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Advantech PAC Introduction 2013.August. Agenda PAC introduction Advantech PAC solutions ADAM-5000 series APAX series Advantech PAC software APAX architecture.

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1 Advantech PAC Introduction 2013.August

2 Agenda PAC introduction Advantech PAC solutions ADAM-5000 series APAX series Advantech PAC software APAX architecture APAX I/O modules features Advantech PAC application reference

3 PAC Introduction

4 Industrial Automation Evolution

5 Reliability & Scalability Computing & Capabilities PC PLC PAC PAC Product Position PLC : Programmable Logic Controller (Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron) PAC : Programmable Automation Controller (Advantech, NI, Beckhoff)

6 PAC: Single Control Platform PLC Industrial PC PAC One Control Platform Save System Hardware Cost Save System Integration Effort No Communication Issue between PC and PLC

7 Common Development Platform VisionMotion Source: ARC Advisory Group Logic HMI PAC: Single Development Software International Software Standard: IEC (SoftLogic) International Software Standard: IEC (SoftLogic) Database

8 Advantech PAC Solutions

9 Advantech’s PAC Fixed I/O Expansion (4 or 8 slot) ADAM-5510: CPU, DOS ADAM-5550: GX2 CPU, Win CE ADAM-5000 I/O Modules Flexible I/O Expansion (Up to 32) APAX-5570/5571: Celeron M CPU, WinXPE, WinCE APAX-5520/5620: Xscale CPU, WinCE APAX High Density I/O Modules

10 Programmable Automation Controller – APAX Series Controllers - APAX-5000 series CANopen Controllers - APAX-5620 Versatile I/Os Couplers -APAX-5570 Series APAX PAC Series Integrating Control, information Processing and Networking in a Single Platform Unique Dual Controllers Architecture for HMI/SCADA and I/O tasks Changeable Controllers and Couplers Flexible Expansible Topology Modular, hot swappable I/O design

11 APAX: Completely Modular I/O APAX-5002 APAX-5001 Choose appropriate amount of I/O modules for your need

12 I/O Points Performance APAX PAC Other PAC High Low PLC Notes : Under 2048 pts of DI/O & AI/O APAX: Real-Time I/O Control

13 Line/Bus Topology Tree/Star Topology Using Crossover or Ethernet Switch between I/O module backplanes Using Fiber Optical Switch to increase distances Remote expansion with Local Bus performance Build Distributed Control Architecture (Fewer Controller) APAX: Flexible Expansion Topology

14 APAX I/O modules APAX-5570, 5571 APAX-6572, 6550 APAX-5520, 5620 Save Current I/O Module Investment APAX: Changeable CPU with Same I/O

15 Advantech PAC Software

16 Software Options for Advantech PAC Two solutions for different programmers PC-based Controller: open platform PAC: built-in SoftLogic software (KW) PAC PC-based Controller PC-based Controller

17 Advantech IEC SoftLogic Software Development Environment: MultiProg Real-time performance (1 ms) Off-line simulation & online download Runtime Engine: ProConOS Built-in in Advantech PAC controller No need extra payment for license Sequential Function Chart (SFC) Structure Text (ST) Instruction List (IL) Ladder Function Block (FB)

18 Advantech Batch Control Solution APAX/ADAM Controller with KW KW SoftLogic Package (Built-in) Sequential function chart programming Auto-tuning PID FB(temp/flow control) Ramp/Soak configuration & FB

19 Auto-Tuning PID Control Users won’t need to set up the P, I, D parameters when Auto-Tuning is enabled

20 Batch Control: Ramp/Soak  Control output following the pre-defined Set Point Programming (SPP) profile  Refer to Honeywell HC900 function block Soak Ramp  Each profile contains several segments  Each segment can trigger multiple events

21 KW Batch Control Configure Interface Set Point Programmer (SPP) Setup Display Maximum 50 Profiles Maximum 100 Segments

