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AIREF Alarm Industry Research & Education Foundation CSAA Central Station Alarm Association NBFAA National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association SIA Security Industry Association CANASA Canadian Alarm Security Association ALL THE MAJOR NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT ASSN”S PARTICIPATED IN THIS EFFORT

3 UL COMPLIANT UL 609 - Local Burglar Alarm
UL 611 & Central Station BA UL Mercantile & Bank UL Fire Protective Signals UL 985 & Household Fire, BA UL Digital BA Communicators UL Residential Systems Underwriters Laboratory was involved in the process - these new panels built to this standard and left to defaults will still meet all commonly applied UL requirements listed….

4 WHY NEW STANDARDS? Meeting of Industry Professionals...
Need for further reductions... Need for standardization... Based on known solutions... Based on HIGH user error... * Why the new standards? We’re adding too many new systems, dealers are not getting them installed properly & we’re not bring false dispatches down quickly enough * We need to standardize & create a level playing field for all - everyone doing it there own way is crazy & destructive to our industry professionalism * We know what works - why not build panels based on these known solutions? * Building equipment differently & utilizing programming that minimizes user error impact that results in false dispatches just makes good sense. example: 1+ duress - why did it take so long and why didn’t industry do something about it on it’s own? Sales issue! Not a very responsible reason! MOST Panel Manufacturers Participated!

5 False Dispatch Elimination
Most User Errors - During Entry/Exit: User Arms - Exits - Re-enters… User Arms - Fails to Exit in time… User Arms - Building still Occupied… User Arms - Exits Through Wrong Door… User Arms - Fails to exit at all... THESE ARE COMMON USER ERRORS WE ALL SEE DURING EXIT... * to get keys or paperwork - fails to reset system * maybe time set too short, a long walk to exit, etc * Commercial - employees still inside / Residential - pets * Forgets its non-delayed or doesn’t care * Forgets and arms in away mode turning on motion detectors..

6 False Dispatch Elimination
Most User Errors - During Entry/Exit: User enters - forgets code… User enters - fails to disarm within delay time… User enters - unfamiliar with system... User enters - through the wrong door… non-delayed no keypad - unable to hear prewarn COMMON ENTRY ERRORS MADE BY USER…. * Too many codes to remember, Internet, Credit Card Pin numbers, access, and ADD OLD AGE, Alcohol, stress, etc etc * We forget people have packages, groceries, kids - long walk commercial buildings, delays set too short * example: housesitter, college student, domestic help, repairman, neighbors * Forget it’s non-delayed, closest to parking lot etc, one solution to entering in non-delayed doors is to have a keypad at each entry/exit - most commonly a problem in commercial premises

7 New Control Panel Standards
Exit Delay: Default - 60 seconds (Min 45 sec) Progress Annunciation - different sound the last 10 seconds of delay AUTOMATIC RESTART of exit delay, ONCE! (upon re-entry) Recent Closing - signal sent if alarm within 2 minutes of Exit time expiration * No reason to program less than 45 seconds default - bad guy is not standing outside ready to run in! We need to give customers the time to exit * Most new systems have this already - train people! * NEW FEATURE - user re-enters through Entry/Exit zone system exit timer will restart - ONE TIME ONLY - so they can pick up those keys or that folder.. * Or EXIT ERROR Signal - Any alarm condition that occurs within two minutes of a system being armed is usually the result of a customer error - you probably should not dispatch, as a minimum it should create a customer service call to find out if they have an equipment/programming issue or just need more training….

8 New Control Panel Standards
Exit Delay: Fail to exit - arms all zones STAY MODE Remote annunciation supported by panel Exit Time DOUBLED if user disables pre-warning. (dealer cannot disable globally) Exit Error - Immediate local alarm... * system accommodates wireless-keyfob arming - feature may be disabled * Hardwire - dry contacts available for Audio/visual indication of system status.. “ready to arm -green light”, “armed - red light”, etc * User may turn off pre-warn annunciation. Tech cannot program it out! * If exit time expires before loop/zone is closed(person exits) Siren activates immediately -Communication does not take place until entry time has expired. Advises the user they did not get out before delay time expired, so they don’t drive away They must disarm/arm system again before leaving premises.

