C LUBS : W HO.

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1 Karen Kerns 97 Sr. Assistant Director of Alumnae Groups/Shared Interest Groups Jessica Johnston 09 Assistant Director of Clubs W ELLESLEY C LUBS : W HO W E A RE AND W HAT W E D O


3 To connect alumnae to the College and to each other O UR M ISSION

4 Nurture friendships among alumnae Provide a forum through which women can share career and life experiences Promote lifelong learning through educational programs Assist Admissions by inspiring and connecting with qualified high school students Enhance Wellesleys image through community involvement W HY HAVE A W ELLESLEY C LUB ?

5 W ORLD W IDE W ELLESLEY There are approx. 85 active clubs and 30 key alumnae contacts around the world There are clubs or key contacts in 45 states and 32 international countries

6 Model A: Small, geographically diverse, and/or in temporary hibernation, or just forming Model B: Medium, urban, suburban, or a growing club Model C: Urban or suburban, mature club Model D: Large, urban club C LUB M ODELS

7 BIG & SMALL Largest Clubs Boston – 4573 New York – 2623 D.C. – 2138 San Fran – 1228 Los Angeles – 807 Chicago – 796 Philadelphia – 727 Smallest Clubs Reading, PA – 20 Nebraska – 38 Memphis – 41 Arkansas – 60 Winchester, MA – 63



10 C LUB L IFE C YCLE Active! In need of strong leaders Active! Board dissolution Board building


12 Dedicated Inspiring Builds a strong board Organized Able to listen Team player Able to delegate Warm and welcoming Has an eye on the future C HARACTERISTICS OF A C LUB L EADER

13 A strong board is key! Leader without a strong board = burnout A strong board will help with recruiting new volunteers Board diversity – age, ethnicity, talents Recognize efforts and accomplishments B UILD A S TRONG B OARD

14 You dont have to do it alone or do it all! Try co-presidents Delegation works best face-to-face Encourage attendance at meetings D ELEGATE R ESPONSIBILITY

15 Have a plan Follow term limits Develop a mentor/shadow program Use a nominating committee D EVELOP A S UCCESSOR


17 All alumnae are members of WCAA Member of club All alumnae are members Attended Wellesley? Youre a member! Emotional component of membership Some alumnae are dues-paying members Paid your dues? Youre a member! Financial component of membership D EFINITIONS

18 Make the Wellesley connection! Emotional component Financial component Promote the benefits of membership Why should I be a member of the club? I NCREASING M EMBERSHIP

19 Establish a membership goal Have a Membership Chair or Committee on your board to work towards that goal Host quality and innovative programs Target current students – they will be alumnae soon! I NCREASING M EMBERSHIP

20 ReconnectRetainRecruit lapsed members current members new members

21 Make the emotional connection Explain financial benefit of membership Make it easy to pay dues! Newsletters and pre-printed envelopes PayPal List members Target communications Dues and donations are tax-deductible S OLICITING D UES


23 Social Educational Faculty Speaker Book clubs Admission AAR Book Awards Networking/Career CWS Service Fundraising T YPES OF P ROGRAMS

24 Host fun, innovative programs Keep costs low Member vs. non-member rate Young alum rate Anchor events Sub-clubs Use decade and geographic chairs Make it easy to RSVP and pay Target young alums Use all available communication tools I NCREASING P ROGRAM P ARTICIPATION

25 WCAA and all clubs are 501(c)(3) non- profit organizations All clubs must submit a financial report to the WCAA on a yearly basis New IRS requirement: All clubs must file directly with the IRS using Form 990EZ R EPORTING C LUB F INANCES


27 How do I notify Wellesley of a change to an alums contact info? How do I get a list, set of mailing labels, and a directory? How do I send a broadcast email? How can I use social networking sites to connect with alumnae? What are my options for a club web site? FAQ S

28 Club Resources web page: A NSWERS TO FAQ S

29 New self-service tool Create and download your own club lists and labels D ATA ON D EMAND

30 cheerful letter from president board member list with contact info club email and website board bios inspiring articles – build the network! membership information upcoming events photos and reports from past events admission info custom logo how to update ones info with Wellesley T HE C LUB N EWSLETTER


32 S OCIAL N ETWORKING Find guidelines and tips on VConnect

33 C LUB W EB S ITE O PTIONS Build it yourself, host it yourself Single web page Chapter Pages

34 E-C OMMUNICATIONS Save some green by going green! Environmentally- friendly Budget-friendly Considerations Is this the right decision for my club?


