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Rehabilitation What is it? Does it work? Is it cost effective?

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1 Rehabilitation What is it? Does it work? Is it cost effective?

2 At work in the UK... 200m days lost through certified absences from work* 33m days per year due to occupational accidents or work-related ill health 27,000 people leave employment every year due to ill- health at work – many will never work again 30m days lost through work related stress 6000 incidents of violence at work reported to the HSE *The Work Foundation: Absence rates increasing: 2001: 2.9% 2002: 4.12%

3 Costs to employers of £400 - £500 per employee head Average of 9 days absence per employee head Best performing companies 3.5 days per annum Worst performing companies 14 days per annum Uninsured hidden and direct costs 8:1 - 36:1 in lost production, cover & inefficiency equating to £11billion per annum (CBI) The cost of sickness absence

4  Early intervention  Co-ordination of treatment and reintegration  Individually tailored & non-adversarial  An advocate for the individual  Managing the best & most cost effective means to reintegration back to health and employment  Early & safe return to graduated or full-time employment Rehabilitation - the concept...

5 The Medical Case Manager Medically qualified with experience of working in a primary or acute healthcare setting Has the ability to interpret medical information and implement appropriate treatment plans Is able to liaise effectively with health professionals, injured clients and their employer or future employer, as well as their representatives Acts as the point of contact for employers & employees

6 Medical Case Management To assess a client’s medical status through liaison with their treating practitioners To arrange private treatment on a cost effective basis, as appropriate To work with all key parties involved in the case management process, to ensure a timely and safe return to work To identify cases suitable for vocational intervention

7 Vocational Consultancy To provide an opportunity for clients to return to work without exacerbating their condition Aims to understand the needs of both injured party and employer Carries out Vocational Assessments, Job Analysis and organises Graduated Employment Programmes Monitors the client as they return to work Investigates re-training and redeployment options

8 The Vocational Consultant Has experience of working with people with disabilities in employment settings Aware of issues concerning physical disabilities, learning difficulties, mental health issues and sensory disabilities Aware of available private services and public funded opportunities Find employment solutions through creative thinking Is able to effectively liaise with solicitors, employers and clients in a variety of work settings

9 Rehabilitation - the process Rehabilitation Process Early notification of incident / illness from employer/handler Promptly obtain consent & medical evidence Co-ordinate medical & vocational intervention Organise return to work /employment programme

10 A warehouse operative: Age 28, salary £15,000 per annum Sustained a hernia while lifting an object at work and immediately went off sick The employee had been advised that surgery on the NHS would take six months The employee would be unable to work during this time. A Case Manager gained appropriate consent from employee and organised funding for surgery to be organised privately Surgery was organised five weeks later Medical recommendations, which helped the employee to return to suitable duties and did not pursue his claim Potential future loss of earnings £350k Costs for management and treatment £3,022 Case Study - How it has worked

11 An office administrator: Age 28, salary £14,000 per annum Complained of work related stress Had been taking several periods of absence A Case Manager secured the appropriate funding and organised private counselling, based on medical recommendations Liaised with the employer to collate a graduated return to work programme The employee returned to work without pursuing a claim Monitoring continued until full hours had been achieved Potential future loss of earnings £392,000 Costs for case management & treatment amounted to £3,927 Case Study - How it has worked

12 A human resources manager: Age 33, salary £30,000 per annum Had a significant period of sickness, reported as work-related stress. A Case Manager ascertained that the employee was already receiving adequate medication and counselling under care of their GP, on NHS A Vocational Consultants provided the employer with advice regarding mental health issues A graduated return to work plan was formulated to welcome the employee back to work No claim was submitted by the employee Costs of management and treatment £3,522 No claim was submitted against the company Case Study - How it has worked

13 A chef: Age 21, salary £23,000 + overtime per annum Suffered a considerable back and shoulder injury after an unstable load fell on her A Case Manager arranged private medical treatment Employee suffered a permanent disability as a result of the accident and could not return to her original role A Vocational Consultant attempted to adjust the original role although not practical Assistance provided to employer to identify alternative role Our Case Manager sought medical validation that the individual was fit to do an alternative job Individual returned to work as a supervisor in a different kitchen of the employer Potential future loss of earnings £750k - £1m Claim paid at £33,000 Costs for management and treatment £15,800 Case Study - How it has worked

14  More than saving insurers money  More than support to the litigation process  More than support to EL & motor  Wider concept of support to PL, PHI and occupational health services  Benefits to individuals, their families & society as a whole  Alleviates the benefits & NHS system & thus our tax burden  Better for employers as well as their employees Rehabilitation - the debate…..

15 The Financial Benefits  Early & effective medical intervention impacts on average claim costs by over 25%:  Client comparison:  rehabilitation v non-rehabilitation client  Claim costs: £2631 v £5067  Claim file comparison of 25,500 PI claims:  rehabilitation v non-rehabilitation settled claims  £5406 v £8139


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