22 Process in Sequence for Batch Add Ingredient Mixer/Purge Reaction Post Process Recipe Analog Parameter Time Chart Furnace/Reactor Add ingredients Close Furnace Door Purge Heat-Ramp/soak Profile Cooling-Ramp/soak Open Door Complete

23 KW Batch Control Function Block Sequential Function Chart SPEV Function Block SPP Function Block

24 APAX Architecture

25 1. Compact PAC Controller Cost-effective PAC Development environment KW SoftLogic eVC and.NET Up to 32 I/O modules VGA, USB, LAN, and serial CF card (storage)

26 APAX-5520/5620 XScale PXA MHz (RISC CPU) 64 MB SDRAM, 512 KB battery backup RAM Windows CE I/O Logic programming tool: (1) eVC and NET library for PC-based programming (2) IEC KW SoftLogic APAX-5520APAX-5620 LAN Ports12 Serial Ports1 x RS-4852 x RS-485 CAN Interface-2 VGA & USBYes CF Card Slot11 APAX-5520 APAX-5620

27 2. High Performance PAC Controller  Celeron M, Atom CPU  Development environment – KW SoftLogic – VC/C++ and.NET  Up to 32 I/O Modules  DVI/VGA, USB, LAN, serial and audio  SD and CF card (storage)

28 APAX-5570/5571  Intel Celeron M 1 GHz (APAX-5570XPE) Intel Celeron M 1.5 GHz (APAX-5571XPE)  512 MB DDR2 DRAM  1 MB battery backup RAM  1 x RS-232, 1 x RS-422/485  4 x USB, 2 x Giga LAN  DVI-I supports DVI and VGA for dual display  Front-side SD card slot for data storage  Front-side battery for battery backup RAM and RTC  Audio Interface for alarm  Supports Windows WES2009, WinCE  Control software: (1) eVC and NET library for PC-based programming (2) IEC KW SoftLogic Battery SD card

29 SCADA software integration AStudio Integration Ability on Open Platform Integrate with Video and Audio NVS-3520 Video Server NVS-3510 Video Converter USB Wireless communication interface

30 3. Dual Controllers Architecture  APAX-5570/ HMI Software - Communication - Data logging - Database/Recipe - Video and Audio  APAX-5520/ Critical I/O Control  Seamless Integrated Platform

31 4. Backup System  Two controllers with the same control program  When master controller fails, slave controller will take over immediately  Guarantee system continuously running

32 5. Remote I/O System  Connect to PC, PLC, HMI, APAX controller via supported protocol Ex: Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, etc.  Daisy-chain expansion

33 APAX Remote I/O Solution I/O Modules APAX x RTD APAX x AI APAX-5017H 12 x High Speed AI APAX x Thermocouple APAX x AO APAX x DI APAX x DI, 12 x DO APAX x DO APAX x Relay APAX /8 x Counter Up to 32 I/O module

34 Coupler Feature: Flexible Topology APAX I/O Ethernet Switch Remain real-time performance Benefit: Decrease coupler number (Fewer IP address used) APAX-507x

35 APAX I/O Module Features

36 APAX I/O Modules AI APAX-5017, 5017H AO APAX-5028 DI APAX-5040 Relay APAX-5060 APAX-5045 DI/O Counter APAX-5080 AI APAX-5013, 5018 DO APAX-5046

37  EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) – EMS (Noise immunity):  testing according to IEC ~ – EMI (Emitted interface)  testing according to EN class A  Shock Resistance – testing according to IEC  Vibration Resistance (Operating) – testing according to IEC and IEC  High/Low Temperature – testing according to IEC , IEC and IEC  I/O Module Characteristic Curve – design according to IEC , type 1 APAX I/O: Certification Same Certification as PLC: Guaranteed Reliability

38 APAX I/O Features:  High Density I/O – AI/O: 12 channels, DI/O: 24 channels – Save installation space  Hot-Swap I/O – Insert/remove modules without shutdown system – Save operation cost  Flexible Range for Analog Modules – Each channel configured with different range – Save stock cost Ch0: 10 V Ch1: 4 ~ 20 mA Ch2: K-type T/C


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