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Building a Sanitized UPC E-mail Notification List.

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1 Building a Sanitized UPC E-mail Notification List

2 Open EXCEL workbook and open Data Tab

3 Select From XLM Data Import

4 First Find File Location path for Un-scrubbed UPC Notification List. Note that the file you are looking for is not displayed.

5 On Drop down for Files of Type; Select All Files to display UPC Notification List

6 Select File you want to Scrub

7 Used Fixed With and Begin Import Line at 6 and click next

8 To remove excess lines, simply double click to remove or drag lines from top arrow to set column width Double Click to Remove Click and Hold to Move Colum Width

9 Remove Break Lines to Name and click next

10 Only the first Colum will be Shaded; Hold the SHIFT Key and Drag the menu Bar until the last column is visible and click inside. All Columns should now be shaded. While Holding the Shift Key; Drag Bottom Bar until last column is visible and click in column

11 Select Text for Column data format and click next. 1. Select Text 2. Click Finish

12 Click OK and the EXCEL Spread Sheet is now populated with UPC Data Click OK

13 You now have an EXCEL Sheet with Organization, Name, Premise code, Last 4 of SSN, Rank, and Gender.

14 Scrub For PII of SSN 1.Select SSN Column 2.Right Click Mouse 3.Select Delete Now your UPC Notification List has been scrubbed for PII

15 Sanitized Copy Now that you have transferred the data to an EXCEL spreadsheet it needs to be Filtered, scrubbed and Alphabetized.

16 Filtering 1. Select Upper Left Corner to Highlight EXCEL Sheet and right click Mouse 2. Scroll Down to Sort 3. Select Custom Sort

17 How to Alphabetize A-Z and Filter 1.Select Column for Name; Click OK

18 You are Almost Done! Now your UPC Notification Sheet has been Alphabetized From A-Z using Column B. All we need to Do is insert a Header row and cut and paste the Organization row to the Header row. Delete what you do not want on the E-Mail Notification List.

19 Final Touches Click on Row 1, Right Click mouse, and scroll down to insert

20 Now you can Customize your E-mail Copy! 1. Cut or Copy and paste to Row 1 Delete rows that you dont need for E-mail

21 Time to Copy and Paste to NDSP Notification List Now just Copy and Paste over the Un- sanitized List. Open your NDSP Notification Copy and Leave open.

22 Paste Excel File over NDSP Testing Subjects Notification Copy From the Organization Line through youre the Last Sailor on the Sheet

23 All you need to do is Space and align your Names, Premise Code, Rank, and Gender under its appropriate column.

24 Your Final Sanitized E-mail Notification Copy Now you have created a Sanitized Copy of your UPC Notification Copy that can be attached and E-mailed out to your Command without leaking any PII. One more Step Left!

25 Save a Copy for E-mail The last Step is to Save a Copy for E-mail attachment. 1.Select File and scroll down to Save AS….

26 Name your Copy for E-mail Make sure when you re-name your file it is easily identified as E-mail so you know its a sanitized List. I would also recommend you open and verify every time you attach the file for PII before sending it out to your command.


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