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2012 TPC-xx71H basic Product training Paul Diepstraten PSM HMI & Panel PC summarized by IAG MarCom.

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1 2012 TPC-xx71H basic Product training Paul Diepstraten PSM HMI & Panel PC summarized by IAG MarCom

2 Advantechs Intelligent Automation Product range for IoT Solutions HMI 11n wireless outdoor AP iGatewayModbus gateway M12 Unmanaged switch Config stick AutomationSoftware TPC-1017H/1271H/1571H : IoT platform / Supports mini-PCI/e expansion / Wireless / C2D WSN / ZigBeeEtherNet/IP / PROFINET I/O Module PCI ExpressIntegrated I/O System CANOpen Controller Remote I/O System DIN-rail PCMotion Controller Substation Controller A-DAQ Pro DiagAnywhere OPC Server KW FPM-3000 / 8000 series : C1D2 / Sunlight readable / Stainless I/O Embedded Controller Industrial Comunication HMI & IPC


4 Open HMI operates with a scalable, open operating system. These are rugged diskless and fanless products that offer advanced functionality over traditional HMI products with improved data handling, standard I/O interfaces and advanced communications. Advantech's Open HMI platforms include industrial panel PC's, industrial workstations, flat panel monitors and touch panel computers. Open Platform x86 and RISC based RISC based X 86 based

5 Advantages of FANless systems Better reliability, operation without moving parts Maintenance free operation ( no filter cleaning)) Silent operation, no noise generation No air flow and dust particle free operation (clean room operation) Better protection class possible (water and dust proof) Less operation costs- less power usage (green IT) Better shock and vibration proof Less space requirements

6 Plant Level HMI Machine Level HMI Device Level HMI Open HMI platform in Factory Automation

7 Industrial HMI Product Portfolio 7 Industrial Panel PCs Operator Panel TPC-30T TPC-66x TPC-10xx TPC-12xx TPC-15xx TPC-17xx IPPC-6152A IPPC-6172A IPPC-7157A/7158B FPM-5151G FPM-3060G IPPC-9171G FPM-5171G FPM-3120G FPM-3150G FPM-2150G FPM-3171G FPM-3191G IPPC-9151G AWS-8259 AWS-8248 IPPC-6192A FPM-5191G IPPC-8151S FPM-8192VFPM-8232V IPPC-4001D WebOP-2057 WebOP-2070 WebOP-2080 WebOP-2121 WebOP-2104 WebOP-2035 Touch Panel Computer Industrial Panel PC Industrial Monitor Vertical Solution World of PLC ! World of PLC ! Open platform Harsh environments Display Your Way! Domain specific PPC- 157T/177T PPC- L61T, L106T/L128T FPM- 3115H FPM-3117S FPM-3119S

8 HMI product features

9 Introduction TPC series with rich Interfaces for remote IO TPC series is fanless, slim- size, and touch screen- enabled PC. Focusing on reliable and compact design, TPC adopts CF card and optional 2,5 rugged HDD TPC has a rugged IP 65 Al- Mg panel front panel. TPC series is especially suitable for reliable and anti- vibration applications. Win CE.NET Remote I/O USB DAQ HOST PC Thin Client ADAM 40000 RS-485 EthernetModbus TCP Internet ADAM 6000 USB -4000

10 RS 422 4 wire + grnd RS 485 2 wire + grnd RS 232 1 x RS-232 auf 1 x RS-485/422, Isolation auf den Me ADAM-4520 Introduction: Basics about RS 485/422 Interface

11 ADAM-4000 Series ADAM-4100 Series RS 485, Compact and cost efffective Modbus Harsh environnement (-40°C, +85°C) ADAM-6000 SeriesEthernet, Modbus TCP Compact and cost effective ADAM-5000/485 ADAM-5000/TCP + I/O Modules Semi Modular Rack System (Compact version – 4 Slots) and 8 slots for cost effective IO modules ADAM-6100 IP and ADAM.6100PN series Ethernet based compact IO, daisy chain APAX-5070/71/72 Coupler with hot-swap´modular IO modules Completely Modular System (32 DIO or 16 AIO modules local or decentralized) Overview of Advantechs Compact and Modular remote I/O product port-folio NEW

12 LED Backlight technology versus CCFL

13 Advantages of LED Backlight technology § CCFL edge rail replacement with LED or complete light box redesign options § Lower EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Emissions § Lower Power Consumption § Extended Life Expectancy § Lower Heat Emissions § Readily dimmable to very low levels without flicker § Wide thermal range without heaters § High color gamut achievable with high power LED § Solid State devices: good shock and vibration resistance § Good environmental performance including high UV, high temperature and high humidity resistance

14 Ingress protection: IP 65 front panel IP Rating # Type of Water IPX1vertical dripping IPX2dripping (up to 15 o tilt) IPX3spraying (up to 60 o angle) IPX4splashing from any direction IPX5jets from any direction IPX6powerful jets from any direction IPX7temporary immersion IPX8continuous immersion (depth 1m) IP Rating # Solid Object Size (dust) IP1X> 50mm (1.97) diameter IP2X> 12.5mm (0.49) diameter IP3X> 2.5mm (0.098) diameter IP4X> 1.0mm (0.039) diameter IP5Xdust-protected IP6X dust-tight What are IP ratings? IP ratings designate the degree of protection an enclosure provides against the ingress or intrusion of foreign objects. IP ratings consist of the letters IP followed by two numbers. IP(#dust)(#water) IP6X : The first number designates protection against solid objects. IPX8: The second number designates protection against water

15 IP 54(65) backcover for TPC-1x50/1x51 AESC CTOS TPC-1250/1251/1271 IP-65 backcover Dimension: 309 x 235 x 60 mm (without stand)

16 Questions to ask to your customer What is the application? What are the environmental conditions? Any specific certification required? Any other products already being used in this application? And what has been the experience? Which Operating System or application SW will be required? Which devices will be connected? Are any extension required? How will the unit be mounted or built-in? Is a touchscreen required ? WhichTouchscreen technolgy is prefered? Any specifics which are not desired?

