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October 4 to 6, 2004 Cholamandalam MS Risk Services Ltd. Chennai

2 Cholamandalam Risk Services Ltd.
A JV between Murugappa Group & MS Insurance, Japan Executed RM services for various clients- India & rest of Asia

MRPL Refinery, Mangalore Shasun Chemicals, Cuddalore Ahmedabad Electricity Company, Ahmedabad Orchid Pharmaceutical Company, Chennai EID Parry Biochemicals, Tamil Nadu BPCL, Manmad Vikram Cements, Madhya Pradesh Chambal Fertilizers, Rajasthan TI Diamond Chain, TN HLL, Haldia Visaka Cements, Andhra Pradesh Bombay Dyeing, Patalganga GMR Power plant, Mangalore CP Aqua Culture, TN Surat Electricity Company, Surat Aditya Cements, Rajasthan

4 Close Out Presentation
ESA –approach, methodology & coverage XYZ- High Priority Areas XYZ-ESA- observations & recommendations

5 ESA – Scope, Methodology & Coverage

6 ESA- Scope of work Compliance to IER Electrical hazard identification:
Shock, fire Lightning Protection HAC Earthing Static electricity issues EPM Accidents Review of All records & documents Training Electrical Protection Sample tests Temperature Current Earth Resistance


8 ESA Methodology Opening Meeting -Familiarization
Discussion with Head-Electrical, review of key SLD ESA Physical inspections Sample Testing Document & records review Meeting –various departments Close-Out meeting Interim Report Final report submission

9 AUDIT SCHEDULE (4 – 6 October 2004)
4 October - opening meeting, electrical system briefing, Main SLD review, switchyard visit, SS A,B, C, DG House, manufacturing blocks 5 Oct - Auditing of balance manufacturing areas completed 6 Oct – ER tests, Review of records & close out meeting+ discussion with relevant departments (safety, R&D, health centre, instrumentation, documentation, contractors, contract department, purchase, etc.)

10 Audit Coverage 66 KV S/Y DG House All Sub Stations (A, B, C, E)
Transformers-various areas CNC Shop HT Motor Building VPI Area IMB Area DT Area Transformer Manufacturing Area, SS E Admin Building Relay Building Auxiliary I & II building Electroplating/ Anodizing Turbocharger Area HV Disconnector Area Fuel Tanks (HSD, Solvent, Transformer oil) LTB Area Health Centre Workers’ Canteen

11 ESA -Standards & Codes BIS Publications NFPA Codes OISD Standards
Indian Electricity Rules, 1956 British Standards Best Engineering Practices

12 ESA – Observations & Recommendations

13 Very receptive to improvement suggestions
Availability of skilled technocrats, global expertise OHSAS certified plant Availability of testing resources Existence of systems and procedures


15 XYZ -High Priority Areas
PTPT Area- 1.5 MVA transformer, overloaded electrical panel CNC Shop floor- bay lightning panel Earthing issues SS- E, PTPT areas – responsibility to be defined Electrical hotspots at terminations – potential fire hazard Electrical Panels – requires due attention Fire Hydrant system to be installed DGs in another plant area

16 Transformers Silica gel in several transformers- to be re-activated
Neutral & body earth pits are not identified Oil soak pit for transformers with oil capacity above 2, 275 L (IER- 64- iv), eg. 4 MVA Oil draining arrangement for transformers above 9 KL capacity (Transformer EHV testing yard, 30 MVA transformer)- IER 64 v Annunciation for 7 MVA transformer not operational

17 Electrical Injuries Use HRC fuse pullers to remove fuses
30 mA ELCBs used in DBs, extension boards Insist on using PPEs while working on live lines Battery rooms-cover battery terminals Identification of feeders / panels / circuits - missing Use of live U/G cable locator before excavation Maintain U/G cable lay out for reference No resuscitation chart displayed

18 Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
250,000 deaths every year due to sudden cardiac arrest AEDs - to be part of Emergency Medical Kit For every minute that passes w/o defibrillation, the chances of survival decreases by 10% Has a voice prompt, cost USD 3000/- UK - not a legal requirement, but a Statutory requirement in US No legal liability for deaths involving the use of AEDs

