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Europa Sports Datafeed

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1 Europa Sports Datafeed
How to import Europadatafeed.csv Europa Sports Datafeed ftp://

2 Step 1: access the ftp The ftp is a folder of information. Here is a brief screenshot of our FTP site, Notice that it is not http, it is ftp.

3 Step 1 continued Once you determine you are using csv, you have 3 options, 2 of which go together. datafeed_v1_2.csv is the first version of the datafeed in csv. It does not have nutrients. DF_Nutrients_2_0.csv is part one of version 2 of the csv. You will combine this with DF_Products_2_0.csv Use either an ftp client like Filezilla or download the file locally using the web browser.

4 Step 2, starting the import into Excel
Excel is a great program to use for CSV files, but it not the best choice. CSVed is probably the best program to use with csv. Excel does fine for most people. Start with a new, blank workbook. Go to the start menu in the corner

5 Step 2 continued Click Data, then select from Text

6 Step 2 continued This is where you will open your locally saved copy of the feed.

7 Step 3: text import wizard
Once you open the file, a dialog box will open:

8 Step 4 The dialog box will automatically select Fixed width. We want to change it to “Delimited”

9 Step 5 Once Delimited is selected, hit “next” at the bottom of the dialog box:

10 Step 6, selecting the type of delimitation
Tab may be auto selected. Uncheck the box next to “Tab” and select “Comma” since this is CSV (comma separated value)

11 Step 7, selecting all the data
The next screen will ask you how to format the data. Holding the “shift” key, move the bottom navigation arrow all the way over to the right, and click the top of “general” tab

12 Step 7 continued Once all the data is selected, click “text” then finish

13 Finished! The database should populate the spreadsheet with the proper formats, including the leading “0 (zero) on manufacturers that start with 0. UPC will also properly format.

14 Setting up an online profile and using the dashboard
Thank you for being our customer and of course any time you need assistance, us or call us. xt 1272 (account set up) Web Sales Coordinator (Customer Service) They are available to assist with order history and tracking. (a mix of both) We hope this has provided useful information!

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