17 TPC-671, 1071, TPC-1271 and TPC-1571 series Product information Dual core D525 Touch PC New in Q1 2012

18 2012 Q1 TPC roadmap update 18 DevelopingAvailable Planning Cost Effective Expansion Fan less 6.5 TFT LED LCD Intel ATOM Z510 Win7 / XPE / CE6.0 / Linux Mini PCI-E Expansion TPC-671H 10.4 / 12.1 / 15 TFT LED LCD Intel ATOM D525 Win7 / XPE / CE6.0 / Linux Mini PCI-E / PCI-E Expansion TPC-1071/1271/1571 3.5 / 5.7 TFT LED LCD TI AM3517 WEC7 / CE6.0 / Linux TPC-31T/61T 15 TFT LED LCD Intel ATOM N270 / Z520 Win7 / XPE / CE6.0 / Linux TPC-1550H/1551H SR for outdoor application 12/15 TFT LED LCD Intel ATOM Z520 Brightness: 1000nits TPC-1251SR/1551SR 12:Q1 11 Q4 17 TFT LED LCD Intel ATOM N270 Win7 / XPE / CE6.0 / Linux TPC-1750H Intel Atom Z650 platform New in Q1 2012

19 Penetrate TPC-671/TPC-1071/1271/1571H to Vertical Market by PCIe & Mini-PCIe Card Zigbee, Wireless WLAN Cellular GPRS GPS RFID Outdoor Application Embedded Communication MA/FA FieldBus Communication iTerminal Gateway IoT-Ready Module

20 TPC-1071H/ 1271H/ 1571H main features 10.4, 12.1, 15 TFT LED B/L LCD Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz (671 1.1GHz) 2GB DDR3 SDRAM (up to 2 GB) Resistive touch screen Storage: – 1 x Compact Flash Slot – 1 x 2.5 SATA HDD I/O Interface: – 2 x RS-232 with isolation – 1 x RS-422/485 (RS-485 with auto flow control & Isolation) – 2 x USB 2.0 Host Ports – 2 x GbE LAN Expansion: – 1 x PCI-E slot – 1 x Mini PCI-E slot Certification – EMI: CE, FCC Class A – Safety: UL, BSMI, CCC Front Panel – NEMA4 / IP65 Operating Temperature – 0~50 - 20 - Focus in 2012

21 TPC-xx71H – IoT/Automation-Ready Platforms Intel®'s 852/855-Series Mobile Chipsets to be Discontinued 10 / 12 / 15 TFT LCD with Atom D525 1.8GHz, 2GB RAM Isolated RS-232/422/485 & Dual Giga LAN Windows 7, WES 2009, WinCE 6.0 and Linux OS support Cut out dimension backward compatible with current TPC Mini-PCIe and PCIe expansion slots IoT-Rready Communication Module Embedded Communication Module Field Control Communication Module 10 12 15

22 MiniPCIe Fieldbus Modules Highlights One HW platform for all solutions (Drives, I/O blocks, HMI, PLC, etc) RT Enhancements (Switch, Hub, Time Stamp, etc) ARM 9 based CPU for own application High Flexibility (xMAC, xPEC; Firmware) Up to 4 channels Data Switch for Non-Blocking data transfer (5 simultaneous connections) Real-Time Kernel included

23 central yesterday decentralized And remote IO today Entering the Distributed control networks Remote IO control with HMI

24 Ethernet Fieldbus Trends in Automation EtherNet/IP and PROFINET combines 58% of the share. APAX & ADAM I/O are now able to support 80% of the market. Source: IMS Research, 2010

25 TPC series SELLING POINT Over 10 Years form and Fit compatibility

26 TPC design concept: over 10 Years form and fit compatible design Backward Compatible Cut-out Design

27 size:199920032005201020112012 12"TPC-1260TPC-1261TPC-1270TPC 1250TPC 1251TPC-1271 TPC-120 15"TPC-1560 TPC-1570 TPC-1551TPC-1571 TPC-1550 17TPC-1770TPC-1750 TPC-1780TPC-1771 5.7/6.4"TPC-60SNTPC-66SN TPC-60T TPC-61T TPC-68T TPC-660GTPC-660ETPC-650TPC-651TPC-671 TPC-662G TPC design concept: over 10 Years form and fit compatible design

28 form and fit compatible design Benefit for customer: Up-grade to new generation technology w/o mechanical changes, provides long term servicibility Reduced TCO using benefits of new technologies such as: - increase performance for SW and additional features - reduce operational costs due to low power consumption technologies Benefit for Advantech Continued sales opportunities at existing customer base Easy up-grade for EOL products Long term customer relationship provides a good references for new business opportunities.

29 Where are the application for HMI products? Web Browser-based vizualisation HMI and SCADA software For: – Industrial Control – Manufacturing control – Building Automation – Facilities Automation – Quality Management – Warehouse logistics HMI Human Machine Interface SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

30 Industrial Applications Building Automation HVAC Lighting Security Facilities Telecom & Data Centers Transportation / Traffic Safety Systems Industrial & Manufacturing Automation Energy & Power Oil & Gas Petroleum & Chemicals Paper, Glass & Fibers Semiconductor Water & Wastewater

31 Thank you

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