36 Desiree Urquhart DS99 President, Washington Wellesley Club Catherine Merrill 88 President, Merrimack Valley Wellesley Club D OES S IZE R EALLY M ATTER ? A C OMPARISON OF S MALL AND L ARGE C LUBS

37 M ERRIMACK V ALLEY W ELLESLEY C LUB ? Catherine Merrill 88,President

38 Desiree Urquhart DS99, President W ASHINGTON W ELLESLEY C LUB ?

39 C LUBS BY THE N UMBERS MVWC 240 37 $850 $0 $20 WWC 2,100 421 $25,000 $2,500 Tiered: $45 Sustaining $25 Regular $15 Young Alums Free Recent Grads Alumnae in Area Dues Paying Members Annual Budget Average Gift to College Annual Dues

40 C LUBS BY THE N UMBERS MVWC 1 Newsletter, 2 Postcard Mailings, 5-ish Emails 3 Events: Faculty Speaker, CARE Packages, Museum Visit All events are free 18 Book Awards 1 President, 1 Treasurer, 1 Book Award Chair WWC 4 Newsletters, 20 Emails 1 club-sponsored event per month, often more events with interest groups Events usually $15-$45, discount for young alums 84 Book Awards 13 Members of the Executive Board

41 Dues Payers: handwritten thank you notes, calls before every meeting Eventers: notes at every event for those who can't attend, follow-up email with some attachment to extend the event MVWC Officers: loads of lead time Area Presidents: Include their events in my emails/newsletter, email them when I get their mailings Clubs Office: Paperwork on time Madame La Presidente: One Goal at a Time For 2009, get the newsletter, postcard and email processes documented and easy for others to follow. Teach Mea Lea & Amy how to do it. MVWC: T AKE C ARE OF T HOSE W HO T AKE C ARE OF Y OU

42 Try This For: Club Officers – Be cognizant of schedules Communication – Do it often via multiple media Events – Plan variety to attract different interests Recognition – Always thank alumnae volunteers Mentors – Seek advice from past presidents Meetings – Incorporate new technology Young Alums – Embrace their energy WWC: L EADING P OWERFUL, B USY W ONDER W OMEN

43 MVWC: G ETTING H ELPFUL H ELP IS B IGGEST C HALLENGE They say 'yes' then disappear. ARRRRRGH What I Am Doing About This: Everyone who offers to help gets a teeny, tiny task. If they don't do it, I have the data I need Prioritizing what officers I really need and trying to fill only one slot. 2009: Vice President I'm building a pool of helpers. I can email 15 people to help with a mailing and get 3 pairs of hands. Folks are extremely reluctant to commit to more. Using the by-laws to move officers who aren't helping out of office (see Clubs Handbook for text) Considering extending the office term from 2 years to 3 because recruiting is such a bear

44 WWC: T IME C OMMITMENT & S PACE T WO B IG C HALLENGES When Work Trumps Club Responsibilities: Try a little bit of something old and something new! Establish Co-VP positions to share the load Have former presidents serve at-large on board Encourage team approach to train future leaders Create electronic protocols for easy handoffs Reach out to retired and young alums for help Try virtual meetings Create Gmail accounts Take care of you, stay positive, come to ALC!!!

45 Catherine Merrill '88 (978) 470-2306 Desiree Urquhart DS99 (202) 425-8865 (Cell) (804) 224-1915 (Home) A NY Q UESTIONS ? J UST A SK !

46 W HAT S N EXT : Today 4:45 pm: Student Panel (JAC), Tour the Chapel, or Campus Construction Presentation (Collins Cinema) 6:00 pm: Reception and Dinner (Campus Center) Sunday 9:00 am: Admissions and CWS (FND 120) 10:15 am: Conversation Cafes (FND 126 & 128) 11:30 am: Debrief and Q&A; Tech Demos (FND 120; PNE 139) 12:30 pm: Lunch (Campus Center)

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