9 New Control Panel Standards
Entry Delay: Default 30 seconds (Minimum 30 sec) Progress Annunciation - different sound last ten seconds of delay Pre-Warning Silenced - after 1st digit code entry Cancel Message window after abort window - 5 minutes * Many dealers program 20 seconds or even less - this does not allow for code entry error or accommodate senior citizens, people w/Packages, kids, etc. * same as exit on pre-warning sounder * Users were confused when entry tone was sounding as well as beep for each key pushed to disarm system. Now when first correct code digit is pushed the entry tone is silenced so user may hear beep with each key pushed to complete disarm. * If entry time expires and alarm sounds the system will still send a cancel signal to the monitoring center if the user disarms the system during the time the alarm is sounding. This would alert the monitoring center to call the premises again for codeword and possible cancel of dispatch request already made.

Burglary - default 30 sec* (15-45 range) Fire - default No delay Hold-up/Tamper - No delay *May disable by zone or zone type! NO MORE INSTANT COMMUNICATION ON PERIMETER ALARMS… there will be a 30 second communication delay - LOCAL SIREN WILL STILL SOUND. National companies usage and studies indicate false dispatches will be reduced 30%-40% by giving the user this 30 seconds when they forget and open that window for air or let the dog out a non-delayed door. Customer MUST HAVE THIS EXPLAINED - recommend a written monitoring policy be given out & signed by customer. THIS FEATURE MUST BE SOLD AS A POSITIVE - “we know you don’t want police dispatched unnecessarily - we don’t want to waste police resources” - studies indicate 98% of customers like this feature - ALL NATIONAL COMPANIES HAVE USED IT FOR SEVERAL YEARS NOW. For those executive threat situations you may disable this feature - PLEASE MAKE IT THE EXCEPTION! With remote call forwarding, commercial PBX systems, etc it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach a customer on premise to avoid a dispatch. LOCAL ALARM WILL STILL SOUND IMMEDIATELY. TAMPERS/HOLD-UP ARE NOT AFFECTED…. LOCAL ALARM STILL SOUNDS - ONLY COMMUNICATION IS DELAYED

11 New Control Panel Standards
Wireless/Remote accommodations Inadvertent activation's - Minimized (No “Single Action” buttons… Hold-up, Panic, Fire, Etc) System Acknowledgement - Exterior Option to eliminate: (default - on) Exit Time Delay “Stay Mode” upon failure to exit * this includes keyfobs and remote panics - one of 3 ways to activate emergency signals -1)hold a single button down two two continuous seconds; 2)Lift a protective cover; 3) Push two buttons simultaneously * previously explained (hardware output of status for LED’s) * as indicated

12 New Control Panel Standards
Other New Features: Upon Power Restoral 60 second settling out period.. NO ALARM SIGNALS TRANSMITTED! Swinger shut-down - default - “1” (MAX-2) Will reset after 48 hours - with no trips NEW (OPTIONAL)- Swinger Trouble signal sent after 1st trip Universal disarming sequence - code only * Upon loss of primary (AC) AND battery (DC) power - 60 second settling down period for electronics and sensors before panel will look for a faulted or open loop/zone. * Explain swinger shutdown - count until zone shuts down - Other zones will STILL OPERATE. Siren still sound each time loop is opened/faulted. We can’t expect police to show up times a night any longer because of defective equipment or a spider/insect building a home over a PIR sensor. Most ordinance require user to show up on premise - if they do each time & reset system, police will typically continue to respond. If they don’t police won’t. CUSTOMERS MUST BE MADE AWARE OF THIS IN CONTRACT AND/OR IN MONITORING POLICY. NOTE: A survey of dealers covering 14 states revealed that nearly a third did not know what swinger shut-down was, about a third actually programmed it for 99!!! And the typical setting was that’s just too many given the current issues facing our industry with law enforcement response. * In addition to how a panel manufacture typically has designed a keypad to work this NEW FEATURE will also work - Just enter a “code only” and don’t push other buttons - panel will disarm. POTENTIAL ISSUE: Some Dealers/Users use partitioning for up to 16 systems on a single keypad. The mastercode will only disarm the system that is in alarm, not the entire system. Auxiliary codes of course will only work on the system they are programmed for.

