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Gable Ends, Verge, Eaves & Erection of Gable Roofs

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1 Gable Ends, Verge, Eaves & Erection of Gable Roofs
Created by Michael Martin April 2004 / Reviewed & updated March 2010

2 Gable Ends, Verge, Eaves & Erection Procedure
Your ref: Carp. 11 – P40 to 55 Three main methods to finish gable ends Flush gable – No eaves Flush gable – raked eaves Boxed gable

3 Flush Gable This Means: end of gable is flush or in-line with outside face of end wall No overhang, just barge fixed flush Can be applied to timber clad home Or brick veneer Or cavity brickwork Stud frame at gable ends are at same centres as wall frames

4 Flush Gable with raked eaves / verge overhang
End of roof extends over end of wall Sometimes also referred to as verge overhang Ridge and / or purlins can be extended for extra support


6 Framing variations – raked eaves / verge
Top plates may also extend to support the rafter With possible addition of stiffener

7 Variations – canter lever gable frame
Typical in some older Bungalow style federation homes Gable end rafters are notched to take trimmer or outrigger support

8 Variations – cont. Extend purlin if necessary for additional support

9 Boxed Gable If this is desired finish Extend purlins and plates
Also include bottom chord or tie to extend gable Provide gable studs Line with required finish

10 Verge Finishes Your ref: P44
This is the section at the end of the gable roof Where roof surface meets the barge or the verge board Finishes depend on roofing material

11 Patent verge finishes See page 45
Steel colourbond facias are becoming more & more popular Verge finishes are made to match

12 Eave Finishes Eaves finish is relevant to house design – can be
Boxed eaves Raked eaves Open eaves

13 Eaves clearance Where timber eaves framing passes over face of brick walls Allow 12mm min. clearance between soffit bearer & brick Allows for shrinkage in frame If no clearance top brick may tilt under load

14 Erection of Gable roof After ceiling frame complete
Measure & cut ridge to length Mark rafter centres Allow extra if gable overhang

15 Erection procedure Erect pair of rafters at each end
Nail through one side into end of rafter Align opposing rafter and skew nail

16 Erection procedure Plumb one end & attach a temporary brace
This prevents raking Attach string line on top of ridge Block and check while fixing remaining rafters

17 Erection procedure Set out and fix purlins into position
Cut & fix struts for whole roof Cut & fix collar ties

18 Erection procedure Fit permanent wind bracing
Can be opposing timber braces Or metal speed braces

19 Erection procedure Cut and fix gable studs
Onto bottom chord or tie piece

20 Erection procedure If not pre-determined
Calculate drop off and mark overhang Mark plumb cut, if not done previously

21 Erection procedure String line rafter ends Mark individually
Cut plumb cut at end

22 Erection procedure After rafters are cut Fit eaves soffit bearers
Cut and fit timber or metal facia

23 Erection procedure Cut and fit barge boards
Cut and fit metal barge soaker if applicable Timber fillet can be placed at end of barge to hide gutter

24 Review Three methods to finish… Flush gable – no eaves Flush gable – raked eaves Boxed gable Overhang also referred to as….. The verge overhang Supporting members….. Ridge, plates with possible stiffener and purlins, depending on design

25 Review cont. Extra member in boxed eave…. Bottom chord or tie piece Three types of verge finishes… Metal barge cap, barge tiles, tiles bedded and pointed, patent verge finishes Three types of eaves… Open eaves, boxed eaves, raked eaves

26 Review cont. Important clearance… 12mm between soffit bearer and brick

27 Review – erection procedure in dot form
Measure & cut ridge Mark rafter centres (allow any extra) Erect a pair of rafters at each end Plumb one end and temporary brace String line to ridge, check, fix remaining rafters Set out & fix purlins Cut & fix struts Cut & fix collar ties Fit permanent bracing Studs to gable ends Mark plumb cut and remove excess rafter length Complete eaves soffit, facia and soakers if applicable

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