19 Fire Detection & Protection
Install smoke detection in: Un manned sub stations Review the Fire Alarm panel maintenance (discharged batteries) Heavy grass growth noted in outdoor switch yard and SS E transformer yard Review smoke detector adequacy and installations in buildings as per TAC FA rules Review Portable Fire Extinguisher installation based on IS 2190 (Turbocharger area) DG MCC room- install smoke detection Install Passive Fire Protection (PFP) measures in DG house, SS, various cable passes Include electrical fire scenarios in EMP

20 Fire Protection XYZ to consider installation of fire protection system
Review PFE installation in various manufacturing blocks Consider HVWS system for 30 MVA transformer

21 Electrical Systems & Procedures
Electrical WPs / Electrical isolation Procedure: To be defined At present, only for contractors, include for XYZ employees also LOTO / Tag Out with fuse removal recommended Electrical Change Control Procedure (ECCP) to be incorporated in all equipment modifications /additions (overloading issues in PTPT –MDP 1) Display updated & approved SLDs in all SSs (no SLDs available for MDPs, SDPs) for ready reference Include electrical fire scenarios (SS, transformers) in Emergency Management Plan (EMP)

22 Earthing Earth resistance tests to be done for individual pits too.
Earthing lay out to be updated Earth pits may be provided with identification marks Single earthing for 415 V equipment –several areas Structures to be earthed (PTPT Area- solvent tanks, etc.) 4.5 Ohms noted in PTPT area Ensure supervision while ER measurement 66 KV SY fence to be earthed

23 Earth Leakage Tester The earth resistance from the equipment to the earth pit can be measured Non-Contact measurement Continuity loop test No electrodes required Cannot be used on flat conductors

24 Electrical Preventive Maintenance
Sky wire maintenance may be taken up annually to check up its physical condition /replace with vertical rods Bucholtz relay to be simulated for operation for transformers Install surge counters and leakage meters in S/Y Gravel to be put in yards (66 KV, SS E transformers) 66 KV SW /Y -SF6 cubicle – not maintained, relay not calibrated, PS setting

25 Electrical Maintenance….
SS A- battery charger power comes from another plant through a COS SS log – to be reviewed by electrical maintenance in charge on a daily basis DGs- diesel oil level also needs to be monitored Electrical Protection co-ordination study to be done (various load additions, HT motor test, etc.) DGs- include trip and alarm settings in the log book

26 EPM…. Non-standard electrical rubber mat used in several places
DGs installed in another plant premises: BC II (between XYZ DGs & another plant DG)to be locked in off condition Approval from CEIG?

27 EPM…. Series earthing for equipment
Non-qualified electrical contractor electricians also are available Large lug for termination Loose terminations No cable glands Cable trenches behind electrical panels- require periodic cleaning- fire hazard

28 EPM… Consider SRVs for 5 MVA indoor transformer (4050 L oil) at HT Motor test bay Consider oil soak pit Extension boards not fitted with RCCBs CNC SHOP Main Electrical Panel: Oil soaked rubber mat Saw dust Oil barrels kept close to the panel Aluminum lugs used on copper bus bars CNC lighting bay distribution panel- requires immediate attention

29 EPM… Electricians & test personnel to be given electrically tested safety shoes Use DI portable tools, instead of metallic tools No reference drawings for SDP / MDPs Re-wirable fuses used in SDP A2 Fuse DB – IMB Area Electrical isolation – to be defined as part of the electrical work procedure

30 EPM…. Store room in DT building – install master control switch outside the room List of C- license holders may be displayed in main SS SS- E electrical maintenance- requires immediate attention: 1.5 MVA transformers- low oil level, yard full of grass, all alarms on Overloading in one of the DPs Compressors- identification and load distribution requires review

31 EPM…. SS E – Compressors- series earthing followed
HSD, solvent pipelines – flanges may be bonded to avert static discharges leading to fires, install FLP on-off push buttons Now almost all mobile equipment has cable ends w/o plugs, install power receptacles wherever needed Keep all transformer yards locked ( SS E) All feeders may be identified (Electroplating section)

32 EPM…. Turbocharger electrical panels – no access, broken switch handles ER tests: No updated L/O drawing High ER value PTPT area: 4 ohms plus Electrical maintenance to supervise ER tests SS C- identify both rear and front panels with the same identification marks EPM- not complete, panels not included, not based on standards- re-align EPM based on NFPA 70 B