13 New Control Panel Standards
Other New Features: Cross Zoning features available 1+ duress Eliminated! *70 Call Waiting - 2nd Call Option… Test in Progress Features Preset Automatic Arming - Audible ! New “Simple” Instruction Card! * 2 zones tripped within 30 to 120 seconds - some panels this is programmable . NOTE: Using cross-zoning is not mandatory! Only a feature included for use when necessary... * as indicated, however unique duress code will still be available in most panels * programmed before dialing sequence and it will disable call waiting to ensure line seizure - not good idea - if customer discontinues call-waiting service the dialer will NEVER communicate with *70 in front of dialing sequence - you get a fast busy signal - panels must have 2nd call/dial number option so calls may get through *Test light or LCD on the keypad & communication to the central station is automatic when initiating test or exiting test mode * Unattended automatic arming feature must have audible signaling prior to self-arming so potential occupants may be alerted. * New small card simply explaining how to arm/disarm system will be available in addition to the complete instruction manual.

New Standards & UL UL - Testing to the new standards... New UL sticker on panels... LISTED DESIGN EVALUATED BY UL IN ACCORDANCE WITH SIA CP-01 Control Panel Standard - Features for False Alarm Reduction All manufacturers have at least one panel being tested. Ademco, Caddx Controls, and DSC lead the pack.. We wanted to have a new and distinctive sticker for UL approved panels utilizing the new standard but it is a multiple year process so we created this label LOOK FOR “SIA CP-01” on label...

15 What YOU can do... Verification Call - always…
Customer Training - continuously.. Simplified operating instructions Written monitoring procedure Videos - Tips on reductions Billing/Newsletter reminders * Burglary and audible panics * especially in Commercial applications. The turnover is great and continuous education is a must. Ongoing training ideas: In service training and schools Video tape your first training session. Make copies and leave it at every location where you conduct a training session. It can be used as part of new hirer training Have a training session during an employee lunch Be creative and work with you commercial accounts * * State your company’s concern about false dispatches and the drain this places on law enforcement as well as increased risks to officers. Give practical false alarm reduction tips - change them up each time and make them timely to the seasons of the year

16 What you can do... In House Employee Training
Pro-Active Approach (Set-up Team) Use new standards on existing panels Call customers within 24 hours of event Service promptly! Target 10 Worst Offenders Monthly Use Central Station Software to Track! Be an ACTIVE Member of the Local, State and National Associations * Create a False Alarm Control Team in your company to identify and resolve false alarm issues within the company and within your customer base Don’t need to wait on the NEW EQUIPMENT… 80% of the features mentioned can be programmed on most panels NOW - Why Wait? Companies with LOWEST factors call customers within 24 hours of a dispatch, this is excellent PR & servicing customer quickly reduces the chance of a repeat offense. Target 10 or 6 or 2 a month but, get worst customers fixed!!! In a year you’ll be amazed at the progress! * If you are not active in your local, state and national associations, you are not informed and you may eventually get caught between a rock and a hard place with nowhere to go! FACT… POLICE WOULD PREFER TO DEAL WITH INDUSTRY THROUGH THE ASSN, NOT INDIVIDUALLY!

17 This Presentation was Made Courtesy of:
Presentation and material produced by AIREF… THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING….


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