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1 Alarm Industry Best Practices Through Quality Control Reap the Benefits of IQ Certification.

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1 1 Alarm Industry Best Practices Through Quality Control Reap the Benefits of IQ Certification

2 THE BOTTOM LINE IQ companies benefit from improved installation procedures and business processes, financial benefits, false alarm reduction and so much more!

3 Developed originally, as a tool of the NBFAA False Alarm Committee… Today, recognized by every major industry group as the security industry’s quality control initiative. BENEFITS

4 CSAA FIVE DIAMOND And now an important part of the CSAA’s new Five Diamond Certification Program.

5 Systems designed properly, with the proper equipment, installed properly, by trained technicians, monitored properly, and operated by properly trained users… THE IQ PREMISE …typically, operate without fault or failure for YEARS.

6 Company Guidelines User Training Guidelines Employee Training Guidelines System Design Guidelines Equipment Guidelines Installation Guidelines Monitoring Guidelines IQ PROGRAM GUIDELINES IQ has developed an established set of industry recognized benchmarks.

7 Compliance with all local regulations. Establish a Quality Control Team. Establish policies and procedures to integrate quality initiatives into all segments of the company. COMPANY GUIDELINES

8 Provided with all instructional brochures. Instructed on normal operation, and alarm reset procedures. Completion of the IQ Checklist. USER TRAINING GUIDELINES

9 All “qualified” technicians shall be either – NBFAA NTS, CANASA Level One or equivalent Certified Alarm Technicians. Receive minimum of 1 hour per month of IQ related training. EMPLOYEE TRAINING GUIDELINES GUIDELINES

10 Designed by qualified individuals. Creation of a sales – DO/DO NOT checklist All power consuming detection devices to be point identified. System designed to accommodate pets. SYSTEM DESIGN GUIDELINES

11 All equipment must be UL, ULC, FM or IRI approved (or equivalent), and used for its intended purpose. Panic alarms shall be audible, and holdup alarms shall have a two button design System standby battery minimum = 4hr EQUIPMENT GUIDELINES

12 UL or ULC configured systems comply. Must comply with all applicable NFPA codes and standards. (NFPA 70 & 72) Proper system grounding. Point identification of all devices recommended. INSTALLATION GUIDELINES

13 IQ Certified Monitoring Company required. Verify all burglar alarm signals (as applicable) Monitoring station / installing company establish an alarm activation follow-up communication program. MONITORING GUIDELINES

14 Improved Customer Satisfaction Improved Customer Retention Reduced Costs (No Charge Repairs) Increased Customer Referrals BUSINESS BENEFITS

15 Increased Purchase Satisfaction Reduced False Alarms Reduced Service / Repairs Improved System Operation CUSTOMER BENEFITS


17 Great for business Great for customers Great for technicians Great for the industry WHAT’S YOUR IQ?

18 IQ Certification Program 866-833-8302 or 814-833-8306 QUESTIONS?

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