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BS 8418 A New Era for Remote Monitoring & Visual Alarm Verification.

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1 BS 8418 A New Era for Remote Monitoring & Visual Alarm Verification

2 UK ACPO Policy on Response Revised on Apr 2004 Systems with confirmed alarm technology -Terminating at Alarm Response Centre (ARC) or Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) conforming BS 5979 (Cat II) -Unique Reference Number (URN) Police Intervention -Level 1: immediate & urgent -Level 2: may be delayed subject to resources -Level 3: no police response Movement  Level 2: 2 false calls in 12 months  Level 3: 5 false calls in 12 months  Restore response: no false call in 3 months

3 Requirements on URN Installers -ACPO Security Systems Policy -BS 8418: Code of practice for detector activated CCTV system -BS EN 50132-7: CCTV application guidelines RVRCs -BS 5979 (Cat II): Code of practice for ARC & RVRC -BS 8418: Code of practice for detector activated CCTV system Procedures on handling criminal activity data -Data Protection Act 1998 -Human Rights Act 1998

4 What is BS 8418? Recommendations for -installers on best practice for the design, installation, commissioning, operation of detector activated CCTV system -RVRCs monitoring CCTV systems -owners & users on the management of CCTV systems Published in 3 Sept 2003 Primary objectives -defining the best practice on a professional detector activated CCTV system -Minimizing police call out due to false alarms

5 Design Parties BRE/ LPC Laboratories British Telecommunications Plc Electrical Contractors Association Royal Mail Co-opted members Association of British Insurers Association of Burglary Insurances Surveyors Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland Home Office – Crime prevention Centre Metropolitan Police Association of Security Consultants Association of Social and Community Alarms British Security Industry Association National Security Inspectorate Security Industry Training Organization Security Systems and Alarms Inspection PoliceSecurity BS8418 Insurers Others

6 Who should participate? Equipment Manufacturers BS8418 RVRCs Installers Owners & Users

7 Flow of Event Handling Event Image Transmission to RVRC Confirmed Incident? Call for Police Response with URN Yes Report to Site User No

8 Outlines Typical system configuration Design & installation Commissioning On-site operations RVRC specifications RVRC operations

9 Typical System Configuration

10 Design & Installation Camera & detector positioning

11 Design & Installation Wide angle or tele lens? Verification 10% Recognition 50%

12 Design & Installation PTZ camera  multiple fixed position cameras Preset 1 Preset 3 Preset 2

13 Design & Installation Detector -one input each Lighting -sufficient in the fields of view 24x7 -verification within 2 seconds Audio challenge -give verbal warnings to suspected intruders -clearly & audible within the range of all detectors

14 System Integrity Tamper detection -detector cables & enclosures -video loss, camera housing & alignment -set: report to RVRC -unset: report to RVRC and/or locally CCTV control equipment -inside a secure area -password validation -set/unset state determined by RVRC -UPS power backup -watch-dog restart mechanism -failover communication means

15 On-Site Event Logs 6 months or maintenance visit interval, whichever longer Log types: -set/unset -incident, alert, tamper, entry sequence -successful/unsuccessful communication with RVRC -system exception -low battery & power failure

16 Commissioning Site documents received by RVRC 24hrs beforehand -site address, floor plan, user contact, operational schedule, installer details, equipment list, response plan and fault reporting procedures Engineer walk test -fields of views of detectors and cameras -sensitivity of detectors -clarity of images -accuracy of recorded data

17 Commissioning Reference images Night remote check Environmental soak test for 7 days Fault fixed before live operation System acceptance certificate issued by RVRC

18 Agreements Between RVRC & Owner Activation handling policy -actions upon receiving an activation -further actions when no obvious cause can be identified -confirmed incidents Exception reporting policy -RVRC handling procedures -lighting, video, detector, tamper, communication, etc.

19 On-Site Operation No activation during set/unset procedures Local setting/unsetting outside secure area -setting device with tamper detection -on-site indication on set/unset state -setting/unsetting area should be under a camera’s field of view Local setting/unsetting inside secure area -time limit on the set/unset procedures -event detection not in the entry/exit route  immediate activation

20 On-Site Operation Automatic timed setting/unsetting -on-site indication on set/unset state -might not be acceptable for requiring police response RVRC driven setting/unsetting -should not be a regular method -upon requested according to the validation process agreed by owner & RVRC -actions should be logged in RVRC

21 RVRC Specifications Logging system -Minimum of 6 months for non-image records -records on all connections to a site & routine patrol, operator’s duty list, actions in an incident, special owner instructions, site & RVRC system exceptions, etc. -retention period of image data should be agreed with the owner Images for evidential purpose -audit trail to ensure total integrity and continuity Activation response time -80% < 90s; 98.5% < 180s

22 RVRC Operation Classification of activation -distinguish between alert & incident Handling of activation -according to documented procedures -capable to extract evidential images -incident reporting within 4hrs of the start of next working day Handling of RVRC Failure -switching to an alternative RVRC within 15hrs or monitoring locally at site

23 Notice of intention to install a CCTV system requiring a URN Appointing compliant companies (both installer & RVRC) to provide the service Obtaining an acceptance certificate from the RVRC P.S. Site inspection may be required upon requested Procedures for Installing a CCTV System

24 End.

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