33 EPM… SS B- 25 KVA UPS panel & batteries installed on wooden boards, temporary manner MCC / MDP / SDP maintenance: Cob webs Dust Open cable openings Keep panel keys at every sub station Keep HRC fuse pullers in sub stations- now pliers / bare hands are used. Use fully insulated fuse pullers / tools as required

34 EPM… Heavy oil leak at radiator flange- SS B transformer 1.5 MVA
Critical loads- consider redundant cable from another feeder, follow another route Single isolator used for multiple loads (HT Motor MDB 1, VPI DP 3) Almost all spare feeders got used- consider revamp of electrical system, considering load additions for 10 years U/G cable installation – to be done as per IS 1255 Use live U/G cable locator before digging Use U/G cable lay out for reference / install route markers

35 OISD 137-Electrical Equipment Inspection
Polarization Index Test PI = R10m /R1 m 2.5 –Excellent /Good 1-2-Questionable Relative value, shows IR deterioration trend Moisture Absorption Test K = R1m / R15s 1-damp insulation 1.3 or greater-dry

36 Electrical Maintenance
Transformer OLTC counter reading- OEM recommended maintenance to be carried out Consider using NFPA 70 B or OISD 137 for electrical preventive maintenance XYZ to consider hotspot detection and Thermography surveys as part of predictive maintenance XYZ to define AMC jobs as per standard practices (battery maintenance, etc.)

37 EPM…… OLTC counter based EPM – not done, including oil test for diverter compartment Load currents of various loads taken: PTPT building- MDP 1- overloaded Final report will have more details, based on details sought Hotspot Detection: MDP 1, PTPT- 150 Degree C LTB Area– A4, Bay IV DP – 110 Degree C DT Area, Main Panel, 2 F2 DB Panel 2 – 77 Degree C

38 Infra-Red Hotspot Detector
Used as part of effective EPM Hotspot surveys on critical, high capacity motor terminations, measurement of continuously running critical motors Uses infra-red technology, with laser sighting Very effective as a predictive maintenance tool Interpretation of readings - very critical

39 Thermography Surveys Part of E-RBM Programme Identification of potential survey points / equipment and interpretation - very crucial NFPA 70 E recommends Thermographic surveys

40 Ultrasonic Detectors Detects fault conditions from sounds due to tracking, corona, arcing Portable instrument, can be used on outdoor switchgear, panels, etc. Non-Contact type

41 ‘All electrical accidents are preceded by rise in temperature & sound’

42 Lightning Protection Number of thunderstorm days, Baroda: 8
LP not as per IS 2309 / NFPA 780- identify critical plants / areas and install LP for critical plants / buildings Buildings EHV test stations

43 Surge Protection Most modern electronic systems are at risk:     computers data communication networks building management systems PABX telephone exchanges CCTV equipment fire and burglar alarms telecom base stations uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) programmable logic controllers (PLCs) plant sensors telemetry and data acquisition equipment. Ensure surge protection for your EPBAX, DoT lines, UPS & Communication equipment

44 Innovative Electrical Safety Products

45 More ES Products Non-Contact type voltage detector (magnetic field)
Plug-In Wiring Checker (detects 14 wiring defects, ideal for testing sockets, BS 1363, faulty N, missing E, reverse P& N) Videoscanner, Metalliscanner (detects metallic pipes, conduits, rebar, within 15” concrete)

46 Automatic Fire D&E System
Fire Trace - local flooding application inside electrical switch gears / power panels- detects heat and the heat -sensitive tube punctures, letting out Ozone-friendly fire extinguishing gas

47 Linear Heat Sensing Cables
* Advantageous than detectors, more effective Consists of two cores separated by heat sensitive insulation LHSC applications: Cable trays in cable galleries Transformers Switch gears

48 AFCIs Arcs - temperatures up to 20,000 degree C, Sun’s outer temperature degree C No material on earth can withstand arc temperature RCCBs cannot detect arcing faults AFCIs - the innovative ES device after RCCBs AFCIs detects arcing waveforms and trips AFCIs - mandatory in all US homes from 2002 January onwards

49 Arcing Waveforms A loose wire at one terminal of a light bulb.
Arcing generated by a loose wire at a screw terminal.

50 THANK YOU!!! Cholamandalam Risk Services Ltd.

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