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Managing Sickness Absence and Concerns Presented by HR Consultancy January 2013.

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1 Managing Sickness Absence and Concerns Presented by HR Consultancy January 2013

2 Aim Improved confidence & knowledge in order to manage sickness effectively Responsibilities Sickness absence trigger points Informal monitoring and reviewing Occupational Health Formal stages – first, final and appeal

3 Responsibilities Line Manager Meet with staff & ensure return to work form is completed on their return – every occasion Contact staff who have not reported in (template available) Maintain contact with long term absent staff Refer staff to OH following discussion Manage staff in line with sickness management procedure

4 Responsibilities Staff member Attend work when fit to do so Report absence promptly & any changes in their condition or likely return Leave contact details when off work Make themselves available to attend meetings & OH appointments Supply fit notes promptly Complete a return to work form - every occasion

5 Informal monitoring & reviewing Sickness Trigger Points 7 / 9 days sickness over the previous 12 months or 5 occasions over the previous 12 months Pro rata for part time staff

6 Occupational Health (OH) Service OH provide: Assessment on the capability of members of staff following ill-health Monitor employees suffering from long- term ill-health Give advice on alternative work & adapting the employees working environment Advise on implications, support and any reasonable adjustments where an employee has a disability

7 Referrals to Occupational Health (OH) Making a referral: Individual hits a trigger point Where stress or depression is given as a reason for sickness When we have concerns regarding someone's health Line Manager to discuss with employee and complete a referral form (online referrals) Employee gives consent for medical report and OH to contact for an appointment OH report sent to Manager electronically

8 First Formal Meeting First formal meeting arranged when reach a trigger point or absence is a concern Give employee at least 7 working days written notice of the meeting Can be held when employee continues to be off sick Line Manager, employee and employee representative (colleague or TU) in attendance Discuss absence, discuss OH report, (Note – consider disability related absence / issues), target for improvement (usually zero absence over 3 months) Written Outcome + right of appeal Review at end of target monitoring period

9 Final Formal meeting Arranged when: Targets set during First Formal Stage have not been met Initial improvement has not been sustained over the following 12 months Medical advice suggests employee will not return to work within a reasonable period Line manager to: Produce Final Formal Sickness Report: demonstrate how you have managed the sickness, steps taken, adjustments made (note disability related cases), review period set, impact of absence on service. Give employee at least 7 working days written notice of the meeting Chaired by panel of three Governors, with Head / Line Manager and HR in attendance

10 Appeals All appeals must be submitted in writing within 14 calendar days of date of receiving written confirmation of outcome and include all info employee wishes to rely on. HR should be notified of appeals and will then guide you through the process Chair of dismissing panel to compile a bundle for submission to the appeal panel which contains information presented at the final formal meeting (i.e. about the role, absence dates, action taken to date, OH report, any adjustments) and their response to the stated grounds for appeal.

11 Dealing with difficult situations Employee complaint raised during the sickness management process If relating to the process, deal with during the formal meeting(s). If unrelated, an investigating officer will need to be appointed as per the Grievance procedure.

12 HR Advice available to Managers Telephone: Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm x 88333 020 8667 8333 Email – HR surgery for managers – every Tuesday Taberner House 9am–5pm appointments and drop-in times

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